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Bunion surgery – the best!

Posted on: October 19, 2007


Wow! Can’t believe my foot looked like that; however, it did get more black and blue. This was 5 days after surgery. For all the “advice” I got – that’s the worst surgery ever, etc.; no it isn’t!!!! Birthing a babe is worse!


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[…] My wife got one fixed and has plans to get the other foot done on November 2. She was in bad pain but good drugs took care of that. By the end of the end of five days she was off crutches and off the drugs. Two weeks later she was able to wear regular slip on tennis shoes. But she will need the full eight weeks before she can walk or stand a lot. […]

Where did she have hers done? Linda

I have bunion surgery scheduled on Jan 8 2010…I fell in august and have had horrible foot pain since, finding out a week ago it was due to irritating this bunion when I fell. So now I am having the surgery done. My thing is I can’t even wear shoes, my foot just throbs! My foot Dr would not prescribe the anti-inflamitory because I take prevacid. But I am wondering if anyone had pain meds BEFORE the surgery? I want to call and ask, but not sure that is standard for pain in this situation…

Hi, I had bunion surgery on December 16th and had no post op pain whatsoever. My surgeon injected pain blockers in addition to the general anesthesia, and I felt nothing until the following day. I took absolutely no narcotic pain relief. I took only a combination of Ibuprofen and acetaminophen and that took care of the little discomfort that I did have. There were no pre-op pain meds at all. I would have it done again tomorrow, but for the immobility aspects. Good luck with your surgery.

I just had my left foot done on 12/18/09. I am non weight bearing at the momment because I did too much in the walking cast post op. Don’t stay down and follow your dr’s instructions. I had my right foot done 6 years ago-so worth it. I can wear the highest heels I want, run 5k races, everything. So worth it, plus I had zero probs after that surgery. I am hopeing that I will have more luck with this one. I am just ready to walk not crutch, one more week and hopefully I will be walking in athletic shoes. Good luck with your surgery and recovery. My foot hurt a lot due to an injury to my foot, but no pain meds before I just only wore big comfy shoes until surgery. I have high hopes of better shoes soon. Just follow your orders exactly, even if it doesn’t hurt-don’t do too much.

oh my I am in agany and I hurt so bad I have to lay down a lot email me and I will tell you the pain is in toes fofot and now goes all the way up in pins and needles and have bubions and neropathy

[…] (Right bunion removal stitches, far right, stitches in head from dog attack. Click to embiggen) […]

I’m having bunion surgery this Tuesday. Is it real painful? What should I expect? I know my foot is killing me now. What about pins in the big toe? Thanks

Hi. I had bunion surgery for moderate problems 21/2 weeks ago. It was an extremely painful experience. I do not regret it yet. I am still looking forward to a positive outcome. I still have the pins in my feet and that is where the pain is now. It is not as painful now as long as I prop my feet often and walk very little. The recovery and pain was extreme for the first 4 days. From there it has been better everyday. Today, I am mostly frustrated because I cannot get around like I had hoped. I wish you luck and still believe it is worth doing if you are in pain now.

Hi Natalie, I am not using my foot the way I should be. It has been almost 4 months now since surgery. I have a screw diagonally from the top of the foot down into the ball of my foot. When I first went in to see the podiatrist about this operation, I was told that I would be in a boot for 6 weeks and then I’d be good to go. The doctor said “some” people have to get the hardware removed because it continues to irritate the tissue and the foot will swell. I learned later the 50% of his patients return to have the screws taken out. So I will have this done on July 22. I can only hope the I will get some ROM with the large toe as it is still very stiff and swells every night. He mentioned that the screws are precisely measured but he may have turned it one turn too much, thus causing the end of it to stick out so I can feel it. If you continue to have issues, don’t hesitate to get the screw removed. I believe they will do it 3 or 4 months after your operation. I hope you will progress and not have to go back in.

Hi Natalie,
I just had bunion surgery and mine sounds like yours …extremely, extremely painful. I am on week 2 now. Please let me know how long it took for you to walk without pain. Is there anything you did to help with healing besides rest and elevation?

I had dissolvable pins. Couldn’t tell it! Stay on the pain meds every 4 hrs., if that’s what is prescribed, and by the 4th day, it’s not so bad. In other words, the first couple days where the worst for me but I was in la-la land and slept most of the time.

bunion surgery was a breeze.
i stayed in bwed for a few days
but it wasnt painful at all.
im glad i got it done.
my bunion would crack
and it was terriable.

Where did you have yours done? Linda

i am having bilateral bunion surgery (on both feet this summer). i am wondering how long it was before you could walk or climb stairs, i’m truly scared, however, it’s much more painful right now walking or even wearing a pair of shoes for longer then a couple of hours.
did you use any aids like crutches or a walker?

I had foot surgery 3 weeks ago I was scared but I did it and it was worth it I did both feet because I could stand the pain I couldnt walk without pain so I had it done Im glad I did it it only takes 2 hours if you have both feet done then you dont have to do it ever again because belive me you woulnt do this again. you hav e pain for 3days then swelling then its gone you just have to wear your boots that thet give u for 6 or 8 weeks and your done you dont have to have any pain. from your advisor…

Where did you have your surgery? Linda

How old ar e you? I’m thinking of having both feet done at age 54. My doc thinks I’m crazy, am I?? How hard /difficult ot walk after surgery? or no walking at all?? some weight bearing??

Same question applies to you, Holly. Wondering what type of feeling you had in big toe right after surgery as I have tingling and numbness when I touch the big toe on the tip which is all that sticks out right now. I wanted to see if my toes seemed swollen or not and all I felt was a bit funky feeling when touching it. Thanks.

Hi Kerri, I am having bilateral bunion surgery 6-4-10, I am excited but fearful of my mobility being very limited, so it can happen and be survived with both feet being done.

I am 16 & I just have buion surgery && my foot is killing me so bad. I could ball my eyes out.

I am 29 days post-op Had bilat bunionectomy.used a walker for the first 3 days did not take my walking boot off u sleep in it ect… keep feet elevated take pain meds as ordered apply ice in between pain meds u will be up in 4 days post-op but if i was you i would do only 1 foot at a time the pain is pretty bad if u have any more ?’s just let me know

Are you having them done at the same time? My Dr. refused to do them at the same time. My surgeries were 5 weeks apart.

Best advice I can give you is to stay on the pain meds every 4 hours or whatever is prescribed – even if you think you don’t need it! After the 3rd day, it’s not so bad.

Yes, I used crutches but on the first surgery I only used them about 4 days and on the second surgery it was probably 7 – 10 days. I didn’t use them around the house as much as I used them when out in public – mainly because I was afraid some one would run into me or step on my foot.

I’m glad I had it done and you will look back after you are healed and be glad too! Good luck – keep me posted how you are doing.

Hello I am looking at an old post regarding your bunion surgeries and had a question regarding what you felt with regards to the big toe right after the surgery. Only the tips of my toes stick out of the bandages and I was touching on the toes to see if they felt swollen or anything and all I felt was some numbness and tingling. Now I was reading this is sign of nerve damage but I’m thinking that things were moved around pretty good during the surgery and need time to heal. What do you have to say about the feeling in the big toe right after surgery? Thanks.

It’s been almost 2 months for me(I had both feet done) & my big toes are still numb & a bit swollen…My Dr say’s it’s normal but I guess because I’m not used to anything ever wrong with me I always kinda look at him sideways thinking somethings up. Time will tell…

I am having both feet done on May 16th. The PA who did my Pre-Op had both of his feet done at the same time and tried to talk me out of it. He had a problem with a blood clot because he was not walking as much as he should. I am not so much worried about the surgery, but keep my house in order. I know there will be pain and one should keep ahead of it.
I am glad that my Doctor offered that option to me.
I would rather do it once and get it over with.

Kerri when are you having your surgery?

Tori, I am going to be schedule my feet to get done, I was wondering if surgeons refuse ever to do both, what surgeon did you have and what state? I need all the help i can get because i will never goback if they make me only do one!

hi there samantha i had bunion surgery 3 weeks ago 26/5/2011 i asked to have both feet done at the same time and they refused and im glad they did because i dont think i could have managed. the really bad pain is only there for 3-4 days and then it gets easier as the days go by. i also had hammertoe surgery dont at the same time so im due to have my pins out in 3 weeks but heard its not painful so fingers crossed! where r u having yours done??? anyway i hope that this helps any questions just ask but im glad to say the operation was well worth it and im looking forward to having the other foot done xx

I am 45 years old and I had bunion surgery 4 weeks ago. I had my surgery done at the Sports medical Hospital Adelaide SA Australia (mainly orthapaedic surgery happens at this hospital). I have to agree that the first week after surgery is the trickiest but the pain to me was minimal and I had both my feet done. My bunions were in the severe category. When I had the dressings taken off I was extremely pleased at the sight of my feet. They are healing very well, I like to put my feet in the sun (5-10 mins only) to help get some natural healing happening. I keep my feet elevated and I do walk around a little, At the end of the day my feet are quite swollen but afer elevating them high above my head and a good nights rest with a couple of pillows to support during the night, my feet go down to normal. I currently wear the surgical shoes everywhere I go but have been able to wear orthapedic thongs.
I am due back at work in 2 weeks and being a primary teacher it will test out how my feet will go as I am on my feet all the time- may need to bring the ice packs to school. I do not regret surgery as the pain I experienced before was terrible.

Just had bunion surgery on Tuesday May 6th, 2008. Had it done on the right foot, need it on both but I wasn’t about to do both at same time. I am single with 3 small children and my parents live out of town, so my help is limited. The doctor numbed it really well but the next morning when it had worn off~pain! I agree with what I have been reading take your meds every 4 hours even if your not feeling pain yet, don’t wait til it wears off! It’s been 2 days almost 3, it is getting a little easier. I was told not to put any weight on it for a week til I go to my 1st post-opt on Tues. I have been using crutches, they help but they suck, my arms are sore, the muscles more than the underarm. I suggest to anyone who is going to have to use crutches if your out of shape like me, lift some weights or something build the muscles in your arms because you’ll be using muscles you don’t normally use. After saying all that, just wondering if I did the right thing having the surgery wondering what some results were for others and if they are glad they had it done?

Absolutely, I’m glad I had mine done!!!!

I am 16 and i have a bunion on my left big toe. I am having the surgery done on June 6th, 2008. Im kinda freaked. Does it hurt really bad? Anyone have any advice to offer?

It is done, I had my surgery on Friday,May 16th and I am so happy I did both feet. Not every one has that option. I am what my doctor calls a very slight women. Now for the scoop. My case was schedualed for 7:30am, it lasted 3 hours and I was home by 3:30 pm. Lots of traffic. I didn’t really feel my feet because of the novacaine which did not wear off until Saturday morning. Saturday was the worst day. I made sure I took the pain medication, all the while wondering what I had done. By Sunday it was so much better….each day gets better. I am so happy I did both. This was easier then delivering my first child. Everyday it gets better. If you are having any kind of surgery get lots of fruit in the house so your body can regulate itself. Understand that the medications stay in your system for sometime, so you will be sleepy for a few days. Listen to your body.
I had the bandages changed on Tuesday, and my feet look normal after many years. Good luck to all. A little pain, lots of gain!

I’m twenty years old and got bunion surgery on both of my feet on May 13th. I was in a ridiculous amount of pain the first three days and I couldn’t walk at all (obviously). I would crawl if I wanted to go anywhere. I’m glad I got both of them done at the same time because I most definitely wouldn’t have the surgery again. I’m great now though – I had my bandages changed yesterday and I couldn’t believe how normal my feet looked.

I’ve been walking for awhile now – just not very well. But as of today, I can walk perfectly. I just have to wait three more weeks until I get the bandages removed and then I’m off to shoe shop!

‘m on my day 10 both feet done, wearing those heavy awful black heel walking sandals with crutches, not much pain, but all sorts of sensations.
I’m quite annoyed with the doctor as he didn’t tell me anything except to “rest”, I don’t know what’s normal to feel and what’s not, and don’t like the slight ain where I believe the stitches must be on my right foot when I wear those sandals.
Could it be that the stitches (I don’t know even if they are resolvable or not) are drying and pulling the skin and hence sore or is it stg else….I am seing him on Monday and don’t have a clue what to expect. ANy advice?
To be hones, I can’t imagine I’ll walk like you after two weeks, I don’t dare stand on the feet, just on the heels and sides.

Well I haad my surgery on May 16th, and today is Memorial Day. I am doing great. Beth, i am sorry that you had so much pain after, and I a happy that it is improving. It is like having a child. there is pain but the rewards are great. I have to say that there was less pain then the rotator cuff surgery I had years ago. I would do this again, except that I am not a good sitter. I can’t wait to get back on the go. I am really tired of sitting around. I have to sit another 2 weeks at least.
Have fun shoe shopping!

I just had the stitiches out this morning. My right foot is a little more swollen then the left, but they look great. He will remove the screws some time in the fall.
My advice to anyone having both done, pratatice walking on your heels, since that is where you will have to put most of your weight for awhile.
Bye for now

Toni – glad you’re doing well! The pins in my feet dissolved. In a couple of months (that’s how long it took for the swelling to go down) you’ll be glad it’s done and over!

I’m having bunion and hammer toe surgery June 6. I will have a cast on my leg for six weeks, non weight bearing. Did anyone else have to have a cast on their leg?

I’m 21 just had bunion and hammer toe surgery on June 3, i have a soft cast on my foot and i’m going to a dr appointment Thursday and hopefully ill have my stitches taken out.. but i never was given crutches to use and im healing pretty well

Hi Diane. I can’t believe i’m blogging about my bunions. I’m 32 years old and have been really embarrassed about them for about 15 years. I just recently had surgery on my left foot for a bunion and two hammertoes. I have had a cast on my leg for 5 weeks and I have 4 days left till it gets removed. I think that there are so many different ways to correct bunions and of course some are more extensive than others and apparently my foot needed a lot of work thus the cast for 6 weeks. I had several screws put in and a bone cut in 2 different places. I think that the cast is a blessing because I know that I wouldn’t follow doctor’s orders and I’d be pushing the limit of what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Your foot will heal like it should in a cast. Good luck with your surgery. Take advantage of your situation and let your friends and family wait on you. Look for water tight cast protectors on medical supply websites. You can still go to the beach this summer!

HI all,
sorry been out of the province visiting.
My surgery is schedualed for July 23. I am having both done then, cuz if i only have one done, I KNOW i won’t go back for the other.
I’ve only booked 4 weeks off work, but I sit in an op all day so i’m hoping it won’t be too bad.
Tony, how did your surgery go? How are you feeling?

Hi Kerri,
I did great! You will need 6-7 weeks because you are doing both, it takes that amount of time for bone and tissue to heel. The first four days you will spend recovering from all the drugs. The novacaine wears off the next day. Keep ahead of the pain, which really wasn’t all that bad. I stopped taking motrin by the end of the week. Take up all those little throw rugs as they are difficult to navigate. Make sure you have a shower chair and plastic bags and duct tape to cover your feet so you can take a shower. Have lots of fruit and fruit juice in the house.
I had my last weekly appointment with the Doctor yesterday He was very please with how I did. He does not advise doing two feet at the same time. My size and weight was on my side. Yesterday he removed one of the three screws that was in my right foot(the worst of the two). The screw was bothersome when the swelling went down. I feel like a new woman. He will remove the others in three months. Your doctor may do it differently, but I know you will do well if you have help at home and a positive additude . I said I would not do it again before the operation, but it was not a bad as I though. I just became tired of sitting around the house.
Good luck Kerri, I really hope to hear from you when you are up to it. : )

I am having bunion surgery on my left foot on July 10th. I am terrified because I have never had any type of surgery. I have to have both feet done, but my surgeon only wants to do one at a time. I am afraid that my left foot will hurt so much in the beginning that I won’t want to have my right foot done. …so, Kerri I feel your pain. I know that I just need to suck it up and do it. I have been embarrassed about the corns on my little toes for a long time. I never really understood why I had them… I thought for a long time that they were caused from tight shoes and I kept telling myself that I never wear shoes that are tight. Now, I know that a person can just be born that way. My father also had bunion surgery years ago. How long did it take for most of you to start walking after the surgery?

Well June 27th is the big day. I take the bandages off! It may sound strange, but I will kind of miss them…just a little. To all of you who are heading in for bunion surgery, the worst part is the anticipation. That unknown of how it will happen, how will I get on is the part I found the most stressful. My doctor gave me the chance to back out and just do one. I hesitated for a second, and said no lets do both. And it was the best decision I made. They have you up and walking in the recovery room. They won’t let you go until you can walk. You won’t feel anything because you will have all those wonderful drugs in you. When you get home you will sleep most of the time for several days. The worst part for me was constipation for the drugs. Try to get sleeping arrangements as close to the bathroom as you can.
Let your family wait on you, and add things as you feel up to it. KEEP feet elavated. Take pillows in the car so you can have them for the ride home. But really keep you feet elevated so the swelling will go down. You will do just great! Keep in touch everyone.

