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Rib-it, Rib-it, Rib-it…..

Posted on: October 19, 2007


Even in the medical field you have to know how to rib-it! Stitches are being taken out in this photo, duh! My right foot is scheduled for surgery on Friday, 11/2. I’ve gotten along beautifully and would recommend to anyone – don’t put up with bunions!


2 Responses to "Rib-it, Rib-it, Rib-it….."

I have bad bunion and longer second toe everyone says to put up with the pain and not wear anything but tennisshoes as the surgery is so painful. How painful is it, where did you have it done, and how long in hosp? Linda MS

Mine was out patient surgery; home the same day. An orthopaedist did mine. Pain pills take care of pain. LOL

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