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What a day!

Posted on: December 20, 2007

A friend needed to be in Frankfurt and Louisville today and her 4 year old didn’t want to go. She asked if I would keep her and I said sure.

I’ve forgotten how little girls are very busy, including running at the mouth! LOL  Ella was a hoot!  She wasn’t here 20 minutes before she decided to change her clothes.  We are talking this little girl is a fashion diva!

I do have to confess to taking her places this morning in the car (with a car seat because she’s so tiny).  I had a Christmas CD playing and this little voice from the back seat says “I think this is Elvis”!  Pretty neat that a little girl like that knew Elvis’ voice.

Later in the afternoon we created…and this little diva had the nerve to tell me that “your sewing room is like a maze” – hmm….caused a lump in my throat and guess I’ll tackle organizing the sewing room after Christmas.

Big day tomorrow, 10 ladies coming to knit all day and have a soup Christmas lunch!


2 Responses to "What a day!"

Your sewing room is fine! As long as it’s the way you want it. I can suggest a couple other spots! 🙂

Your potato soup was great! You are such a great friend to do all you do for us ladies. I loved the gift too. Such imagination! Can’t wait to knit something with the yarn.

I needed more time to see all your stash and with better light. I’ll come over again when you aren’t so busy feeding 10 of us.

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