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Back to Nashville today!

Posted on: December 19, 2007

Velma is having lap-band surgery on 1/7/08 and needed to go today for a pre-op appointment.  She doesn’t want to drive on I-65 or in Nashville and she asked me to drive her vehicle and take her.  Cat went with us.

Yes, I’m a sucker for shopping in hospital gift shops!!!  See previous posts.

So when Velma was completed with everything…..yep, off to Haus of Yarn we went.  Today was a monumental day for me because I walked out of there with no purchases!  Let me say that again, no purchases!!!  Told the gals I should take a picture of me exiting the shop empty handed!

Then back to the SteinMart area to get my purchases they were holding.  Dropped Velma and Cat off at Bed, Bath and Beyond while I went to SteinMart and then to Sally Chaney’s Super Store to pick up Sally’s sewing machine that was being repaired.  Not the owner, Sally – a friend named Sally.

Oh, almost forgot the really good part!  Ate lunch at A & W, jeez, I love their root beer! And it’s self serve so drink away!  The coney dogs are pretty good too – of course Dairy Queen’s are pretty tasty.

Really great 2 days spending time with GOOD friends! 


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