Hi All,

I’m considering surgery for my bunions. I found a place that uses flouroscope technology – which requires no screws. Has anyone ever heard of this? Should I just stick with the normal surgery?

Any advice would be great – thanks in advance.


Hi Kim i have just had my Bunion done this is my first post op day, and i wont lie, it is agony but i had alot done. I know it will be worth it when its all healed.I had to stay in over night as i coudnt walk on it and got myself into a state, but i have my Designer shoes waiting for me. But having to rest for a full 2weeks and then small chores after that for 6 is hard for me, as i like to do my chores everyday. But whatever your decision good kuck and it will be worth it.

I believe that a flourscope is like an x-ray. I can’t see how your bones can heel properly with out screws holding them in place. You may end up wasting time and having to have them done again. I would be suspicious of rouge technology and seek a more conventional approach.

hi everyone!
I’m 21 and just got bunions removed on both feet. and i have decided that i hate feet now! they got so sore when the pressure dropped today and im getting so restless to get these stitches out!! I had my surgery on June 27th and have 3 days left till the stitches are out. after the stitches are removed will i be able to get my feet wet? and will they re-wrap them?? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i just want my feet to be all healed and i want to be able to walk around without my Frankenstein surgery shoes!! i get picked on because i walk like a show horse, picking my feet up high before i step forward. and also, i put rhinestones all over my surgery shoes and people seem to get a kick outta seein me crutch around with gem magicked shoes =]

i forgot!!! i have these coolers that are connected to pads that i can wrap on my feet call polar care. they are a godsend!!!

I had bilateral bunionectomy surgery on June 6th, its been almost a month now. The bone was shaved and the big toe bone broken and reset with a pin. After arriving home from the surgery I could stand and gently walk, even managed the stairs. I had a bit of pain the first two or three days and then sometimes after that the pain would just be at night. After 10 days my stitches came out and I could not stop looking at my perfect feet! Then I had a hard cast on for 2 weeks, I had that off July 2nd and everything is healing really well. I worked from home for a month, luckily, but on Monday July 7th will be back to the train and daily commute. All in all I am glad I had them both done at the same time, and I only wish I had done this years ago. Now I will never be ashamed of my feet, even the scar is fading fast. So for those who are pondering this surgery….Just do it!

who did your surgery? Linda Mississippi

I am having my surgery on Thursday the 10th. I am having my left foot done first and I am terrified. Does anyone have any tips for sleeping?

you wont need to worry about sleeping =] they give you vicodin which you can take every 4 hours and it puts you right out. plus you’re gunna be all sleepy the first few days while your body heals. sleep with your feet elevated and keep them cool.

hi, im 19 and gonna get both my bunions removed..i dont know when i can get an appointment lol, my doctor does not recommend doing 2 at one time, and nether does my mom… they both are really discouraging me. but i am pretty stubborn! and still want to get it overwith! i dont have time to do it all over again b/c of up coming nursing school, and the fact that i want to enjoy my time off of school, also i dont want to take another 6-8 weeks off work.
but reading the posts about both feet done makes me feel better. if anyone can give me detailed information about how to get around that would be grate, and any other helpful info…or if i should do it at all. anything that could help me out would be greatly appreciated. probably what i would want to know the most is how soon will i really be able to stand when having both feet done, b/c i am getting a lot of different answers on that?
thank you so much to everyones comments

I had both done on May 16th. I really had no problems. If you are over weight don’t do both! No matter how many you do the recovery time is the same. Your feet will swell,especially in the hot humid weather. You won’t be able to be on your feet for long periods of time. My Doctor told me 3 or 4 months before you really notice a difference . Another friend who had both done is a ER nurse and she took extra time off, like 6 months.
I am in retail and I work only two days a week. We sell custom window treatments and custom furniture so I can at least sit down.
I am happy that I did both. My Doctor is very please with my progress and how well I did, however don’t think that after 6 weeks you are going to be back to normal. It takes along time for the soft tissue to heal, bone only takes 6-8 weeks.
I hope that helps you. I felt the same way you do. Get it over and move on! Please keep us posted, and ask any question you may have.
Good luck!

Oh, I forgot. they have you walking right after surgery. You will be bandaged so you put you weight on your heals. Don’t worry you will be able to get around even if you walk like granny for awhile : )

Hi – I had a bilateral bunionectomy on July 8th. Like most, both metatarsals were cut, bone was removed and they were screwed back together. Felt slight pain more like a throbbing pain nothing sharp on the 3rd day after surgery as the novacaine started to wear off. Went on the 11th to the doctor for my 1st post-op check up and am doing fine. I am getting my staples removed on the 21st. I still feel the little burning sensation now and again due the nerves healing. In addition, if I am on my feet for too long they let me know – yes I maybe I have over done the “walking” but once I elevate my feet the pressure goes away. This is the second time I had surgery on both feet at the same time with the first being 15 yrs ago. What a big difference in the surgeries. With the first one I couldn’t bear the pain and had to get stronger meds. With this one I was walking albeit slow and only have to wear the surgical boots. I do use a quad cane for support versus having to use or try to use crutches. I still keep my feet elevated for the most part. However I am using the Breg Polar 500 cryotherapy machine which I love. It sure is better than ice packs. I highly recommend asking your doctor about the machine as I feel that it is one item that made my recovery faster. I use the shower safe cast protectors and have a shower chair both are available at a medical supply store and are well worth the cost.

Hi Diane,
I was just told that I need bunion surgery on both my feet – I am pretty nervous about the whole thing.
According to my doctor, I would have to do physiotherapy for at least 6 months prior to surgery and wear night splints and orthotics (the physio is because my toes are weak)…also, I have lost some range of motion in both feet (about 10-15%).
I had read your post and saw that you used the Breg Polar 500 system. I was looking into buying the 500 or 300 breg polar system and was wondering which pads you used for your feet – was it the universal pads? I just wanted to be sure as I would probably try to purchase this online in the near future.
Also, I heard that the pads do not get as cold as ice packs which means that you could use the breg polar system during longer intervals…would you mind telling me how long you used them throughout the day? Did your surgeon suggest you buy this system? Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

thanks so much for all of your comments, i’ll keep you guys posted. it will probably be some time next summer seeing it that the doctors schedule isnt working with mine!
im a nannie with 7 month old twins now and have a lot of time to sit down. so how long should i ask for time off? oh and im not over weight 8) most people say i should gain a couple pounds! i figure my weight and age will be on my side

Hi Jessica, as far as how much time you need off, you may need 6 weeks or more. I asked off 8 weeks because I am in retail, I work 2- 3 days a week, but I can take a break and sit down when there are no clients. I actually as out for 7 weeks per my Doctor.
Every one is different. I am sure you will be fine. Your weight will be an advantage for sure, so good luck. : )

hello i just went to a consultation about my bunion that needs to be removed. foot surgery I am scared due to the fact that i need my right foot to drive around and the screws that will be implanted in me. I hear that whenever it rains the screws make your feet hurt I am so scared

Hi Channell,

I had bunion surgery on my left foot july 11… 12 days ago and it was not as bad as I thought. I kinda hobble around and I cannot stay on my feet long. But, as for being afraid of your foot hurting when it rains it is probably different for each person. I say that because it has been raining where I live for the past couple of days and it has made no difference. I also know people that have had bunion surgery and they never mentioned the rain bothering them either.

My surgery was the worst. I ended up with more pain then before the surgery.

Hi Channell,

I had my surgery on both feet on July 8th. After my staples were removed my doctor said it was okay for me to drive and recommended that I were Crocs to protect my feet. Since I am still wearing the toe splits, I had to get a larger size shoe – but not too big to get in the way. I have not had any problems driving and I drive a standard shift car so both feet are used.

Hey everyone =]. I had my bunions removed June 27th on both feet. and my god they wont heal! my wounds are still open and some sutures have festered out. this may be because of the thyroid meds im on, the decrease my wbc count, but i was wondering if anyone else had this problem?? i just want to go to the beach but i dont dare get my feet wet yet!

Call your surgeon! That should not be happening.

i went to see him and he put some purple dye stuff on it to dry out the wounds and they’re doing much better, the scabs are staying and the redness is gone. finally, im almost healed!

Just had my right foot done on Aug. 1st. The Dr. said that I should get both done eventually, but the right foot was the worse of the two. I had the McBride procedure. I don’t know the differences, but the Dr. had to cut open the top of my foot from the big toe to half-way to my ankle. It wasn’t a pretty sight when I went in for my post-op appt. Very Frankenfoot! I’ve been taking pictures to document my before/after recovery. Pain hasn’t been bad. Crutches kind of suck, even though I’m in pretty good shape. Saw someone with a rolling wheeled single leg walker deal. Maybe an option vs. the crutches, but I don’t want to be a baby. I’m a teacher, & with school starting soon, I hope recovery moves along quickly. Bought a Wii to combat the down time blues.

That’s great Janna! I saw my surgeon today, I have to have the 5 remaining screws removed. He it will be done as outpatient on a Friday and I will be good to go on that Monday! I can’t wait to finish up. My feet look and feel wonderful. I can actually walk with out shoes or slippers! I can wear flip flops without pain. Yea!
Good luck to All of you wonderful bloggers. May all of you heal swiftly.

im excited just like you toni, im so glad i went through with it and im glad to be pain free. it seems so weird to be able to walk around and not worry about my feet, it seems too good to be true! good luck getting your screws removed =]

Hi everyone. I am 21 and had bunion surgery on both of my feet July 10. My doctor tried to talk me out of having surgery on both feet at the same time but I insisted because I wanted to be healed before classes go back. I did not want to deal with trying to get around campus on a foot that was still healing!
My surgery was at 7am, and I was home by 11am. I have two pins in my left foot and one in my right. In my experience, the first 3 days were the worst. As painful as it was, I was able to get up and walk to and from the bathroom (steadying myself on walls/chairs). I stayed off my feet unless necessary for the first week, keeping them elevated and iced constantly…even at night.
After the first week I stopped taking the vicodin and was able to leave the house on short errands. At the end of the second week my stitches and bandages were removed and I was given spacers to wear in my TENNIS SHOES! The third week I stopped taking anti-inflammatory meds and went back to work (I am a bartender…on my feet for 8 hour shifts) and have been working every other night. I am now at the beginning of my 5th week. My feet start to ache a little when I have been on them for 8 hours, but as soon as I sit down they are fine!
From reading everything else on here, I would say I had a better than average experience with this surgery… but if nothing else, I hope it will encourage others to get it done if they are considering it! It really has made a tremendous difference for me. Before the surgery I had terrible joint pain in both feet, to the point that it would prevent me from doing things I enjoyed (working long hours, running, working out, wearing certain shoes…etc..). Having this surgery was certainly worth it…a few weeks of suffering is better than a lifetime of painful, achy feet! Good luck to all!

I’m 17 and I get occasional pain from my bunions. However they bother me so much because I can’t wear high heels or flats or sandals….my bunions even break through my vans! Is it okay if I have surgery mainly for the reason that they bother me because they’re not normal and even though I’m not in extreme pain? I also have bunions because I don’t have enough arch in my shoes. My doctor told me to wear fitting sneakers…but then that hurts and aggravates my bunions….and then when I loosen them up, that supposably worsens my bunions…so I lose either way =/

I’m jealous of all of you who are walking without crutches so soon. My Dr. said that it will be another month before I get the rods out of my foot and can drive. I guess I have to learn to be patient. Got a prescription for a knee walker. It’s kind of like a knee scooter. Supposed to be less cumbersome than crutches.
Keeping my foot elevated helps with the pain. Sutures came out on Tuesday, but my foot’s still pretty ugly. This experience is definitely a lesson in patience.

I would do it sooner then later. They are not going to get better on their own. I had both done at the same time. One foot was worse then the other, I waited to long. My foot looked like a baby heal growing out of the foot. It took longer for one to heal then the other. I am so glad I did it!
Goood luck.

I had bunion surgery on my right foot August 8th, and it wasn’t that bad. The first couple of days was a nightmare, but after the 6th day, it got better. Just keep taking your pain medication, and keep your foot elevated above your heart, and swelling, bruising, and pain won’t be as bad.

Hey everybody my name is Vanessa I am 27 years old I decided to have bunion surgery because of the pain that I have endured since middle school at first it wasn,t that bad but over the years it has gotten worst, I hated looking at my feet and funny to say I have been embarrased by there appearance. I hated even the thought of going out with friends during the summer months because of the pretty sandals and heels that every body wore. I also couldn’t stand the pain anymore so I decided to have the surgery. I had my left foot done first on August 21, 2008 so far I have experienced pain nothing to bad I can say I am doing good because I still have a couple of pain pills left. I wanted my doctor to do both feet at one time but he refused he said he wouldn’t because he wanted to make sure that I recovered correctly. I don’t have very much help and I am a single mother of a 5 year old little boy who is very active. But his grandmother has agreed to keep him for the next week or two since I have little help. I HOPE I made the right decision because I know I have to get the right foot done also, thats probably going to hurt worst since I won’t be able to drive for a while.

I’m 30 and I had bunion surgery on Jul. 17, on my right foot. My foot was in cast for 2 weeks then 4 more weeks in walking boot with crutches and now partially I can put weight on my foot. The first few days was awful, but manageable with hydrophone. I passed out 3 times after surgery due to low blood pressure. I got stitches on my foot and also on the side (may be 50 stitches in total!!!). I’m putting Dermatix gel on the stitches for preventing scars, it’s helpful but still I’m not sure to what extent.
My doctor does not allow me to drive and he wants me to be in walking boot 6 more weeks!!! I really don’t know why my case has been this much complicated…

What kind of Dr. did your surgery? I went to an orthopaedic surgeon; everyone I know that a podiatrist do the surgery, has worn the walking boot for what seems like forever. Glad it’s done and over with!!!

I also wonder what kind of Doctor yu went to Mah. I understand that there are many ways to do the surgery, it sounds like he totally rebuilt every bone in your foot. I hope you heal soon!

do anyone’s feet swell w/ high humidity??? mine sure do, they look like balloons again!

They sure did. They are telling you to keep them up. It can take up to a year for soft tissue to fully heal.

Hi everyone-
I am 29, and just had a bunionectomy on Sept 11th on my left foot, like a lot of you,my doc wouldn’t let me do both, and I am glad! I was sick of not being able to do anything!! Surgery went terrific and I have been mobile since day one, with crutches. I had a pain med pump that was attached to my leg under my ace bandage and it went directly to the wound!! I had NO pain at all!! Now One week later I still have had no pain, except my muscles, from crutches! I can walk on my foot next Wed, so less than two weeks after surgery I can already walk on it! I would recommend this surgery to anyone!!

Had my bunion surgery (big toe and little toe) with some other corrective surgery on several metatarsals on my right foot 4 weeks ago and still can’t put weight on it. (my doc won’t do both either…but with non weight bearing status and 4 teenagers I would not have been able to crawl around for this long) I had the initial cast removed and am now in an aircast for a few more weeks. I have had almost no pain at all! I never even took the pain meds and I am usually a big baby! I drove today for the first time (removed the cast and wore a slip on shoe) and did fine. I ordered the iwalk-free device (from It is essentially an assistive device that you kneel on but it has a peg leg attached. It looks a little strange, but it worked perfectly(my kids want me to wear a patch and a parrott). I was able to walk around my house without crutches and make dinner, do laundry, clean (sounds like fun, huh?) and even pick things up from the floor. I would highly recommend this for anyone who knows they can’t weight bear on the foot for several weeks, but can’t function without your hands free from crutches. My insurance covered almost the entire purchase (I called the company and they gave me the billing code) I am a physical therapist and put this surgery off for far, far too long! For those of you who are still young, do it before it effects your knees, hips, spine, neck….etc!

I live in the caribbean…..I did a bunionectomy on my right foot 10 days ago and I have to say that my surgery was a breeze (except for the anxiety on my part of course). The bottom half of my body was numb so I could hear everything but felt nothing. The procedure lasted a little less than an hour which is exactly what my doc told me. I think it is very important to go with a surgeon who performs at least 2o of these types of surgery a year because you’ll have peace of mind.

Well, I am in a cast now which is the most uncomfortable part of this whole ordeal. Nothing in life prepares you on how to wear a cast, so this is by far the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever experience in my whole life. I took my pain meds so I have NOT had any pain at all……just feeling very clumsy with the crutches and all…..And oh, I tie a garbage bag over my cast in order to take a shower because you can’t get it wet….

So my suggestion to anyone considering this surgery is to do it, but plan your healing process properly…..for the first few days at least…relax on the couch or in bed a lot, do puzzles, read, watch tv, surf the web, play games etc. etc.. and take your mind off the foot as much as possible (that worked for me for the first week).

