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Fun, food and the theatre!

Posted on: December 19, 2007

Yesterday was going to be a great day!  Pat, Velma, Emily and I have had this planned for weeks; an afternoon of shopping, dinner at The Melting Pot (Nashville) and then to the theatre to see Tuna Christmas.

Will begin with the shopping:  first stop at SteinMart.  WOW!  Lots of good buys, but I knew I was going back to Nashville on Weds. (today) but I still found a few things.  Was in line to pay for them – PANIC!  My wallet was not in my purse!  Searched the store, dressing rooms, trash cans in the restroom and outside the store, the vehicle we drove to Nashville in and found nothing!  You can imagine the horrible things going through my mind.

I called my husband at work and asked if he could please run home and see if it was there. He called me and said he couldn’t find it – I know he was seriously looking because he told me he was using “the CSI flashlight”!  He said just go on and have a good time.  Yeah, right!  I was trying not to throw up I was so upset.  Velma told me I was pale.  So after letting the salespeople in SteinMart know what was happening, they agreed to hold my purchases for 24 hrs.

Thank heavens the tickets for T-Pac were in my purse and not in my wallet!!! So, off we went to The Melting Pot.  If you’ve never been, it’s a must do!!! We had a great waiter, David, that was just finishing up his training that night.  The hostess seating us asked me if we had had a good day and I said “No, I can’t find my wallet!”

So when David came to explain the menu to us, and believe me, it needs explanation!  He looked at me and said “I understand you’re picking up the tab for this evening’s meal!”  Obviously, they were discussing my misfortune.

Pat and Velma shared a dinner for 2, as did Emily and I.  Emily offered to pay for the meal and I would just pay her back. I couldn’t even write a check because they want ID with it. UGH!  So, after a couple of vodka tonics I was feeling a little better. Then my husband called and said talk me through the last time you remember having it.  So I did and voila!  It was found!!!  What a relief!!!

When David brought us our bills, he had written on the top of mine “glad you found your wallet”.  Nice, huh!!!

Off to T-Pac.  We laughed and laughed at this production.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must see for a light hearted evening!  It was quite warm in the theatre and poor Emily was extremely warm….to the effect that she removed her socks, and had her pant legs pulled up to her knees.  Now keep in mind she was sitting next to  a very prim and properly dressed theater goer!  We got laughing on the ride home about how Emily was trying to “cool off”.  We assured her that the lady next to her was mostly likely thinking she was sitting to a hick from KY!

It was such a fun day — once my wallet was found!

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I actually found it right after you called, I just wanted you to suffer.

[…] I thought I knew right were all the gift wrapping was because of my “wallet-hunt” earlier this week. […]

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