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Finally….a completed basket liner….not one but two!

Posted on: January 8, 2008


Have had the pattern to make this basket liner since last summer and for some reason yesterday, I had to do it!!! Yep, I finally dug my heals in and am making progress on a few projects. Cat has a basket just like this so I made her a liner too! I thought the fabric with the balls of yarn was just perfect for a yarn project basket!


5 Responses to "Finally….a completed basket liner….not one but two!"

You are a woman of many talents!! Thank-you!!!

I should probably have used a contrasting fabric for the inside pockets, but this fabric is so busy, you don’t notice how crooked the stitching line is!

Those are sooooo cute! Where did you find fabric with yarn balls on it? I know, in your stash!

Jan: Yep in my stash! I’ve got a stash of fabric like I have a stash of yarn!

That looks great!

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