I can’t wait to able to wear my cute little sandals without feeling slightly embarrassed. I believe it will be well worth it. Would I do it again?…… absolutely not!!! (then again I don’t have a bunion on my left foot..thank God)…..if I did I would though….xoxo

So go ahead and get yours done. PEACE!!

Hello, πŸ™‚ I’m 20 & i’m having surgery on my left foot on 22nd October – to be honest i am more exited than scared. I have been to my pre op today and my surgeon was quite suprised how calm i was. A friend of mine has had her bunions done and she said to take an ipod or something in so i cant hear the noises as they’re a bit disturbing! Oh well, i cant wait to have a normal looking achingless foot! Take care all of you..

Hey! Im at home now i just got my bunion surgery on thursday oct 9. my feet hurt alot. but from wat i hear the pain goes away soon, its the 3rd day. i can feel the stitches in my right foot and its buggin me.

i can barely walk tho, only to go to the washroom but thats even hard for me to do. i got bilateral bunion surgery on both feet. and to be honest i wud not go bk if i did one at a time.

i keep tellin my self it will be worth it in the end, thats wat i hear..

I’m 30. Had right foot done on 9/24. After two weeks my Dr. said I could start putting some weight on my foot, heel only. I try to only do this for very short distances. I used crutches for 1 day, then decided to rent a 3 wheel scooter. The kind you see older people in the mall using. If I had to be on crutches for 3 weeks I think I would have lost my mind. I had surgery on a Wed and was back at work on Monday. Elevating for me was the solution for pain. Every time I feel any pain I put my foot up. First 10 days after surgery I was elevating constantly.
The day of surgery I felt no pain, like many others here the DR put pain meds in the foot, but also like others here when it wore off oh my god the pain. I also had a small complication because my bandage was too tight, but when the doctor changed it all was fine. Only took codeine for 2 days, but religiously took my ibuprofen twice a day, DR was very impressed with my limited swelling. I followed his directions very carefully. Though I admit I didn’t ice as much as I was told to.
Success in surgery is a lot about recovery. Stay off your foot! If you feel pain, don’t use it!
And find out why this happened so you don’t have to do it again, I have flat feet and I never want bunions again, so I am going to wear comfortable shoes and custom orthotics for the rest of my life.
Left foot surgery is 10/15. I definitely recommend spacing out the 2 feet. At least 3 weeks, you’ll be glad you did.
If you can afford to rent a scooter do it. I use it to get around my office, and I can still go out to dinner and movies, etc. Heck, I went to a Madonna concert last week. I live and work in Manhattan.

I’ve loved reading all of your stories and comments – they’ve really helped me a lot.

I’m having the bunion and bunionettes on my left foot removed tomorrow morning. I’m very nervous. If all goes well, I’ll have my right foot done in a few weeks.

I just found out that my surgeon is using a general anesthetic, which I really am not happy about. I was hoping to be awake for this.

Anyway, thanks again for posting your stories.

Well, my surgery was done by 11am, it’s now 7:45pm and so far I’ve only had a half of a percoset. I know, it’ll probably get worse ….?

well my feet are better and its been almost a week, but they hurt alot, really bad for a few days. i didnt ice them that much cuz i cud feel the pin in my toes, and th thought of that gettin cold hurt!, but im good now, theres really no pain, and i get my cast on in a week….i was actually born wit bunions, so i am glad that i got this surgery now, im jus really bored, the doc told me id be out of work for 3 months, cuz i unload trucks n such al day so i cant put pressure on my feet……so good luck to you guys, and it really wud depend on the bunion surgery you get, cuz theres many different kinds

I saw my Dr. last month & together we decided that due to my extremely flat feet & the increasing pain due to a bunion on my left foot that’s prohibiting me from walking more than 9 holes while playing my summer sport – golf (I walk and carry my clubs), that I should have surgery to correct the deformity – which I scheduled for March 2009. A couple weeks after that appt. my right foot starting hurting so bad that it’s prohibiting me from enjoying my winter sport – bowling. Different from my left, my right foot is so bad now that I hobble getting up to use the restroom at night! While they don’t hurt that bad constantly – they hurt often enough to be interferring with my life now. I can barely walk around the block. I have an appt on 10/22 to see my Dr. again to discuss the new pain with my right foot. I’m only 41 yrs old & so active with golf in the summer (I play & caddy for my husband) that I want to have both feet done at the same time to cut down on time off from work & to decrease overall recovery time – I want to have next summer feeling back to ‘normal’. I’m in good physical condition, workout 30 min/day (aerobic & weights) and am not overweight.
Can anyone tell me if there’s anything they said to convince their Dr. to do both feet at the same time? I’m afraid my Dr. will refuse. Everything I’ve read online says there’s no medical reason not to do both other than Dr’s make more money if you do them seperately! There are studies that indicate doing both at the same time is no more ‘risky’ than doing them independently of one-another. So…any comments as to how I can get my way! haha
If I can’t get them done at the same time, how soon do they do the 2nd one & what would I expect for total recovery time. This would be my 8th surgery (not on my feet – I have joint problems) so I’m not unfamiliar with pain during recovery – I tend to have a much higher tolerance for pain then most people because I also suffer from chronic migraines. I sit at a desk all day for my job so I’m hoping I can go back to work quickly since I can stay off my feet.
Thanks in advance & thank you for all your posts – this site has been very helpful & reassuring to me! I wish you all a speedy recovery and a life free of foot pain!

Well, I am all set to go shoe shopping. The pins are out and I am so happy that my Doctor allowed me to due both at the same time. Leslie, my doctor said that he does maybe two patients a year that way. He looks at over all health and weight. The surgery went fine for me. Of course there was pain but lets get real, they are removing bone and cutting into tissue. Every day it improved and I only took Rx for 2 days. The experience was much better then rotator cuff surgery I had in 1997!
Go for it! Good luck all

Hi again! Well, I get my stitches out in 2 days. I can’t wait!!!! The worst part of this whole thing has been this huge boot — it’s heavy and it’s tight. I can’t wait to get the pins out too! He won’t give me a straight answer when that will be 😦 Anyone?

Hi! I am 33 and have been putting off bunion surgery for years. But now I can’t put it off any longer since it just hurts too much. I’ve been to several doctors and they all tell me I have a moderate to severe case and they all seem to have different ideas on how to correct my feet.

One podiatrist I like is very close to where I live and tells me he would make a cut on the bone that looks like a “Z” from the side then slide the top and bottom over and hold the two parts down with 2 screws. And he would straighten out my hammer toes. He says I can be mobile within the week with minimal pain meds.

The other doctor says he would make a wedge on the metatarsal and fix my second toe by shortening the bone. I would be in a series of 3 casts for 12 weeks. This doctor is almost at hour drive from my home and would do post-op appointments weekly. Sounds like a huge inconvenient thing. But he’s recommended by a friend of mine who is a doctor.

if anyone has advice they can give me…I’m so confused!

Hello everyone. I had bunionectomy using chevron osteotomy of my metatarsal on friday, Oct. 24. My surgeon would only do one foot at a time so I’m planning on getting my right foot done in the summer.
The first day was great b/c of the numbing. However, my foot did start to tingle later in the evening due to feeling returning. I don’t understand how others say they can walk right away. I was given crutches and a shoe but I really don’t use those b/c of the awful feeling/pain I get as soon as blood flows to my foot. I scoot on my butt or use the spider-crawl with my surgery foot up in the air. I’m in excellent shape. I lift weights 5 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. So I know it’s not due to any physical abilities. I also read that someone returned to work 5 days later! Wow! My dr. has me returning to work in 8 weeks. My surgery was performed by a DPM. A poster wrote that they noticed podiatrist and orthopaedic surgeons do things differently. So, how are the people that were up and about doing that so quickly. BTW, it’s only been 4 days since surgery.

Hi Kim,
my doctor usually removers them 4 months after surgery, however one was very bothersome and he removered it after 6 weeks in the office.

I’m so glad they have forums like this…I wish I had read them BEFORE my surgery!! I read most posts and I can relate to many especially SCIENCETEACH’s. I am an active 39 year old female. I had mild/moderate bunions on both feet. I decided to have surgery. The doctor (podiatrist) advised to remove only one. He said I would be absolutely miserable if I had both removed. My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe, so the type of surgery I had involved cutting the bunions off my foot by my big toe and my little toe and cutting bone in other areas as well. I have several pins. This is my experience. My surgery was October 28. The surgery seemed to go well…I was at the hospital at 5am and went home at 11:30 am (someone must drive you). Do not expect to do ANYTHING for at least 3 days after. It is my 4th day…and I still cannot. I vomited alot the 1st 3 days post surgery. It is from the anethesia combined with Vicodin. If you cannot take vicodin…you will need to get something else. Even if you don’t feel pain…take something every 4 hours…the pain and/or pressure/throbbing is terrible and it sneaks up fast! Whenever I get up with the crutches, I can feel the blood go to my foot and it literally THROBS. You simply are bedridden for awhile. You will need crutches. Eat lightly even if you are super hungry. The nausea comes and goes while on pain meds and you might also experience constipation. I hate not being able to do anything. I really dream of walking normal again. I am very tired of sitting on my butt and watching television. I saw the doctor yesterday and he didn’t have much to say other than everyone heals at their own rate. Not very comforting! I am supposed to be back to my job…which is on my feet all day…in 6 weeks. I pray I get better and that it does not take 6 months like some people are writing! In all honesty…I wish I never had this done. Anyway…I would say only have this done if absolutely necessary. Make sure you have help from a friend/roomate/family, etc. Get foods that are easy to prepare. Have things to do while you are bedridden…magazines, hand held games…etc., eat lightly, take your pain meds every 4 hours and try to stay off your feet at least the 1st week….and good luck.

Hi all. Well, I must be super super lucky because I have had such an easy time of this (although it feels like it’s taking forever).

Tuesday, 2 weeks post-op, the doc took out the stitches – AND 2 PINS!!! Whoaaa!! I was so happy!

Yesterday, Friday, another pin just sort of came out on its own. Something was pinching me terribly, so I took off my boot and noticed a pin bulging out of the bandaging. I unwrapped my foot to an extent and there was the pin in my little toe almost completely out of the toe. I tried to push it back in but that pinched, so I just took it out!! Hope it’s ok.

I go back in Tuesday, election day, for another check up so I’m hoping he’ll remove some more pins anyway and maybe I can get out of this godforsaken boot and wash this funky foot.

Kim…I wish I was you right now….lol. I am only 5 days post op…the nausea is gone but I still have not been able to place my foot on the ground yet or even with the boot. When I use the crutches, I still feel the bloodflow throbbing. I take the huge boot off most of the time and just keep my foot elevated. Since I not nauseous, I have been eating more and I know I am gaining weight. For those who want to have the surgery…stock up on fruit and light, easy to prepare meals beforehand!….Time for my ibuprofen…I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Christina, sorry you’re having some pain. I have to say I had VERY little pain at all.

My doc made me keep my boot on at all times, even while sleeping. Maybe that’s why my swelling isn’t so bad. I wear this godforsaken thing 24/7. But it’s like dragging a bowling ball around with you — very tiring.

I hear you about the weight gain. My jeans are getting tighter and tighter with every passing day. I just quit smoking 6 mos ago so I’ve been watching my weight very carefully. Bleh! I need to get back to Curves!!!!!

Thanks Kim….yeah, the pain has been pretty bad…I took a peek at my toes and they are all bruised and swollen. The doctor told me to ice it but how can the icepack penetrate through all the wrapping??? I’m not unwrapping anything either…I don’t want to see any pins popping out of me!!! The ibuprofen helps and it does not make me sick to my stomach like the vicodin. Patience is what I need. I’m soooo sick of TV. I pulled the xbox out yesterday and played Jaws for 3 hours…I can’t wait to go back to work! Anyway…good luck Kim with your appointment on Tuesday. I think I’ll go put my Transformer boot back on. heehee

Aargh! Well, he only took out one more pin. I still have 2 left and I’m still in this %*#!@# boot! I don’t really mind the boot except that the one pin is rubbing on it and it feels like I have a pebble in my shoe. Very irritating and sore.

The doc says that particular pin is probably the most important one he put in so it’s gotta stay there until he feels it’s ready to come out. Bleh. He’s a good doctor and I believe him and trust him, but still, bleh.

Other than that and the little bit of swelling though, my foot looks really good. I can’t wait to put it in a normal size shoe instead of something made for sumo wrestlers.

hey. your lucky you barely have pain kim. the first 2 weeks hurt, i cudnt walk at all, even go to the washroom. any pressure sucked. tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since the surgery. my feet are better now, the swellings gone and i have a bruse where the scar is but its almost gone, my stitches are almost healed. which is great. yeah i have gained some weight too. it sucks.

but i can walk more now, jus not stand for too long yet, my docter said i will be out til jan 9/09…so i still have lots of time to go.

i have bunion shoes…not a boot tho…lol i hate them, but i cant wear regular shoes cuz of the toe seperators my docter told me to wear. my foot almost looks normal!

My Dr. removed my stitches today and I definitely did not like that. He rewrapped it but he said that I can now get my foot wet. He also informed me that he put wires/staple-like apparatus in my foot and that it will not be removed. He said that I should wear a sock and that I can wear a wide tennis shoe. WOW!! I don’t know that. I’m a bit scared to do that. While going to get x-rays of my post-op foot, the appt. center called to make an appt. for my other foot. I’d plan to do the other foot in the summer b/c I’m already taking 8 weeks off of work. But after thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and get the 2nd foot done. So I’ll have to add an extra 4 weeks to my time-off from work. I hope I heal quickly so that the 2nd time around will not be that much more difficult than this time.

I am a 30 year old woman and I had a chevron osteonomy on my left foot on Tues, Oct 28th. It has now been 11 days and I am doing just fine. I was basically bed-ridden for the first 3 days and then I was able to move around on my crutches. By the 7th or 8th day I was walking on my heel. The crutches were awkward so I went to a medical supply store and bought a cane to help me around. Yes, I feel 90 but at least I can open doors and even go to the gym and ride the bike- as long as the pressure is on the heel only. The pain was quite bad for the first couple of days, but easily managed with good meds every 4 hours. You will feel throbbing and blood flow which is painful, but if you keep it elevated you will be fine. I had my first checkup on Thurs and he changed the bandage. The foot wasn’t swollen at all, just a bit bruised. The pin at the top of the foot is uncomfortable but you learn to deal with it. My girlfriend had the same procedure a year ago and her foot looks amazing. I am just counting down the next 4 weeks until I get this bunion shoe off my foot.

Trust me, it is not as bad as you think. I expected it to be much worse than it was, and so far I am happy to have done it. Good luck to all πŸ™‚

Had both feet done on Nov 3. I am 1 week post op. My surgeon did an osteotomy on both. I decided to do both as there would only be one reovery time. I have to say that all my pre op anxiey was for nothing. My feet were numb for day one. I only took a total of 5 vicodin……and also was put on the anti inflamatory (Naprosyn). I kept my feet elevated and iced. That is the key… also wear your “boots” everytime you get up. I am very happy that I had them both done. I have not been it too much pain…. mostly nerve spasms. As of one week post op my feet just feel bruised, and moderately sore. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Good luck to all having this done.

Allright. I’m getting ticked off now. Today is 4 weeks since my surgery. My stitches have been removed. All 6 – yes SIX pins have been removed. But he bandaged it all up AGAIN! I STILL can’t get it wet. I’m STILL wearing this godforsaken boot. What the heck? And I don’t even go back for another 10 days!!

Now, people — this foot stinks! I’m sick of it! It’s making my dogs sick! I just need to wash my freaking foot …..

had operation 1week ago do they have less packing first visit back to see doctor

Hi Kim….. this is just a thought, If you have any skin exposed try and use antibacterial hand gel on the exposed skin. Foot odor comes from bacteria. I would also try some foot odor spray in the boot. I am 8 days post op on both feet and I don’t have a boot, I have the shoe things. I totally agree with you that they are disgusting! I take mine off when I have my feet up or I go to bed. Good luck and I am sorry to hear that it is taking so long. Keep your chin up…… I am sure your feet are gorgeous!

I am 58 and considering bunion surgery. My mother-in-law had it done years ago and it didn’t work so I am trying to find someone that has maybe had it a year or more ago just to find out if their bunion is growing back. I also have arthritis which I’ve read can contribute and aggravate the situation. I had knee replacement surgery last year so I definitely know pain so I’m not so concerned about that part as I am the recurrence of the bunion. So many of you have such a great since of humor.

