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Week from hell and beyond!

Posted on: November 15, 2007

Had bunion surgery on the right foot Nov. 2 – figured the left foot went so well, this one would too.  NOT!

I now know what they say when the pain is horrific!  Pain pills for 8 days, crutches for 7; lots of naps and just plain sitting in a chair with my leg/foot elevated.

And on top of this…the refrigerator died.  Of course, it took 5 days to convince “the man of the house” that it was dead.  Frozen food was soft and the stench of bad food….but it took him pouring some milk into a bowl of cereal and the milk was congealed to seal the deal!!!

Then the same day, Sedona, 75 lb. dog, decided to take a swipe at Sofi, 5 lb. dog.  This little interaction took place in the bedroom with “the man” present.  I’m chair-bound in the living room – he yelled to me that everything was OK, it was just noise.  He had Sofi in his arms.

Well, he put her down and she made a bee-line into the living room and my lap.  I immediately screamed “she’s not OK – the top of her head is bleeding!” 

So “the man” grabs her and rushes her to the vet.  They kept her and called shortly afterwards to ask if it was OK to put her out to stitch it up. Gash was deep – all the way to the skull.

However, as of today both Sofi and I are stitch free!!!

Pictures in the next chapter!


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re: Sofi, wellll… she was running around and acting normal – just a little shakey. I looked at her face and she looked OK!

re: fridge. You got me. But I still say the hot dogs and baloney didn’t need to be refrigerated.

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