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I love giraffes and wild animals!

Posted on: December 13, 2007


Yep, I love giraffes!  My dream would be to go to Africa to the Giraffe Manor – if you haven’t read or seen the video of “Tall Blondes”, do it!  You’ll want to go there too!!!


At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, they have the largest exhibit of giraffes.  It’s a place where zoos all over the world send an ailing giraffe for medical care.  When we were there a couple of years ago, I couldn’t tear myself away from that area.  For some reason they just fascinate me.  Could be because I’m short and they are so tall!


Consequently, I love to collect giraffe things; (here’s another picture of the same room. )I have our guest bedroom as my “out of Africa” room.  However, everyone knows I love giraffes and gives me giraffe things – thus, there’s not much left for me to buy – unless it would be a real one to keep in my back yard!  Wouldn’t that be a hoot.  Wonder what one would cost? Or what the upkeep would be…couldn’t be more than our 4 dogs are costing us!


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Okay, I know I’m selling here, but you’ve GOT to check out the toy I’ve just designed. I’ve never seen anyone as nuts about giraffes as you are so my little creation, Lester the Giraffe might be very happy with you. And how cool that you were able to feed them right out of your hand! The giraffes at the LA Zoo just ignore me. Check him out at:

OMG i love love love giraffes i have GOT to check him out! thanx for telling about this plush toy.

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