Hi Joanne, I asked my surgeon the same thing…. He told me that by having an osteomoty where they cut the bone and reset it the chances of it returning are pretty slim. I had both feet done 8 days ago so I haven’t seen the finished product yet as they are still bandaged. I’ll let you know how it all works out. I also has some arthritis and he “cleaned” out the bunion joints. I am 44 and am not a bit sorry that I had both feet done. My recovery hasn’t been that bad. Good Luck to you on your decision.

Hi all, I need to find a good Orthopedic surgeon in California, Torrance (South Bay) area… This will be for bunion surgery….. Anyone know of one? I’m so scared and can’t find a surgeon that I feel comfortable with – I’ve seen 3 orthopedic and 2 podiatrist and still don’t feel comfortable with any of them. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences.

Ok, I had my first post op appointment this morning. I had the stitches removed and the pressure dresings removed. They are healing well at 11 days post op. I just have the steri strips on the incision, small amount of swelling. I was told that In about a week I can try a soft sided tennishoe. Activity as tolerated, and I can now shower with out covering my feet. I still need to keep them elevated when sitting with ice as needed. I am not on any pain meds and things are giong alot better that I had expected. Overall I have had a very positive experience with all of this. Will keep everyone posted on the rest of the recovery.

Hello everyone.
Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my surgery. I had 2 bunions removed from my right foot. One by my big toe and one by my little toe. The podiatrist also cut my foot bones in 2 other areas and shortened my 2nd metatarsel. The first 2 weeks after surgery were pretty bad for me. Pain was controlled by ibuprofen, elevation and ice. There is still considerable swelling but I am finally able to walk with my Tranformer boot without the crutches…aaaah finally. I have seen my podiatrist every week since the surgery. This next visit on Friday he plans to put me in a lighter wrapping and wants me in an orthopedic shoe now and no more boot….and he said I can get it wet. He also wants to start physical therapy to get me using my toes again. (You kind of get used to that boot and you don’t really move your toes too much). I am still not able to drive or put a lot of pressure on my foot without the boot. I tried but my foot still feels very strange and there is still pain and prickly feelings in my toe and heel. My doctor does not plan on removing my pins. He said they are staying in and that I should not feel them after awhile. Let’s hope not. I still have 3 more weeks off work but I still not certain if I am going to be able to do my job in 3 weeks at 100%. I’m getting concerned. KIM….I wonder why your foot stinks… Even though my doc wrapped my foot nicely. After a few days, I would unwrap it and have to ice it. Sometimes I took a sterile gauze with that special surgical soap and gently cleaned the foot but not near the incision site. I let it air dry and rewrapped it with new sterile gauze. My foot never smelled but it really started to peel alot. The skin flaked right off. eiw, i know. It took me 3 weeks to start feeling good. To me, that’s a pretty long and I’m not certain that I will have my left foot done. So, now….I have 2 feet that are different sizes now!!! I wish my doc let me have both feet done at the same time. Oh well.

Hi all,
Interesting to read all the accounts of people’s surgery experiences. I am 31 and have bunions on both feet, but left foot is really pushing my toes out of line. Its painful at times, but not always, in saying that though, I am “aware” of it, can feel it, pretty much all of the time. I am going to see about having the surgery in the next 12 months some time. do you have a general or local? I assumed general, but read that you can have a local! What did you all do? I have two small children so not sure how its going to work out in terms of caring for them, but I am keen to do it while I am young and fit!


I had bunions like you …and my doc would only do one at a time. I know a few people here have said that they had both done but I would not really recommend it. No matter what…this type of surgery is an inconvenience. You cannot really walk without the aid of crutches for at least 3 days to 2 weeks…depending on the type of bunion surgery you need. It took me about 2 weeks. I’m 38 and do not have children. I live with my boyfriend who helped me alot. You are laid up for awhile. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I had children to take care of also. My surgery took 2 hours and it was local and general anethesia. I was so sick for 2 days…(nausea/vomiting) from the anesthesia / vicodin that they gave me. Everyone reacts differently though. My healing seems to be taking longer than others. I’d say go to an orthopedic doc instead of a podiatrist. It seems like the people who did turned out better than those that went to a podiatrist…anyway….good luck!

Hi again,

I had my sugery 3 weeks ago and I am doing great! I go tomorrow for my second appt to have the pin removed. I have been told that will be a huge relief. Although not painful, the pin is definitely uncomfortable. I have had occasional nerve pains where the bone was removed, but I honestly thought that this procedure would be far more difficult than it has been. I have been walking on my heel without crutches or anything now for almost 2 weeks, and I am just fine. In all honestly, you are only really limited for the first 7-10 days, well that was the experience both myself and my girlfriend have had. I will let you know how it goes once the pin comes out. I am told it is not painful, but ehhhh, I am still nervous 😦

Does anyone have pre and post op pics? How bad was scarring?

the scarring should just be a pink line. mine unfortunately would not heal right because of the medication i was on and now i have big scars but they fade real quick. i would rather have scars than painful bunions =]


I honestly would not worry about the scars. I had my pin removed last Thurs so I got to see my foot at 3 weeks post op, and I have to say that the scar is minimal. Of course it is still red and sore right now, but he told me that it looks like I will have only the slightest line once it all heals up. My girlfriend had the same procedure and you cannot even see her scar unless you look very closely. But really, who cares. I would rather have a small scar than an ugly bunion and curved toe.

Oh, and having the pin removed is nothing! Not painful at all. In fact, I barely even felt it. Now I walk even better, and I don’t constantly feel that pinching at the top of my foot.

Another three weeks and I’ll have my bandages and shoe removed. Can’t wait!

Hi. I had my right foot done on Monday. Not a whole lot of pain in the bone, but lots of stinging and burning sensations at times. Did anyone else have this?? Maybe its from the healing process?

It should not be burning, if that persists I would check with the doctor. Just always check to make sure your toes are a normal color and not hot (especially during the first week, as this is when infection is most possible).

Good luck to you, and happy healing πŸ™‚

I had my 3 1/2 week check up. I still have some bruising and some swelling. The joints are very stiff. My steri strips came off last night and they are pretty sore. I was told that I can try and wear tennishoes and increase activity as tolerated. In all things are looking just like they should. I am wondering if anyone else has had alot of stiffness. I thought I would be in tennishoes by now. I guess patience is a virtue.


I had my surgery on only one foot…done on Oct 28. I am no longer in any bandages…all steri strips are gone. I can bathe now. However…it terms of walking, I’m not doing so good. I have ALOT of stiffness. The doctor is sending me for physical therapy next week but in the meantime he told me I HAVE TO PRACTICE bending my toes…no matter the pain. He said I have to pass the pain threshold…as he was showing me how to bend. I wanted to smack him. But, I’ll admit …the more you force your toes (especially the big toe and 2nd toe) to bend back and forth…the easier it gets. I went to the store for 2 hours in a tennis shoe today and thought I was going to be okay but after 1/2 hour my foot was swollen and sore again.
Anyway…as far as stiffnes…my podiatrist reminded me that I had an extensive surgical procedure and I shouldn’t expect to be back to normal…especially the first 7 weeks post op and yes, the stiffness is normal because of all the bone cutting and your body trying to repair itself. Just try to start bending your toes back and forth. It will get better.

Thanks for the advice Christina, the stiffness and swelling seem to be the most common problems. I will try your advice and let you know how it goes. I know that I am still not ready for tennishoes. Maybe nex week…….

HA! What are tennis shoes? Tuesday will be 8 weeks since my surgery and I’m still in the gigantic boot.

I’m pretty disgusted. The only thing that was bothering me was my gigantic bunion. But he diagnosed hammer toes and bunionettes also so I had those done too. Mistake. Now my baby toe tries to cross over the one next to it and it hurts — never hurt before. My second 2 toes look hyper-extended to me, and they are numb. The only thing that seems to be right is the bunion removal.

Like I said, disgusted.

When I went on Weds for my first check up, the doc changed my dressings and removed the little bottle of numbing liquid that was attached to my leg. Of course my foot looks alittle beat up and red from tape and stuff but my big toe seems to be too far out. Doc says it will eventually go into place once I am able to where shoes. Stinging and burning has stopped and now itching everywhere on my foot where I can’t reach!! My doc says he won’t remove the pin unless it causes probs?Seems like you are having a rough time Kim… hope things improve for you!!


My 2nd toe is also sticking up in the air a little…all I know is before the surgery…all I had was a big bunion by my big toe and a small bunion by my little toe…yeah, it looked ugly in sandals and the pain was annoying but NOW…..4 wks post op my foot is much more ugly and fat looking and my toes looked messed up. The doctor is vague when I ask him questions. I need to get back to work soon….I figured I would be in a regular athletic shoe by 6 weeks…but after hearing your story, I’m scared! The doc gave me this tight toeless sockwrap to slide on…I think it keeps the swelling down…I try to walk in the house with just that and NO boot….but I have not been able to put complete weight down without pain. This is not what I expected either after 4 weeks…anyway hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

Wow….. I am starting to feel pretty lucky as far as apperance goes. My feet look almost perfect and I also had a BIG bunion on both feet. My toes are spaced nicely and it looks like there will be minimal scarring. However I do have discomfort when I am on my feet for any length of time. I cannot wear shoes (except for the bunion shoes). I still use my crutches at times, and I still swell up like a balloon. I didn’t have to deal with any pins. I am wondering why some have them and some don’t. Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks post op on both feet. I am not sorry that I had both done. It is just a long recovery. I can’t imagine going through this twice. Hope you are all healing well and out shoe shopping soon.

Oh I forgot to ask… I the only one who finds myself walking on the outsides of thier feet????? I catch myself doing this all the time. It hurts to walk flat. Just wondering……….


My surgery was Oct 28. I do have pins because in addition to the bunionectomy, the surgeon shortened my second toe and realigned my foot with 4 or 6 pins due to the type of bunions I had and because I have flat feet which also contributes to bunion pain. Anyway…I was also walking on the outside of my foot because of the pain and pressure I was getting. In my case, the physician told me to start doing exercises with bending my toes back and forth …even if it hurts. Your toes will remember how they are supposed to bend. I started having knee pain because I was trying to walk on the sides of my foot and it’s just not good alignment. I tried to walk barefoot and put all my weight down and I can’t yet but I do try to push myself. It hurts the most on the fattest part of the foot right under the toes. It’s easier for me though because I only had my right foot done so I can balance my weight on the left once I am done with trying to walk on the right foot. I have an order for physical therapy which I am going to do this week. It’s going to be gruelling but it’s time to start getting this foot moving the way it should. We’ll see…..

Thanks for the info…. I know what you mean by having some knee stress…. and some low back ache as well. I will take your advice on starting some exercise on the toes. My pain is also in the fat part under the toes…. My feet are so “thick” right now that I know that I wouldn’t be able to put a shoe on even if I wanted to. Patience is a virtue…….

I can totally relate to the walking on the outside of the foot. I have been doing that for weeks now and that is very normal. My doc said that I cannot put any weight on the front half of the foot until the 6 week mark when I have the bandages removed the shoe off. In regards to Christina’s comment about bending the toes… my doc said the same thing. I know it hurts, but you need to get motion back in your toes as soon as your doc suggests it. I hate doing it as well, but you’ll be glad you did later on. Also, make sure to bend your entire foot back and forth as much as possible to build strength in the ankle.

My last appt is dec 11th. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m still in the bunion shoe until then, but CANNOT wait to wear a PAIR of shoes again πŸ™‚

My heel hurts from walking like that. I’m just a mess. I really wish I’d never had this done. Pain-wise, it’s been a breeze. I never had much pain. But discomfort? Plenty!

Honestly, I think if I had just had the bunion done it would have been fine.

I am so sorry that you have had such a hard time with your recovery. I am sure that you will be happy down the road. My friend’s sister had this done and she said it was about 4 months before she could say it was worth it. I know that’s discouraging, however everyone heals at their own speed. I know about the discomfort….trying to bend those toes is h—!!!! I have said more than a few swear words!!!!!! Keep your chin up!

I’m out of the boot!!!!!!

Getting my right foot, bunion ONLY, done January 8th.

Hi everyone,

I changed my bandage the other day because it was really irritating me, and I noticed that the toe seems to still be curved like it was pre-op. The bunion is definitely gone, but my toe is not perfectly straight. Has anyone else noticed this? I don’t expect it to be perfect, but I feel like the toe (only the top half from the joint up) is still quite crooked.

Any thoughts?

One more question… I am almost 6 weeks and still have my foot bandaged and a spacer (piece of gauze) in between the toe. Is that common? As I mentioned in my previous entry, the foot looks great while bandaged, but as soon as the spacer comes out, my toe tends to curve back to its original position before the surgery. I know he didn’t operate on the upper joint in my big toe, so I guess I am expected to live with the crooked toe?

Thanks again.

Tried to put on a tennis shoe…….took out the laces…pulled open … and can’t even fit the top half of my foot in the hole…… also tried to walk without the bunion shoe…. also no luck there. I am now getting very frustrated. Not healing fast enough for me. I just want to wear shoes!!!!

Seems like we are all having common problems at the 4 , 6 and even 8 week mark status / post our surgeries, huh? Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I went for my first physical therapy appointment today, a real killer! As for me, it’s been 5 weeks since my surgery. I can tell you that I was a little shocked to see my big toe still leaning inward…disappointed actually. My scars don’t look nice at all, my foot is “fat” and my 2nd toe is sticking UPWARD…the little sucker will not touch the ground. Physical therapy lasted 1 hour and it consisted of a guy basically giving me what probably would have been a very nice foot rub if it didn’t hurt so damn much. Let me put it to you this way….I have barely touched my foot since the surgery…i can’t stand even the slightest touch to my scars. So, to have the therapist bending and manipulating my foot and each toe…AND constantly rubbing over and over again to get the blood circulating….was pretty unpleasant. But he said…ya just gotta do it…or else the joints will stiffen up and it will only become more difficult. My advice to all….start those bending of the toe exercises…he even made me try to pick objects up with my toes, almost impossible due to the little 2nd sucker toe that wouldn’t bend. If you don’t push yourself to get the toes and foot joints moving again, healing will take longer. That’s what he said. Anyway….he wants to see me again 3 times next week! gruelling, ugh….but hopefully worth it. good luck all

After reading about your physical therapy appt. I have decided to work hard on bending my toes!! I am sorry that you had a tough time. Not something I want to do…..I hope things improve fast for you. Keep us infomed.

Geez. I am only 15 days post op and am not looking forward to any of this!! My doc stitched me from the inside out in order to lessen the appearance of a scar– which has so far done well. I have had very little swelling but can’t bend my big toe at all! Def annoying! My doc hasn’t said anything about rehab… are all of you scheduled for this? I want to walk so bad!! I hate crutches. I was hoping that my next doc appt, I would get a walking shoe, but from the sounds of you all, I probably won’t. Its like so far I have been “bragging” about how little pain I’ve had, no swelling, etc, but it seems like I haven’t gotten to the bad part yet– walking!!

Hi Raven,
I had walking shoes from the start. I had both feet done on Nov 3. I only have swelling when my feet are not elevated. I still have alot of trouble bending my big toes. Still walking on the sides of my feet. Still cannot wear tennishoes. I am done with the crutches and can move around pretty well with the shoes. My scabs are all gone and the incisions look great… still pretty red but they are small lines… about 3 inches long each. The only pain I have it when I try and bend the toes or put weight on the balls of my feet. I am sure that will improve but the recovery is so slow. You may not experience any of this as everyone is different. I hope that you heal fast and you are out shoe shopping soon !! I am sure your feet look great.

Hey guys….

Went for my 2nd physical therapy appointment. First …let me just say I did ask the Physical Therapist if it is typical to have physical therapy after a bunionectomy…he said no…not really but depends on the type of surgery and your recovery. For me, I also had other bones cut (osteotomy…and other corrective surgery due to flat feet and taller 2nd toe)….so, for me it is really helping. But, since I have gone already and some of you seem to have similar recovery woahs, I can share some of the exercises he has me doing. I am into my 5th week of recovery. My incisions have healed ..just scars now. I have pain when walking on the ball of feet under the toes. I cannot really bend my toes real well and there is still swelling and sometimes discoloration (purple-ish and blotchy). 1st exercise: I bend my toes back and forth, side to side, as far as I can. The joints are stiff. Then I practice seperating my toes and bring them together using my toe muscles. 2nd exercise, I move my foot inward and outward and then in whole circles and then reverse direction…He had me doing reps of 12. In between, I stimulate the skin by rubbing the incision area. It feels weird but you will get more used to touching it as time goes by. I used a little vaseline to make the rub easier. The coloring looked real good when I was done rubbing. Then I crumble a tissue in a ball (because I don’t have a tiny rubber ball) and place it on the floor and try to pick it up with my toes pivoting foot left and then pivot foot right and drop ball and repeat. The tippie toe exercise are very painful…so I working on that. I just wanted to let you all know that it has been comforting to know that I am not the only one suffering during this holiday season. I hope you all feel better soon! Maybe my exercises will be helpful…but check with your doc first since everyone is different! Happy hobbledays!

