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Qiviuk scarf pictures.

Posted on: January 8, 2008


This is the scarf I’m working on with the Qiviuk yarn. It’s very fine yarn and I’m thinking purchasing the Stilleto needles would be easier to work with when knitting with this yarn. I’ve got some adorable dog-type buttons (dogs, bones, etc.) that I’m thinking of sewing on in random spots when I get this completed. (Probably will sew them on the glaring spots where I’ve goofed! LOL


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simply exquisite! you rock Nancy! I think the signature needles are having a sale now…phone orders only. That yarn and those needles would be knitting paradise…all ya need is your darling husband to rub your tootsies!

Actually, I called and ordered a pair of needles today! So when they arrive, I’ll probably frog stitch it and start over! LOL

Oops! I frogged it last night and started over!

You need to put this on Ravelry. Is it soft? It looks so soft. You did a great job. Why did you rip it out? Would it look so different with different needles?

Yes, Cheryl, it’s as soft as newborn baby’s butt! I’ll bring it Friday. I frogged it because I was doing it on size 3, pattern called for size 4, and since I ordered the stilleto needles in a size 4, I decided to take it out now and re-start it; that way, I can switch over to the 4’s when they arrive.

Beware of going from Bamboo to metals on the same project…I did that could tell where I had switched. I knitted a tad tighter with the Bamboo. **Remember I’m telling you this in my Godfather voice!!!

Where did you get that yarn?

Got it off a website that was having a sale; $25/skein. Instead of $75!!!!! Nope, can’t remember which one! DUH! I’m smart, I just can’t remember. LOL

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