Keeping You In Stitches

Vegetable knitting

Posted on: December 30, 2007

Vegetable knitting is just doing the same thing over and over; I started an afghan for daughter and son-in-law right after my second bunion surgery.  It’s the Blockbuster Afghan using Vanna’s Choice yarn.  It really is pretty nice to work with. Am just about ready to begin the very last block.  This is definitely a project to work on when you want to knit, don’t want to think, or don’t feel good!  But doing the same stitch over and over is very tedious.  Will put up a picture when I get it done.  The first couple of blocks I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick up the stitches right, but hey, that’s what happens when you knit when you’re on pain pills.  So I continued it even tho’ I was off the drugs!

Needles are calling me ………… 


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