Thanks Christina!!
Wow these will be really helpful. I know others will appreciate them as well. I am glad that you are doing better. I am now 5 weeks out and still really stiff. Everything moves very freely without pain except for those 2 big toes. I am out of the boots at home however still can’t fit into shoes so I have to wear them when I go out. Maybe next week……shoes. I will let you know how the exercises go.

My Doc said not to do any type of therapeutic bending– at least not now. I just got “permission” to walk– in that dang boot though! Its like walking with a ski shoe on my foot!!! Doc says I should be able to walk in normal shoes by Jan 2!!!

Kim: In my research, the big toe repositioning with the pin helps prevent the recurrence of the bunion.

Hi everyone,

Well today was my final visit to have my x-ray and get my shoe removed. The x-ray came back perfect and the doc gave me the ok to remove the shoe and return to comfy, wider type shoes for the next several months. I asked about physio therapy and he said it was not necessary, however, he did say it was crucial that I do my own exercises daily (bending and holding the toes for 30 seconds, and you HAVE to push it to the max, meaning, YES it will hurt). I wanted to smack him today when he was showing me. I know in the long run though that it will help me out.

I went straight to the mall and bought myself a stylish pair of comfy knee high boots! (flats of course).

All the best to all in their recovery!

OH MY!!! The doc bent my big toe today and you all are right! It hurt so bad!

Great!!!… appointment is on Friday. I can’t wait. I am sure he will try that with me too…. Still hurts like hell to try and bend it after 6 1/2 weeks post op. I can’t imagine him moving it. I still cannot wear shoes. The swelling is still a problem. I am still frustrated………. I am asking Santa for some shoes…..NOT the bunion boots!! I will be gifting those to my surgeon. (if I ever get out of them). Happy Holidays to all of you!!

It’s me again….

Hope we all get nice comfy extra wide shoes for the holidays. Each physical therapy visit brings a new exercise and a new pain! But, I must say…8 weeks post op and I am bending my toes much better with less stiffness and pain. It took alot of practice though. I saw the podiatrist and now he is saying it could be 2 more months before I see a real improvement with surgical healing… but at least I can fit into an extra wide athletic shoe. He referred me to a New Balance shoe store. The shoes are expensive but they have really wide shoes in casual or dress styles. Roxie…prepare yourself for the worst….haha…cause eventually those toes have got to start moving! good luck…happy holidays~

Would someone help me? I am looking for info on what kind of physical therapy I will be doing. I had a bunionectomy 6 weeks 1 day ago. Had 3 pins put in. I have been in a cast the whole time. All of the physical therapy I’ve read online talk about what’s done 3 weeks after, 4 weeks etc. But nothing about those of us who have had a cast on. What will I be doing day one? Will I be able to walk? Any info would help. FTI cast was due to come off yesterday but had a major snowstorm. It’s now due off in 3 more days. Just in time for another snowstorm! I’m getting ready to cut this thing off myself!

John….I can only speak for myself. I did not have a cast on after my bunionectomy surgery. I do, however have several pins still in my foot that will remain there permanently. My physical therapist started off with simply massaging the foot, which was very uncomfortable first few visits. He also did several different types of bending/seperating of the toes and swirling of the foot and ankle exercises. Basically just working the heck out of involved foot. He will get you to do exercises that involve manipulating the foot/toes into moving again…(trying to pick a ball up with your toes or using your foot to draw the alphabet in the air, etc). Hope this info helps somewhat….good luck.

Well I had my appointment yesterday……. I am now on a Medrol Dosepak for swelling and inflammation. I was hopeing for better news. My Dr didn’t try and move my toes due to the inflammation and amount of sewlling. I am ready to be done with all of this! I now will be asking Santa for a case of wine AND new shoes!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!!! I wish you all a very speedy recovery.

Well I am almost 8 weeks post-op and I feel great! I am walking normally now and doing everything I was doing before I had the surgery. I actually was able to run on the treadmill yesterday with no pain! I hope this is encouragement for all of you. I know what it was like to be in pain and be limited in activity, however, it is only a matter of time until you are feeling great. I wear the toe splint each night (for three months) and that helps keep everything straight.

Trust me, when the hard part is over, you’ll be glad you got this done.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hi again! I have lots of scabbing on my incision… anyone else have this? When I wear the boot and my foot gets the least bit of moisture on it, I have slight weeping of some icky fluid. I am 1 month post op and still have a huge scab! How in the world does my doc think I will be able to wear a shoe on Jan. 2 with oozing?!?! I am so frustrated!!! Doc says just wear a gauze to catch the oozing, but that isn’t stopping it!!!


I never had any oozing but I do think my scar looks bad. It’s very reddish purpleish and all jagged and crooked. I think the doc did a bad job now that I am looking at the outcome at almost 2 months post op. I am in a wide comfortable shoe but I still have pain and swelling. My 2nd toe is still hyper extended off the ground. I will get a 2nd opinion from an orthopedic doctor. I will go for a few more physical therapy appointments…hopefully there will be some improvement this next month. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone had a great holiday…. My stint on steroids is over and my feet are now swelling up again. They were better on the meds and now back to sore and swollen. Still having a problem bending my big toes and still cannot wear shoes. I am 8 weeks post op as of today. On a good note the incisions look great. They are still a bit red but fading quickly. I started using the scar care called Mederma and it seems to really help.

Hello! I go for my last doc appt before I am supposed to return to work tomorrow! He told me 3 weeks ago that he would have me in a tennis shoe on this appt… so lets see if he knows what he is talking about! HAHA. Roxie: did you have an infection or something? Why does the doc say you have so much swelling? Christina: my second and third toes also will not touch the floor. Of course I haven’t put my full weight on it yet, so hopefully that will change…tomorrow…. Happy New Year!

Hi Raven…. I did not have an infection … just alot of inflammation. He “cleaned” out some arthritis in the joints. At this point the only problems are swelling and extreme pain in bending the big toe joints. All the other toes are great, scar looks great and I was able to put on my New Balance tennies yesterday. So I guess there is some slow progress. Hopeing this New Year brings all of you good things and happy new feet!!!!!!

Would someone please advise whether they were able to wear high heels after the bunion surgery? I would hate not to be able to wear them again…

High Heels????? What are they???? HAHA!!!! Most of us would just be happy to put on wide tennishoes. They may come somewhere down the road but it will be quite awhile. My foot specialist told me heels will eventually be able to be worn however nothing higher than 2 1/2 inches are recommended for bunion patients, and that may not be for 4-6 months following surgery……. everyone heals differently. I am 8 1/2 weeks post op and still struggeling to bend both big toes. As this point flip flops would be a treat!!! I get the feeling you are contemplating this procedure…….

Hi Tracy,

I can relate to your concern for sure! I am 2 months post-op and am feeling great. I have no more pain or swelling, and my scar is barely visible. I feel pretty lucky as I have read that many people still struggle at this point.

Roxie is right, everyone does heal differently so you will have to pay attention to how you feel. I would however say that you WILL NOT be able to wear heels for at least 3 months, or longer. I can put a small heel on now and am fine, but I don’t think it is smart to wear it as the foot is still healing and the bone is still soft. I can wear all flats at this point and have no problems. I am tempted to get back into heels, but then again, I don’t want to wind up back in the operating room. I’m sure most doc’s warn that getting the surgery isn’t an invitation to wear heels. Sucks, I know, but I’d rather have nice feet than be able to wear heels.

P.S. There are some really gorgeous, stylish flats out there these days! I bought a few new pairs and am very happy! Let pain be your guide, but my advice is don’t rush to get back into your heels too soon.

Good luck!

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I am a 51 year old female and I am going in on Jan 16 for chevron osteonomy on both feet. As much as I am anxious to get rid of these bunions, I must admit that I am a little scared about what’s in store. Your comments have given me great insight – maybe that’s why I am getting nervous.
A friend of mine had both of her feet done in September 2007 and she started wearing heels at about 6 months after surgery. I told her that she must have a high pain tolerance.
I hope you will all keep writing for a while so that I can hear how everyone is healed up nicely. All the best to everyone. You are so lucky to be this far along.
Wish me luck!

Hi Sandy, I am a 44 year old and had both feet done on Nov 3 so I guess I am about 9 weeks out. It seems some have a harder time than others. I am still very happy that I had both feet done together. It is a bit of a tough road no matter if you do one or both. I do envy those who have healed fast and feel sorry for those still having problems. I am still dealing with swelling and range of motion issues on those big toes. I can say for me I don’t regret it. Just make sure that you have help for the first 2 weeks and stay on top of your pain meds for the first 3 days even if you don’t need them. I also kept ice on both feet for 30 minutes out of every hour, also keep them elevated, take your anti inflammatory, and remember pillows to elevate for the ride home. The pain wasn’t really a problem as it has been more of an inconvienence for me, oh yes frustrating. My feet look great and I am sure they will feel better as time goes by. My next appt is on Friday so I will keep you posted! Good Luck….. I am sure others will tell you the worst part is anticipating the surgery…… ( I also found this board very helpful!!)

Thank you Roxie for the encouraging words. I am glad for you that everything has worked out so well. Please do keep me posted. I will be anxious to read how your appointment went. Boy! You are right about the anticipation and just gettng all of the ducks in a row so that everything will go smoothly at home. I’ll have my husband for 4 days straight after the operation and then he is going in for a hernia operation on the 21st. My 21 year old will be fetching things while my huband is away. Thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to bring some pillows and take the meds. I am so glad that I found this site.
Talk to you later.

Well, I’m back. Doing the other foot tomorrow. I think I need brain surgery instead ….

Well….I went in today for my 9 1/2 week visit. I am now doing a 20 day steriod treatment. Swelling still a big problem, especially at the end of the day. He is considering physical therapy after that. He told me that the joint is still so tight and that is due to the sewlling. I go back in 3 weeks from now when the meds are done. He also told me that this isn’t the finished product…… things will get better. I sure hope he is right. Kim, I hope that you are doing well and wish you a very speedy recovery. Keep us posted!

Did anyone have their surgery done in Milton Hospital?
I hear so many good things from people that have had this done there. I can only hope that I heal as fast as Sarah, but I know we all go through it differently.
Roxie, did the doctor tell you why there would still be swelling? Is this what most people experience at 9 weeks? Are you on your feet too much? I can’t imagine how in the world I am going to handle being laid up for 6 weeks or more. The good thing is no matter how much bad stuff I read, everyone is still happy that they have had it done.
Hope the steroids get you back to normal.


You WILL be glad you did it! I feel very fortunate that I healed so nicely, and know that I am definitely not the norm (as it seems from reading these threads). I had my surgery Oct 28th and am walking normally now with no swelling or pain. I might get the occasional redness if I wear a shoe that is a bit tight, but I walk fine and my limp only last about 10 days after my boot came off.

My girlfriend had the same surgery and it took her much longer to heal. but she says it was the best thing that she did as well. The pain from bunions is awful, and I can say that I have not had that previous “bunion pain” since my boot was removed.

If you have any other questions about recovery, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hi Sandy….. I live in the Minneapolis area and I am not sure where your Hospital is. I am very happy with Abbott Northwestern Hosp. where I had mine done. I don’t think it is real common to be experiencing swelling this long. My surgeon said everyone heals at their own speed and I will get there, it is just taking a long time. I have faith in him and my feet look great…just that swelling thing! In all I am very happy I had it done and you will be too, just take it easy and give it time. The first few days you will wonder about all this but it is all worth it. I can say the pain wasn’t a big deal… has been more of an inconveinence. Keep in touch!

I am getting ready to schedule bunion surgery in the next couple of weeks. I have some questions for those of you who have been there. We are doing the ‘head’ procedure so it can bear wait fairly fast, but how much time are people generally off from work? Sounds like 2 to 3 weeks. I work in a factory, am on my feet about 1/2 the time. Also, my doc mentioned something about possibly doing a ‘tendon release’ in my calf because it is too tight and contributing to the problem. Did anyone else have this? How does it affect recovery?

Thanks for the help!

I am sorry for anyone else needing the bunion surgery. It was a far worse recovery than my doctor explained. It has been one year and I still cannot wear regular shoes..uggs and tennis shoes. Be sure to inquire about physical therapy. I finally complained after 10 months of continued pain and frequent swelling..two problems…my doctor never gave me instructions for breaking up scar tissue and stretching I have been in physical therapy for two months. Also, if you have any pain or discomfort, go back to the doctor. I found that my screws were “popping out”. I just had “harware removal” surgery 4 days ago to remove. Although there is pain and stitches, you can bear weight right away, but not for more than 1 or 2 hours a day. Also, the doctor could not remove the “pin”, that I did not I had in there. Apparently I waited too long and the pin is embedded in the bone and come not come out unless they chip away at the bone…So, hopefully it will all be worth it some day

Roxie & Sarah,
You can’t know how encouraging your words are at this moment. I am going to stay overnight in a hotel close to the hospital tomorrow. Friday is D day at 9:30 a.m. I am so glad to hear that you are both happy you have had it done.
I just hope all goes well.
I’ll be in touch.
Thanks again for your help.



Sandy….. I will be thinking of you…. hoping things go smooth. Let us know the outcome.

I had surgery on my right foot December 19th, today is four weeks since. I am still in an air cast and will be for two more weeks, then the doctor said I can start putting weight on my heel. Having not been able to drive for this long has been humbling, to say the least. I was in extreme pain for the first couple of days, first on vicodin and then on perkoset- vicoden for me was like taking sugar pills- barely a dent in my pain. I had my hard cast on for two weeks and then had to have it removed because the bandaging underneath was so tight it was cutting into the right side of my foot. Also I had ‘severe trauma’ on my big toe as well (doc said maybe from the bandaging) and the skin on it was oozing for some weeks and is now starting to peel off.
As far as when people are able to walk, if you had your foot bone (metatarsal) cut closer to the base than the tip, then there is NO WAY you can be weight bearing before four weeks.

Hi Jessica…. As you can see everyone has had a different expierence with all of this. Everyone heals differently and there are many diffetent procedures for bunion correction. I didn’t have any pins or any type of casts. I could weight bear right from the start. I still find myself walking on the outsides of my feet. As for the skin comming off…. that is very normal. I feel bad things are a bit of a challenge, however they will get better. I had both feet done on Nov 3rd and I am not a bit sorry that I did. The recovery is a bit trying but I hope it will be worth it in the long run. I know what you mean about driving. I couldn’t drive for a few weeks and I felt so isolated. As for the pain…. I can’t say it was an issue until it comes time to bend my toes. As I have said in prior posts the swelling and range of motion are the biggest challenge and I hope it improves soon. I hope your recovery goes fast and you are out shoe shopping very soon. I am sure your feet look beautiful.

I think it will be worth it, just trying to stay positive. He actually made a cut in big toe because it was curved right as well and added a wire to hold in place, and then he also cut in my metatarsal bone with two screws holding it in place- these won’t be removed probably. I am relieved my insurance covered it , and it gets better every week. πŸ™‚

Well it’s done. I felt pretty good yesterday after the surgery and I was told how well the surgery went. This morning when the freezing was gone I noticed a bit of pain and took a percoset every four hours as it says on the bottle, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I took one after 3 hours tonight. Did your doctor give you anti-inflammatory pills? He never gave me any. I go on Wednesday to get the bandage changed. I don’t know whether to take a peak or not. I must say that I am happy the surgery part is over and I don’t have to think about having it done anymore. Time heals all wounds. Talk to you later. Happy healing.

I would ask for an anti-inflammatory. The swelling didn’t go down completely for about 4 months with the ani-inflammatory… I couldn’t even wear Uggs that were a size too big for about 10 weeks

Thanks Kimberly. Can you pick them up in the drug store or are they prescription?

I just phoned Shoppers and the pharmacist said to take extra strength gell capsules because they work faster.
Thanks so much Kimberly.

that’s great. I hope you have a speedy recovery! The pain will end! I just woke up one morning and it was gone! The pain meds didn’t really work for me either 😦

Good to hear. Looking forward to that morning when it’s gone.
Thanks again.

Hi Sandy….. My Dr prescribed Naprosyn 500mg 2 times a day for 3 weeks and it really did help. It also helps relieve pain so if your pain meds aren’t enough this will help take the edge off. It worked alot better than over the counter anti inflammatory meds for me. I am happy to hear that your surgery went so well. I know that you will have some long days ahead….. things do get better. The worst is behind you now.

Hi Kimberly….. boy do I know what you mean when you talk about the swelling…. I will be 11 weeks on Monday and still on steroids. I only have 2 pairs of pre bunion shoes that kinds fit. I can only wear them for a couple of hours and then I am back to walking on the sides of my stocking feet. I also look forward to the time when this is all over.


