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Yes, I am smart! Dr. Oz said so!!!

Posted on: January 7, 2008

Just heard Dr. Oz answer a question regarding are left handed people smarter….and guess what!  We are!!!! Because we use both sides of our brains!  Yep, I’m left handed….knit right handed and crochet left handed!  Play golf right handed, bowl right handed, eat left handed (I do that very well, I might add!), throw a ball right handed….in other words, I only write and eat left handed.

I’m thinking that a left handed person shouldn’t have to cook dinner tonight….don’t you agree! 


2 Responses to "Yes, I am smart! Dr. Oz said so!!!"

I most certainaly agree! You should not have to cook. Where is he taking you? 🙂

I fixed chicken and noodles! I still think smart people shouldn’t have to cook, or at least clean up afterwards!

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