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Oh what a beautiful morning……

Posted on: October 20, 2007

Pat, Velma and I were at Emily’s at 7:30 a.m. to serenade her with Happy Birthday; Velma in pj’s, Pat and I in bathrobes.  Used pan lids for cymbals so we could stay in tune!  However, we were at the wrong window!!!  But at least we were at the right house!  After a couple of renditions of Happy Birthday, her husband peeked out the window.  Then he came outside and we asked him to go get Emily up.  He was hesitant, very hesitant; he told us we didn’t know how many expletives he was going to have to hear.

She came staggering to the front window and was flabbergasted!  We had muffins and coffee.  Eventually, she lured us inside because she was cold.  You know how old people are….usually cold!

It was fun!!!  Happy 60th Birthday Emily!!! 


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Old Women- either hot or cold!
Happy Birthday Emily.

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