I wish summer was closer! I lived in thong sandals all summer….something to look forward to :). At least there are UGGs for now.

I am still dreaming of heels though…I woke up in the operating room from my second surgery asking my doctor is I could now wear Jimmy Choos! (During my hardware removal surgery I was asking for Krispy Kreme donut..go figure) Well, I bought myself a pair (on clearance!) and and so excited for the day to wear them. I think it may be soon!

Hi ,
I had bilateral Austin bunionectomy on 1/15/09 under general anesthesia. My surgeon is a podiastrist and does quite a few of these procedures. My surgery took 3 1/2 hours. He usually gives an ankle block for pain but since I had general anesthesia this was not done. I am in a slipper cast, which starts just below my toes and half way up my foot. I also have to wear the surgical shoes all the time. No crutches. The first day I slept most of the day with little pain. I was given Vicoden but found that Ibuprofen was best for me. Second day was uncomfortable as the pain started, which was not too bad but kept taking medicine every 4 hours. The most uncomfortable part is the cast, as the swelling made the cast too tight. I had to go to our local ER to have the casts split on each side, which helped alot. I’m 3 days post op and still laying on my back with feet elevated with ice. I go Thursday for my checkup. I’m a medical transcriptionist so I do sit a lot and hopefully will go back to work after one week. I just have to alternate elevating my feet throughout the day. Hopefully this goes well. Just remember, your body will tell you when you have done too much. My doctor says 6 weeks in surgical shoes and then advance to tennis shoes. Hopefully back to normal after 2 months.

Good luck to all.

2 days post op.
The extra strength Ibuprofen gel capsules is the way to go. Much better than percosets. I feel so much better today. I keep my feet elevated and I try to ice them once in a while, (not easy with the bandages). I think the worst is over. Looking forward to day 3.
Roxie are the steroids do their job now with the swelling?
Did anyone take traumeel (Naturopathic preparation)?
I hope summer comes quick too. I am really looking forward to wearing shoes that I would like to buy vs shoes that I buy just because they are the only things that fit properly over bunions.

How long does the swelling last. I would like to go back to work a week post op. I’m a medical transcriptionist and do a lot of sitting.

Cathy, I hope you can go back to work in a week. I know my surgery was a little different….no cast but screws. I was also in boots 6 weeks for each foot. The pain finally went away after about a week and I was able to hobble around the house pretty well. I think I was making dinner around that time too…Standing for an hour was rather difficult. I would say as long as you are comfortable to drive, you will probably be fine. I was not working, but I think I started to drive around 2 weeks after the surgery. I was just nervous about putting too much pressure on the foot in case i needed to slam on the breaks. Also nervous my surgical shoe would get caught. I think the most uncomfortable thing was walking in the shoe for more than a block. If you can park close to your office that would be great! The shoe put so much pressure on my ankle that after a while that was more uncomfortable than the foot. So , don’t push the distance you have to walk or you may cause even more swelling…

Kimberly, thank you for responding. I am going to try and go in to work tomorrow for a few hours. My husband has made me a small box so I’m able to alternate elevating my feet.

How long ago did you have surgery?

Cathy, it has been one year since my surgery. I had my feet done three weeks apart.

Hi Cathy…. As I responded before, everyone heals differently. I am 11 weeks post op and am 1/2 way through my second stint on steroids. I am still having alot of swelling and very limited range of motion. Not quite the bus ride I signed up for, however with each new day there is fresh hope. Some are back in shoes and back to work in as little as 2 weeks….. I hope you are one of those people!

Hi Roxie…., Well I’m off to work this morning. I’m going to try and work 2-3 hours. I go and see my doctor tomorrow, I’ll let everyone know how this goes.

How did you manage at work? I can’t imagine going to work right now and wouldn’t even try. Good for you!

I had my checkup and new dressings on Wednesday (Day 5) Everything is doing great. My left is slightly swollen but other than that AOK. The new dressings are really snug – felt like he was putting on a saddle. I hope they loosen up with walking.


I’m a medical transcriptionist so I do alot of sitting. I alternate elevating my feet about every half hour. I went today for my one week check-up. They replaced my cast. He said I would have to have the cast and surgical shoes for another three weeks. After this I will be in tennis shoes. Will try and work again tomorrow for a few hours. I’ll let you know how things go.


Cathy, I admire your strength.

Working probably keeps you from thinking about your feet.
I am 6 days post-op. I work in a school office. I am the only secretary in the office, so unless they were to hire someone to help me, I wouldn’t even think about trying to go there at this point. I feel better every day and doing a little more walking each day. My husband is having a hernia operation today and will be home on Saturday.

Roxie & Kimberly, How’s the swelling now? Is everything getting better for you two?
I’m getting sick of the tightness of these bandages and just may loosen them off a bit.


I’m hoping by Monday I’ll be working at least half a day. I’m home today hoping that being off just a few more days will help with the swelling. I talked with a lady from my area who had bunion surgery 10 years ago by the same doctor that I had. She said she had problems with swelling for almost one year. I’m just hoping that I can get back to walking my treadmill after a few months.

Good luck to your husband with his surgery.

Hi. I had my right foot done on November 24, 2008. I went back to work after 6 weeks (couldn’t wear shoes until then or drive)… had a slight limp for about the first week. After buying a new wide shoe, my limp gradually faded away. However this week, my ankle has been hurting really bad. Incision finally healed, but is still very red and crusty looking LOL. I have a discolored spot on the bottom of my toe that feels like a small shock is shooting through my toe when I touch it a certain way. Assuming that maybe it has something to do with the pin? Anxious to get to the point where I can do the other foot so I don’t have two different feet… Need to get this ankle pain straight first though. Hope ya’ll are doing good.

Raven, you may want to ask your doctor about that sharp pain. I just had my hardware removed (1 year after surgery). I had also had a sharp pain. However, it was too late to remove a pin that was pretruding from the bottom It had become embedded in the bone. So, you may want them to take an xray to see if your pin is too long…


Did anyone have an allergic reaction to mastasol? that is the glue they often use on the incision. I have a bad reaction and it looks like I have 3rd degree burns on my feet. It has been two weeks and they are still purple and blistery. Starting to get concerned that they may become scarred. Anyone had this and can tell me what to expect? My doctor seemed very shocked by my reaction and wants to see me in a few weeks. I have just been using hydrocortizone…..

Hi Kimberly,
I came across your post and realize the same situation happend to me. I recently had bunion surgery on my right foot. Upon removing my cast (wore for 6 weeks) my doctor noticed a small area of my incision were not sealed so he put mastasol which caused a bad reaction to my foot. It’s exactly what you described, blistery, swollen, dark and a lot of yellowish puss. Can you tell me how you recovered from that bad reaction? I have an appointment to see my doctor this Wednesday. Wish me luck! Feel free to email me at

I went to my family doctor on Friday and got her to loosen off the bandage on the left foot. What a relief! Apparently they make it tight to control swelling. Too tight isn’t good though. She couldn’t get over how well I am walking. The surgeon told me that I have disolving pins in my feet – thank heavens.
Kimberly, I hope the reaction on your feet clears up soon.

Hi Sandy…. Hope your healing continues to go well. As the dosing for the steroids tapers down the swelling is slowly increasing. I have an appointment on Friday and I am going to ask about having the screws removed. This just seems crazy. I just have to remember to have patience. I will keep you informed as to the next chapter in this drama….. They do look really good so I guess there is a positive side to this as well (and I since I did both at once I don’t have to worry about getting the other one done!!) Have a good week!!

Maybe your body doesn’t like the screws. Hopefully when they come out, the swelling will go away. Just think how far you have come with all of this and how nice your feet look. Good Luck on Friday.
I can’t believe how fast I seem to be healing. I just have to watch that I don’t do to much and keep elevating my feet.
My biggest complaint is that I can’t get comfy on my side and I wake up through the night stiff from sleeping on my back. My advice to anyone out there who is thinking of having bunion surgery is to make sure you have a good mattress for your back.

I am scheduled for bunion surgery on March 6th on my right foot. He is doing the type of surgery where you are supposed to be able to bear weight quickly. In addiiton, he wants to do a gastrocnemius recession (stretch a tendon in my calf) and an MBA implant in my ankle area to help correct the flat foot. Has anyone had these additional things done? Results? Also… how long before you can drive?


Hi Sandy…Oh my gosh can I relate to you about the mattress situation. I have Degenerative Disc Disease so I have a sleep number bed (formerly Select Comfort). Our bed also adjusts on either side somewhat like a hospital bed which has been great for this recovery. I can’t imagine sleeping without it. My feet still hurt when I am on my side and there is pressure on the sides of my feet. I am so happy for your quick recovery. You are very lucky. I will let you know how the Dr appt goes on Friday. Hopefully hardware removal soon…..

Hi jANE…. I had both feet done on Nov 3 and didn’t drive until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I am not sure about the rest of the work you are having done but it sounds like you may be out for awhile. I would make a list of questions and ask your Dr before the surgery. I always thought of things and then forgot when I got to the clinic. The list was a huge help. I hope everything goes well for you. Keep all of us posted.

Hey everyone, I had my surgery 13 days ago. I had both feet done – scarf/akin. I have minimal pain, but I’m definately sick of lying around in bed all day with my feet elevated… I’ve been walking on my heels/sides of feet since 2nd day post-op, but mainly sticking to having baths instead of showers because I find it really uncomfortable to stand still for longer than a few seconds. My stitches are coming out in 2 days, and I can’t wait to have the bandages removed from my feet just so I can wash them!!! I’m also excited about looking at my new toes πŸ™‚ What sort of shoes have you found the most comfortable to wear during recovery?

Hi everyone,

I had my surgery back on Oct 28th and I can honestly say that I have fully recovered. I wore runners for the first little while after my boot came off, and then was slowly able to move to comfortable flats. It has been almost 3 months and I am wearing all the shoes I wore before surgery (not 3 inch heels of course) but even small heels are just fine. I have no pain or swelling and my scars are almost invisible! I must have had the best doctor ever, or just heal really well. I hope this provides comfort and encouragement to all of you. Just be patient, and I’m sure you’ll all be glad that you had it done in the end! It was the BEST decision I ever made.

Hi All…. Had my Dr appt this morning and we are now pressure wrapping my swollen feet. The steroid treatment was not at all helpful. I am also going to be doing some physical therapy for range of motion. I am traveling for 2 weeks the beginning of March and asked if I should be worried about swelling and flying….. he said in my case I could count on it. UUGGGHH!! He also said the humidity could affect the sewlling. I am also now back on Naprosyn. He still tells me that this is not the final product. I am just one of those people that heals slowly. I worked out regularly prior to this and I have decided to get back on the workout machines. 3 months off is not good…..

Hi Roxie, sorry to hear about all the trouble you’ve been experiencing. I’m currently on day 17 post op, and only just got my stitches out a couple of days ago. So far I’m healing pretty well πŸ™‚
The surgeon I chose lives in another state, so I had to fly home 5 days after my operation. While it was uncomfortable, it wasn’t so bad. When I booked my flight I told them I had a medical condition and required assistance, so they gave me the whole row of seats. That meant that after take-off I could elevate my feet up on the seats next to me, and that helped a little bit. I also took ibuprofen before the flight to help thin the blood.
I live in Australia and we’re in the middle of a heat wave… so I can totally understand the swelling issue. When it’s hot I don’t go outside my house for more than about 20 minutes during the day because my feet start to swell. Then I have to use ice packs for the next 20 minutes to cool them back down again… I hope it goes a well for you. And don’t forget to take those ice packs with you!!! πŸ™‚

I am flying a day and a half after surgery. Is that possible or should I have any concerns

Thanks Hani…… I am jealous that you live in Australia…. I live in Minnesota. Cold as heck here…. 5 below zero this morning. I am happy for you that you are healing so well. I hope you are up and out shoe shopping soon!! I will pack the ice packs!!

Hi Roxie,
Have you ever heard of the castor oil pack that you put on your stomach/abdomen area? It is an old remedy that helps to heal the body. It helps pull out inflammation. If you are interested, let me know.

I am so happy that I made the decision to have both feet done at the same time. My surgeon actually agreed with me and said he would do both if it were him.
Every day that I wake up things have improved. I would encourage anyone thinking about having the surgery to just go for it. I am 2 weeks post-op and feeling great.
Good Luck to everyone with recovering.

Hey Sandy! Thanks for the encouragement to do so. I have a bunion on my left foot which is very pronounced. The right is very small- so small that my doctor does not want me to perform surgery on it. I am very athletic however- I work out 6 days a week with weights! Are you able to resume all kinds of normal activities that you are used to doing after the 8 weeks are up? I really want this horrendous thing out of my left foot! Thank you again!

I had my left bunion removed january 16th and it feels like i have pressure in my big toe area when i am hobbling around the house.. going out to dinner is uncomfortable and get really antsy.. any one have these sensations?

sarah, could be the nerve ending repairing themselves…which is a good thing…

Hi Sara….I had both feet done on Nov 3. I still have that pressure and sensation. I think Kimberly is probably right with the nerves regenerating. It takes awhile. Everyone heals differently and at their own pace. I hope that you heal quickly! With this surgery patience is a virtue.

Hey Sarah, I had my bilateral bunionectomy on the 14th of January and I definately have pressure on the big toe area, and all around the joint as well. I think it’s mainly swelling. My left foot is worse than my right too. While I’m walking ok in shoes now, I find it incredibly uncomfortable to walk in bare feet. The swelling is causing me to roll onto the outsides of my feet which is starting to push to push on my tailors bunion 😦
It’s only been three and a half weeks though so I think I’m doing quite well. I hope you aren’t too uncomfortable πŸ™‚

Hani you are exactly right!! I still find myself walking on the sides of my feet while barefoot. It now appears that I am developing bunions on the outsides of my feet. Still have swelling and now am doing physical therapy for range of motion. Oh my gosh does that hurt!!!!! It has been an exceptionally long recovery for me so I am glad that I did both …..I wouldn’t go back for the second one. Speedy healing to all……

Hi Victoria,
I had surgery (a chevron osteonomy) on both of my feet on January 16th – I’m 24 days post-op. I went for my 3 week check up last Wednesday and the surgeon told me how very well I am doing. He did warn me not to over do things because I am feeling so good. I am also a very active person. I miss my morning run. You can work your upper body as much as you like as soon as you like. I am using a weight machine to work my legs while I am sitting on a bench. If you have the same surgery as me, you can walk right away, but you will have a big padded bandage and tensor wrap and a big post-op shoe, that keeps your foot straight when you walk. I walk keeping weight on my heels. The first 3 days are the painkiller days. Listen to everyone who tells you to keep on top of it. I found extra strenght Ibuprofen the best. I also took Traumeel (Naturopathic). I stopped taking everything expect a Traumeel after the first week. I have guzzled enough green tea to detoxify a moose. My doctor told me not to do any exercise that puts pressure on the feet until the bandages come off, (I asked him if I could go up and down the stairs side ways and he said no). Then no high impact exercises for a few months after that. I am going to start swimming when these bandages come off. If exercise is the only thing you are worrying about then don’t worry. There are ways around it. Where there is a will there is a way. If you are that active you will probably heal fast. If it is one foot, all the better. I wish you all the best and good luck with healing. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Take Care,

another thing i wanted to ask, is that I did have my surgery on the 16th of January and when i hobble around the house i can see my foot turning blue from the blood rushing down to my foot.. has anyone had that happened to them? if so when does that stop?

Hello Sandy!
Thank you for the response. I have a follow up appointment with my podiatrist later in the month to discuss the surgery and finalize my decision. I am fairly young, and the surgery is only considered on the left foot, so he is giving me plenty of time to mull over things. With your experience and advice however, I am pretty sure I will go for it. Heck, if I am working out so much to look good- how can I ever walk on the beach bear foot with this bunion any longer? I will keep you posted when things progress. Once again- thank you.
(and lol about going sideways up the stairs- I would have tried it too)

Sandy, This is sarah and i had my surgery the same day as you and wondering what your activity level is at this point.. At this point when i am walking around the house i feel like my foot starts to swell still and i can see my foot filling with blood.. I too like you had been very active prior and the one thing i do everyday is lay on the floor with my feet on a hassock and do crunches and upper body weights.

