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I don’t think it’s just me!

Posted on: December 23, 2007

Went to the NEW, just opened Rite Aid store.  Drug stores have become shopping meccas with a little bit of everything.

Christmas stuff was only 33% off, but by golly the Valentine stuff was prominently displayed!

I don’t like it, even tho’ I’m one of those that “holidays ahead” sometimes.  Come on, it’s not even Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve, yet.

Off my soapbox and now to work on projects that were to be for Christmas this year, but obviously will be next years’ gifts! 


2 Responses to "I don’t think it’s just me!"

I totally agree with you. As for gifts that our busy little fingers were trying to produce before that one important day, well lets’ just say, I feel your pain. Jacks’ blanket, if you know what I mean. Will be done before pre-school though.

I agree with you too. It annoys me to no end- just let us get through Christmas before we have to think about Valentines.

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