Sarah, I had my surgery two days before you… If I’ve been lying with my feet elevated, I still feel the hot blood flooding into my toes when I lower them, but not as much as a couple of weeks ago. Depending on how long I’m standing, depends on the amount of swelling that occurs. I’m still wearing the Tubigrip compression bandange during the day – so maybe that is helping to prevent swelling??? I’m also doing my toe exercises and ice-ing twice a day as well as massage once a day.
I’m 4 weeks post op today!!! My ballet and jazz classes resumed this week. I’ve been standing for long enough to do some very limited movements – mainly arms and bending my knees (nothing on the balls of my feet and definately NO jumping). It feels quite good to be able to plie again, but I can’t go too low as I don’t have the confidence and don’t want to push it too hard too soon. Just having a good stretch seems to be doing me some good. I’m also doing a lot of pilates to keep my core strong. I hope that helps to answer your question πŸ™‚

Hi Hani: Thanks for your input.. i think i should be doing more and maybe my foot wont react so quickly.. i feel like a woman who had a baby 50 or 60 years ago and the drs kept the woman in the hospital for a week.. i think my doc asked me to rest to much.. i think i should have gotten going before i did.. thank you again..

Sarah, I wouldn’t worry too much about how fast or slowly you are progressing… as people keep saying – we all heal at different rates. Have you tried going for short walk? I started by walking to the clothes line and back, then to the corner of my street. Also your Dr knows the exact procedure you have had and should know from experience how much rest you will probably require. Your body will tell you when you are doing too much. Good luck πŸ™‚

Hi Sarah,
I am still wearing the bandages with tensor (maybe it helps with swelling) and the post op shoe. Bandages don’t come off until Feb 25. All of the housework and other things that keep me on my feet, I do in the morning. As the day goes on I sit more. When I sit down, I elevate my feet on a reclining chair. I feel a huge difference from last week to this week as far as pressure when standing in the kitchen. I do notice if there is pressure that it is under the big toe joint. I used Arnica cream to help with bruising. I think the Traumeel is the absolute best thing to help with swelling issues. If I do a little too much one day, then I rest more the next day. Listen to your doctor – very important. I also do stretches and exercises that don’t involve my feet – it makes me feel good. Like you, some days I am impatient. But I keep reminding myself how close I am to the finish line. Hang in there baby! We’re almost there!

Hi Hani,
I am curious – when did you start with the toe bending exercises? My doc didn’t tell me anything about toe bending when I asked about exercises last time I saw him (almost 2 weeks ago). I am scheduled to go back in 10 days when he will remove bandages. I will definitely ask him then.
I am also curious about the massage that you mentioned. Do you massage your feet? I massage my heels with a bit of olive oil. I think that I am very lucky that I can putter around without feeling the swelling at this point – but boy I can hardly wait until I can wash my feet again.

Hi Sandy,
I started the toe bending exercises 2 weeks post op – that’s when my stitches came out and my bandages were removed. Your Dr probaby wont want you to start moving the toe until your bandages come off so that you can keep an eye on the incision to make sure the skin is not seperating. I’ve been told that even after the skin has knitted on the outside, it is still healing below the surface for a couple of months, which means it is very fragile.
The massage I am doing at the moment is mainly to push the swelling back up the leg and out of the foot. I was told not to massage the scar until all the scabs have fallen off (sounds so gross).
I totally understand the need to wash your feet. I’ve had my bandages off for two and a half weeks now, but still only rinse them off quickly in the bath every couple of days. If they get too wet they weep for a while after 😦 Good Luck!

Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that the incision was healing for so long afterward. It makes sense what you said about being able to see the incision before doing exercises. My stitches were the dissolving kind. I did get a chance to see the incision when I went for the 3 week bandage change. It actually looks preety good – nice fine line. I guess we have had different surgical techniques and that is probably why our doctors are doing different post-op procedures. My feet feel really good now and I was on them for the most of the day. I am looking forward to not wearing these frankenshoes (post-op shoes) though.
Good Luck with your healing.

Sandy and Hani: I am going on monday for my 6 week (actually 5 1/2) post op..the Dr. told me to bring a clog or tennis shoe with me to that appt.. i still have the tensor wrap on but again my biggest complaint is the swelling and tenderness.. i know i am not supposed to put any weight on the bottom of the foot until i next week.. have either of you, Sandy or Hani put any pressure on the bottom of the foot under the big toe area yet? I tried yesterday to “slip” into a pair of Dansko clogs and then a pair of tennis shoes… yikes… no such luck.. what is traumeel.. i will google in the meantime.. i need something for the swelling.. as far as washing the foot, when i am in the shower i soap up my hands and gently rub everywhere but the incision… alot of dead skin comes off.. thanks for your help and info on your progress.. sarah

Hi Sara…. My surgery was on the 3rd of November and I am still dealing with swelling and tenderness. My Dr tried 2 different stints on steroids and that didn’t work so now they are in tensor wraps during the day to try nad help reduce the end of the day swelling. The scars are still very tender…. kind of like a sunburned feeling. He still reassures me that this isn’t the final product…. however I am having my doubts. I still can only wear my New Balance tennies (they seem to be wider than others) and my Clark clogs. Furstration isn’t even the word to use st this point!! It still hurts to place alot of weight on the balls of my feet, therefore I still find myself walking on the sides. This has been an incredibly long recovery process……. glad that I did both feet because I would never would have went back for round 2. Hope you all heal fast!!!

Sarah – My current shoe options are Crocs (beach) or runners. I’m going to try and find a pair of sandles that are wide-ish with a strap around the heel later today. It’s quite warm in Australia at the moment and my feet are cooking underneath my compression bandages while I’m at work 😦

Sarah… Just wanted to let you know that I went shoe shopping this afternoon. What a horrible experience! Firstly there was trying to find shoes I didn’t hate and that could accommodate my swollen feet and compression bandages, and then there was the waddling between shoe shops in the heat! By sheer accident I ended up in a bush walking shop where I ended up buying a pair of Keen ‘Whisper’ sandals. They are stretchy, so I can get my foot in, and there is elastic down the front to tighten them and also a heel strap so my foot doesn’t slip out. They’re also really supportive and there’s rubber over the big toe which makes me feel a bit more protected. I hope that helps. Good luck!!! πŸ™‚

Hi! I am Teri and I have been reading this blog for some time now. I can truly relate to most of your experiences. I had my bilateral bunion correction the 14th of last month. I have 2 headless screws placed on each of my metatarsal and they are there to stay per my ortho dr. I am on my 5th week now and I still do have a lot of swelling on both feet especially at the end of the day. Also I still have that two and a half inch scab on each foot where the incision was made. I still use that black shoes/sandals and the walker so as not to put too much weight on my feet when I am walking the short distances inside the house. Just like Sarah, I am due to see my dr. on Monday. She also said for me to bring my sneakers and we will see what happens. I am thinking she will have an x-ray done to see if the bones have totally healed. Sometimes I feel so depressed because I did not count on the recovery process to be this slow. Also I get anxious because I need to go back to work in 3 months. I am hoping that by then this swelling would have significantly come down. This site gives me the support and the knowledge that what I now undergo is not uncommon. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

good morning.. i wanted to say that i started taking aleve 2 in the morning and 2 at nighttime on tuesday and just 3 days later i have noticed that the swelling has gone down a bit in the past 3 days.. i also went to the pharmacist at CVS and asked for Traumeel (something i read about on this blog) which i had not heard of and they ordered it and i got that yesterday.. I have been using that on my foot as well in the past 24 hours.. i tried “squeezing” into a clog, Dansko, and it was very tight.. is anyone out there wearing shoes full time after 5 1/2 weeks? i saw that Hani bought Keens and wondering how those are going for you.. Supposed to go golfing in Florida on March 3rd and wondering if i am going to be able to wear a golf shoe.. any thoughts??? this has been a wonderful support to me.. thanks for keeping it going.. sarrah

Hi Sarah & Hani,
I am still wearing the bandages & post-op shoes (I haven’t walked with out them yet). I am putting some of my weight on the front balls of my feet now. I have very little swelling now. It will be interesting to see how swelling goes after the bandages come off. I go for my 6 week appt. on Wednesday – Yeah!, and I am also supposed to bring my tennis shoes. Sarah – I am glad that you found the Traumeel (I took the tablets); best of luck on Monday. I am looking forward to hearing how everything goes for you. Hani – Thanks for the tip on the sandals – stretchy material is always a good thing.
You should have seen me filling up the bird feeders this morning -plastic bags underneath post-op shoes wading through snow.

Teri: Glad to hear from you! We had our surgery on the same day!!! I’m already back at work… been doing half days for the last 2 weeks. My boss has been very understanding and has allowed me to sit down all day with my feet up on the desk if I need hehe. I do swell by the end of the day, but nothing that a bit of ice and elevation doesn’t fix up.
Sarah & Sandy: My Keens are going pretty well thanks. They’re great for walking in, and very supportive. It is more of a challenge to get my foot in the shoe than out – mainly because of the compression bandage I am still wearing which gets bunched up as I squeeze my foot into the shoe. I also have weird swelling lumps where the holes are between the straps – but it doesn’t hurt and goes down after I take the shoes off. I saw some shoes on the FootSmart website called “stretchies”, I think I might order a pair… it’s possible that I’m becoming shoe obsessed lol πŸ™‚

I am thinking that it might be wise to wear steel toe shoes for a while. It seems like objects are magnetized to fall directly towards my toes. My philosophy is get out of the way and let it fall.

I know exactly how you feel Sandy! My dogs have a new favourite game – Jumping on Mummy’s Feet! If I could get my foot into a solid shoe I would, but I’ve resorted back to wearing Crocs on the weekends – loose, comfy, well ventilated and light weight. It’s just a shame they’re so ugly haha πŸ™‚

Hi Hani,
Clogs sound like a great idea and they are nicer looking than those ucky post-op shoes. I am counting the hours and minutes until Wednesday.
How did your feet feel when the bandages were removed and you weren’t wering the post-op shoes? Was there any pain when you walked?

Hey Sandy, my bandages came off after 2 weeks, along with my stitches – so my wounds were still quite raw, and I was told to continue wearing the Tubigrip compression bandage during the day for the next 6 weeks. It felt great to get the bandages off, but I still wasn’t allowed to really get my feet wet until all the scabs fell off. I only started showering properly around a week ago (week 4/5) but at least I was able to rinse them quickly in the bath or give them a wipe down. It felt HEAPS better to be out of the post-op shoes. Those things are horrid, and were starting to make the sides of my feet and heels very sore. I imagine that your feet will probably be at a similar stage to mine healing wise, so hopefully you’ll be allowed to jump straight into a bath! I’m feeling excited for you, I hope you love your new feet! I still can’t stop looking at mine, even though they’re swollen and puffy most of the time πŸ™‚

Hi Hani/Sandy: Just went to the drs today.. I will be six weeks this coming friday and like Sandy my stitches came out about 10 days after the operation and my doc told me i could get my incision wet.. everyone has a different theory.. he had told me a few weeks ago for this morning’s appt to bring in a comfortable clog or wide sneaker which i brought my tennis sneakers in.. he took the inersole out and still wants me to keep the wrap on it til friday and that is when he told me i could do weight bearing on the ball of my foot.. Hani when you said it felt “HEAPS” better it reminded me of my daughters ex boyfriend my newzealand/australia.. he is 25 and has spent more than 1/2 his life in Australia and the other half in New Zealand.. so cute.. Also the doc told me that bending the toe is so important to get the flexibility back.. good to hear from you.. sarah

Hani & Sarah,
I can feel Sarah’s relief and excitement all the way to Cookstown Ontario Canada. I am so glad that your appointment went well and you are wearing normal shoes again. I am now counting the minutes until my appointment tomorrow (Wed). I have a good wide pair of running shoes that I am bringing with me.
Hani, Thanks so much for sharing my excitment. I am so glad to hear that walking is better without the post-op shoes and best of all that you think I will be able to wash my feet. I can hardly wait to see them again . . . it’s been 3 weeks.
What did you do with the frankenbooties? Too bad we couldn’t burn them . . . I wonder if they will bio-degrade in the compost
All the best to both of you.

Hani & Sarah,
Well thank heavens they removed the bandages and I wore my running shoes home. I was able to wash my feet when I got home – finally after almost 6 weeks! They took x-rays and Doc said everything has healed up good. He told me to start bending my toes and I must say that bending the big toe does hurt a bit. He also said that I could start swimming again and return to normal activity – but no running and no jumping. Oh what a wonderful feeling to be out of those ucky black shoes.
Good Luck to all.

Sandy and Hani… I just went shopping for something to wear on vacation next week to Florida.. i felt like goldilocks.. the shoes/sandals on my right foot was toooo big and the shoe/sandals on my left foot were toooooo small… i need something to wear with capris/skirts other than these tennis shoes i have on now.. any suggestions? i did find a pair of sandals today but were $180.00 and there was no way i was going to spend that kind of money on high end “flip flops”. Sandy are you feet still tender only 6 weeks out.. my foot is still swollen on the joint and toe area which is causing the shoe problem.. and yes my doc did tell me how important it is to keep bending the toe.. i feel like this recovery is kind of like when the weather men tell you we are getting a big storm when the sun is shining and you cannot believe it can be that bad until it hits.. the dr. told me the other day, i have to remind you i had told you it was going to be a long recovery but i never imagined it would be like this.. keep in touch.. Hani.. what are you wearing in the warm weather in Australia? keep in touch…sarah

Hi Sarah & Hani,
I am going shopping tomorrow morning (6 week post-op anniversary) to find shoes other than my running shoes. Sarah, Yes my feet are tender where the incision is and my running shoes have a big thick tongue that causes pressure on the incision on my left foot. My big toe on my left foot is swollen. (Funny how most of us have swelling on the left foot). My slippers and snowmobile boots are really nice and comfortable, but I know I need to get something else with more support. It feels great walking around without the bandages and post-op shoes. Walking bare foot so that the incisions can breathe feels even better. I am making a conscious effort to keep weight on the front balls of my feet. I was thinking of a last minute holiday to somewhere warm where I can put my feet in the sun, but I don’t know whether I am quite ready for it. What date are you leaving Sarah? Hani, Are you still doing the toe bending exercises? How long does it take to get good mobility in the toe again? Sandy

Hi Sarah and Sandy,
As previously mentioned, I’ve been wearing Crocs and Keen’s to keep my feet supported but ventilated while it’s warm.
I’m still doing my toe bending exercises at least twice a day – sometimes more. I do gentle bending moderately fast, and then I stretch the toe by pulling it up as far as I can and holding it for around 10 seconds. I then repeat the stretch downwards. I also stretch my other toes by pulling them up towards me – they need attention too! After that I generally do a calf stretch, making an effort to pull back all my toes while I do it – that helps to stretch the arch in my feet.
I wouldn’t recommend putting your feet directly in the sun for too long, as it can affect scarring (by making it darker), and will also make your feet swell rather quickly!!!

Hi Ladies….sounds like you are all doing well with your healing! I have a Dr appt Friday morning and it will hopfully shed some light on why I am not healing as fast as I should. I had both feet done on Nov 3 and still am having swelling and the range of motion just isn’t there. I have been doing toe bending exercises for weeks and they just aren’t getting any better. I leave on the 4th for 2 weeks in the Bahamas and I am worried about the swelling. I have VERY limited shoes that are comfortable. I have been shopping for just about anything that you can put on your feet and I am not having much luck. I am wondering if any of you are experiencing extreme tenderness on your incision area. Mine feels like a bad sunburn when touched. I have been reading your posts and I am so happy for all of you. I hope that you all continue to heal fast. I will let you know what happens.

Hi everyone,
I have to share this with you as I can’t get over the results.
I have been soaking my feet in warm water and epsom salts once a day since I had the bandages removed on Wednesday. After I pat them dry and let them air for a bit, I massage castor oil all over my feet (being careful around the incisions); it really softens the heels. Then cover up with a cotton sock. It is now Friday and what a difference when I woke up this morning. My left big toe is feeling much better; the joint is loser (I guess because the swelling has come down). I was able to put on a pair of shoes that were too small on Wednesday. Hani, Thanks for the toe bending workout and the tip about the sun. I am glad you told me that in case I get away to somewhere sunny where I can expose my feet.

I hope you have a great time in the Bahamas. Sometimes a holiday is the best medicine. I am sure that your feet will be looking wonderful on the beach.
Take care,

Had right foot bunion removed, osteotomy, 2nd toe hammertoe repaired (arthrodesis), and tailor’s bunion removed – done 2/12. All is going well but I still have 5 pins in my foot. Does anyone else have the itching and irritation at incision and pin sites? It is driving me crazy. My foot was re-bandaged last Friday and doc says pins will come out 4/3. The bandage actually irritates my foot, and it isn’t particularly tight. I’m a teacher (elem). Any teachers out there, how soon did you go back to work, and how did you feel at the end of the day??

Hi, everyone! I’ve been encouraged by reading your blogs! I’m 62 and have had bunions all my life. For the past several years I’ve had “collateral problems” from them. I couldn’t decide if I should just put up with this for the next 30 years, but I finally scheduled 3/23 for an Austin bunionectomy on the right foot and straightening of my little toe. I guess the only part that I worry about is post-op meds–I really react to medication. I think I can get by with extra strength ibuprofen–has any of you “gotten by” with just the ibuprofen?


Hi Jessie! I had a combination of ibuprofen and digesic for a week, then just normal paracetamol and ibuprofen for the next couple of weeks… You might need to take the combination because you’re only allowed a certain amount of each drug per day. Good luck and make sure you let us know how you go!
I’m heading into week 9!!! Going for my final post-op appointment tomorrow. I’m really excited! Hopefully I will get the go ahead to start buying new shoes! If anyone wants to see photo’s of my feet check out my personal bunion blog by clicking on my name in the heading of this post πŸ™‚

Hi Jesse,
Just thought I would respond to your question about meds. I found that the extra strength ibuprofen was by far the best. I started taking the percocests that the doctor prescribed, but found that the day after surgery the percocets weren’t doing a good enough job. I believe it was Kim on this site who told me about the ibuprofen and she was right because they bring down the swelling. It really helped me a lot. I stopped the percocets by day 3 and never bothered with them again. Then I switched to Traumeel tablets as they are a naturopathic remedy and found that they controlled swelling extremely well without causing stomach ache. I hope this helps you.

Hi Hani,
I read your blog and I have to say that I can totally relate. I am just over the 8 week mark and feel a major difference from when I walked around at 6 weeks post-op. I walk pretty good now. I found a great pair of running shoes with the best support. They are Sucony Hurricane 9. I got them on sale because the Hurricane 10’s are new this spring. I have been swimming and riding an exercise bike for cardio. Swimming is the best though. I used to run and I too have noticed a difference in my calf muscles (too bad I didn’t measure them before the surgery). Doc said not to run until 6 month mark.
Take care Hani and all the best

Hani & Sandy–

Thanks for your responses. I told myself if I were going to cancel my surgery for next Monday, it would have to be today but I didn’t chicken out and am psyching myself up for it. I am encouraged by what you’ve had to say about the ibuprofen and that’s the route I’m going to take. I’m glad to read so many of you have had success with your surgeries!

Hi Guys, Ok I am back from the Bahamas and my feet SUCK!!! I was barefoot about 99.8% of the time. Swelling was a big problem and shoes just weren’t happening. I have another Dr appt on Friday the 27th and I am now wanting some concrete answers. I had them elevated, iced, and sunscreen on them. I took my Naprosyn for inflammation and pain, and pampered them, however they still swelled up like the Good Year Blimp. The good thing is that I got a very nice tan ( I probably aged my skin 10 more years). Hope that all of you are doing well. I am hoping that you are all out shopping for cute sandals very soon.

Hi Roxie, good to see you back online! Sorry to hear you are still having troubles with your feet though 😦

I saw my surgeon yesterday for my 9 week post-op check up, and he told me I’m doing so well that he doesn’t want to see me again! I’m even allowed to start back en pointe at ballet in a couple of weeks with no chance of “breaking anything” πŸ˜€
He also said that swelling will subside dramatically between 3 and 4 months so that’ll be the time to start buying pretty new shoes.

It’s only just been 4 months since your surgery so maybe with the heat it was just a bit much for your poor tootsies… You also had a different procedure to me, so it could be that your surgeon still expects the swelling to occur for a longer period anyway… The pain you mentioned does bother me a little bit though 😦 I hope he has some reassuring answers for you next week – fingers crossed!

Are you still wearing compression bandages during the day? I still wear mine nearly all day, every day, because when I don’t I tend to swell so much I can’t get my feet into my shoes at all. I only take them off to wash and sleep πŸ™‚

Hello all –

I have been following this post and just want to check in for some feedback. I am 11 days post op… had a bunionectomy on my right foot (has permanent screw), an ankle MBA implant, and a tendon stretched in my calf. I am in the boot full time up to my knee. At my post op appt, doc said I can put up to 25% of my weight on it, and I dont see him again until next Monday. I think I am healing well, I am able to move short distances slowly without the crutches if needed. Should I be doing that or should I be using the crutches anyway? Also… should I still be icing it? It seems like the swelling is starting to subside. Thanks for the help – it is nice to hear from others who are going through this too.

Hello All,

I recently had bunion surgery on my left foot. I am DYING to get back in the gym. When were you able to start exercising very lightly? How about swimming? I would like to run in a Marine Marathon in October? Do you think this is a unrealistic goal?

Please help!


I had my surgery March 10th. I had the bunion removed, screw put in big toe, second toe shortened (another permanent screw) and an accessory bone removed from my ankle. The tendon in my ankle was reanchored with a ‘staple’.
I am wearing a very heavy splint until the 26th when I will get a cast. My surgeon says absolutley no weight bearing until 8 weeks post op at least!
I am a work from home mom who’s husband is soon going back to work. I have a 15 month old and little help coming.
Anyone have tips/tricks to doing daily tasks on crutches?
I have a few ideas up my sleeve-like having my hubby make my lunch before he leaves for work, keeping eveything I can think of needing close at hand etc…


Gwen–Do you have neighbors, women at church, etc., who could come in for an hour, even? Caring for a 15 month old while you’re on crutches sounds very difficult.

Tomorrow is the day. I am to arrive at the surgery center at 7:45 a.m. Fortunately it’s a 3 minute drive from my home. My only apprehension is the post-op pain. I learned that it was Percocet that made me so sick the last time I had surgery, so at least we know to avoid that! Say a prayer for peace for me if you are so inclined, please.

Hope you all are doing well/better.


I am just over 9 weeks post-op. I started swimming at 6 1/2 weeks post-op (as soon as the bandages were removed and the scabs were no longer on the incisions). I also do a 20 minute cardio on the bike before my 45 – 60 minute water workout. I find the swimming and aqua fit excersises takes swelling away. I don’t wear tensor bandages, because I don’t have much swelling and I fit fine into my new really good running shoes. I also walk every day to keep the joints moving and I find that it’s only when I stand for a long period of time that I will have a bit of swelling (then it’s ice and elevation). The important thing is to make sure that you wear excellent support shoes. I never have had such a great pair of running shoes before and will never go back to what I wore before now that I know the difference. Good Luck with your healing!

Hello all…

It has been 5 months since my bunion surgery. I am sorry that I did the surgery. My foot does not feel better in fact the bone pain that I have had since the surgery is worse than the bunion pain. When I wake up in the morning, my foot is so stiff and in pain, it is difficult to walk. The worst part though, is that my 2nd toe is still stuck in the air…hyperextended off the ground. I really believe the podiatrist did a botched surgical job and shortened my toe too much. It does not touch the ground at all. The 2nd toe was shortened because my 2nd toes were longer than my first. I have flat feet which caused bad pressure points leading to bad callouses. I regret the surgery. I only had one foot done and recovery was long and painful for me (I am 39). Now, I will not have my left foot done…so I will have one deformed looking foot…I added a link above …I don’t know if it will work or not but those are pics of my foot before surgery and now. I have 3 noticeable scars that are even jagged and crooked and get purplish red when on my feet for even just a little while. I will be making a follow up visit next week to see what this doctor is going to do now. If you are contemplating this surgery…reconsider. Or at least get a 2nd or 3rd opinion!

Hi Christina…. I can somewhat relate to your frustration. I also had this surgery on both feet. I still have swelling, very little range of motion and the incision feels like a bad sunburn. I do have discomfort… I feel at times I am still walking on the outsides of my feet. I am glad that I had them both done at once because I would never go back for another surgery. My feet look good they just don’t feel any better. I agree… get a few opinions. I hope that you get some answers at your appointment. Please keep us posted.

Just a note to report I had my surgery this past Monday a.m. Naturally I’m quite sore, but have easily managed to get through with ice packs and ibuprofen only.

Hi everyone,

Jessie – I’m glad to hear you’re doing well so far. Keep resting πŸ™‚

Christina & Roxie – I’m sorry to hear that you are both still having so many problems… maybe you can both still get second opinions on your feet??? I hope there is something that be done to decrease your discomfort…

I have been having very little pain at the site of surgery. My main issues are arising from the increased load I am putting on the muscles in my feet which have lost a lot of strength. I am presuming that I will gain back more strength over time as I continue to increase my activities. For the moment I am taking frequent breaks during dance class, and stop whenever I feel any abnormal twinges.

I’ve just uploaded some new pics of my feet onto my blog – check them out πŸ™‚

Hi Everyone.. have not posted anything for a couple of weeks.. i will be 10 post op tomorrow.. i am in tennis shoes have played golf in a cart, but i am dying to get back to tennis and walking.. my left joint is still swollen and stiff and has a “funny” sensation.. i hope everymorning that when i wake the feeling will be gone.. wishful thinking however.. i wish the medical people could be more specific for time frames.. i do look back every week and feel like i am definitely improving.. i am most comfortable in my sneakers even when i get out of bed i prefer to put those on instead of slippers.. everyone is different.. good luck.. love this page..

Hello Everyone! This blog has been a great help to me as I have been recovering from bunion surgery on my right foot for the past 2 weeks. I had a lot of pain the first several days but was mostly able to manage it with pain killers. Now in the second week I am just taking 2 Aleve and Traumeel tablets each day. I don’t have very much swelling and I have been able to get around with a cam-walker and crutches. I have recently noticed a sharp pain around my second toe. It feels like the second toe is being pinched. It is really starting to bother me and I’m worried that this pain won’t go away. Have other people had this problem? Did the pain go away? Thanks very much.

I had bunion surgery March 10, the dr also removed the small round bone at the base one the big toe, placed 2 screws in to fuse the bones together. The pain was excruciating, took oxy for 8 days along with ibuprofen and iced all day and night. I had a cast for 2 weeks, I am now in a non-weight bearing boot for 4 weeks. After this the dr claims I will then be in a weight bearing boot for 4 weeks, then a post-op shoe for 4 weeks. This is a very long recovery time. I hate not being able to anything, shop, clean, run errands. I was not aware the recovery time being this long. I can wash my foot, the dr even said I am able to get a pedicure, but I am afraid of anyone touching it, it is sore. I am doing stretching exercises and IT HURTS. Is this amount of time spent in a non-weight bearing boot normal? I feel soo useless to my family, it gets depressing.

Thanks Hani…

Recovery sure has been quite an ordeal. I mean, 5 months later and feeling worse bone/foot pain than before the surgery…which was only frequent bunion pain. If I would have had JUST the bunion removed…I think things would be different but the doctor also shortened my 2nd toe and realigned my foot. I should have just lived with the flat foot, callouses and freaky 2nd toe. I’d be much happier now. But now…here I am. Suzanne…if you are feeling pinching and sharp pains, it could just be the nerve healing but something tells me you might be having some issues with any pins that might be in your foot. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor, especially for peace of mind. Recovery after bunion surgery is bad enough, you shouldn’t have to worry on top of all that. Tammy, I had more than a bunionectomy done and was told recovery would be 8 weeks and then I’d be back to normal working my job…etc etc etc boy was that a far fetched line of crap. 8 weeks turned into 3 months and now 5 months and although I am walking in regular soft shoes…I could never imagine wearing the shoes that I love to wear …like boots, heels, sandals, etc. Not to mention my bone pain is so extreme sometimes I am tempted to take my frankinboot (camwalker) back out of the closet. Healing is definitely different for everyone. I just happen to be taking longer than most (age and bone density could be a factor). Physical therapy did help alot. It hurts to do the exercises but in the long run it is better for the healing process. I will probably need some more sessions. The doctor will let you know when you can begin physical therapy exercises. Don’t let the doc tell you it is not needed. Get a 2nd opinion if need be. Anyway, for all of you that have just recently had the surgery and are getting so sick of sitting around …try to stay positive and happy. Have family/friends help you out as much as possible. Avoid snacking too much, the pounds come on quick. When your doc says it is okay…try an exercise bicycle for a little while.
T.V. is good for a few days. After that …forget about it! Try a hobby like scrapbooking or reading that book you’ve had sitting on the shelf forever. Play on a game system like wi or xbox…to let out your frustrations. Keep busy and don’t get discouraged. All wounds heal in time and …they will. Try not to be depressed Tammy. Let your family see this webpage…they might understand. Bunion surgery is not some little cosmetic procedure by any means…it is bonecrunching/sawing through nerves and tendons and the screwing of pins deep in the bone, for the purpose of correcting a true bone problem. The first few weeks were very challenging for me as well. I had my surgery around the holidays, so imagine that! I couldn’t do a damn thing. I did all my Christmas shopping on line. BUT.. I will tell you the first time I drove again was magical and I never knew how good life was again…your day will come too. Chin up!

Christine….AMEN TO ALL OF THAT!!! I just had my last Dr appointment today. Sadly they have reached the end of what they can do for my healing. I am frustrated, angry, regretful and sad. I still have swelling, very little range of motion in both big toes, and some pain…. at times alot and at times very little. My shoe choices are also very limited. I am a shoe-a-holic, so this is not good! Looking back at my blog here…. I first felt great and optimistic and now …. well you know. I am still glad it is over because the bunion pain was pretty bad. I guess I just “traded in the rust for a dent”. I am so happy for all of you that have had a good expierence. I hope that over time Christins and I are doing better. I feel your frustration!!

I’m glad to find this site. I’ve had my bunions since I was 9 and at 35 am glad to finally get rid of them. I’m having the left one removed on April 6th, but of course I’m scared. All of your words have been extremely helpful and encouraging. Not worried about the pain, I’ve played enough sports and had other injuries that have been painful. The last straw was that it hurts after playing any sports. I’m more worried about the procedure itself. I’ve never been sick or in the hospital. I had stiches as a kid and broke my hand (didn’t even know I did it!). That’s the worst I’ve had to deal with. Just scared. Will let you know how it goes!

I am very sorry for your ordeal Christina and Roxie. It sounds as if you two have certainly experienced more than your share. We all seem to have a different story as we have all had different procedures. I hope that the doctors can do something to help the both of you soon.

Jesse, I am glad to hear that you are managing your pain without the percocets. Try to stay positive – every day gets better. I spent 6 weeks in bandages, and when I look back it went pretty quick.

Suzanne, I am glad you got wise to the Traumeel tablets. I firmly believe that they sped along my recovery. If I stopped taking them for a couple of days in the early stages, I would notice an increase in swelling until I started taking them again. The naturopath told me to take up to 6 per day (spread out). I did that for the first two weeks at least and then tapered off to a couple a day. She also told me to double up on the vitamin C and take Omega 3. I also consumed lots of green tea, fruits and veges and drank plenty of water. Keep your body detoxified as much as you can.

Keith, Lots of good wishes for April 6th. With you being as active and young as you are, you will probably get through it all just great. I am 51 and am doing very well, so keep that in mind. Stay positive – it makes a huge difference. I know what you mean about the last straw. When I realized that bunions were interfering with sports, I felt it was time to do something about them as well.

All the best to everyone with your healing.

Christina and Roxie–I’m sorry to hear you are having such difficulties. Have you considered researching other doctors and getting a couple of opinions? A lady I know did that and the doctor corrected the problem.

Keith, you’ll do great. If you think you may need it, call your doctor and ask for some anti-anxiety medication. Mine let me take it the morning of my surgery, a couple hours before I had to be there. Once you actually get on the table in the OR, it’s a piece of cake.

I’m now 8 days post-op, have quit taking Advil, can put my full weight on my foot–yes, it’s not the most comfortable thing, but it’s manageable. I try to keep my foot elevated much of the day and have no pain at all. Even went to church Sunday and took up two seats besides the one I was sitting in–no problem.

I get my stitches out next Wednesday. At my post-op dressing change last Friday, he showed me the before and after x-rays–what an incredible difference!!! I’m looking forward to getting the left foot done–it’s the bad one. (Pre-operatively, I figured if I did the left foot done first, I might chicken out and not get the right one done.) The doctor and I discussed the terrible burning pain I have between my 4th and 5th toes on the right just before the surgery; he decided it’s probably a neuroma, so I want to get that taken care of ASAP. That’s as bad as the bunion pain! I thought the pain was just due to the way my great toe was leaning toward my other toes and the burning pain was due to compression.

This site really, really helped me and I appreciate all of you!


Hello all – I am a little over 3 weeks post-op and am wondering about how much range of motion I should expect to have by now. Also… any suggestions for helping it along? I cant seem to bend it at the top joint at all. I go back to the doc on Monday and probably back to work next Tuesday. I am soooo looking forward to getting rid of this boot and being able to drive again. Thanks for the help!

Here’s a link to some exercises that I found on the internet… They are similar to the exercises I was told to do after my surgery starting two weeks post op. Perhaps make sure with your doctor first though πŸ™‚

I think they have helped me along – I have a range of around 90 degrees up, but a bit less than 10 degrees down. I’m week 11 post op this week, and my GP has told me I need to keep working the toes for even further range if I want to keep dancing without injury.

Thank you for the exercise link. It sure makes a difference if you keep exercising those toes. My surgeon didn’t tell me to exercise my toes until my bandages were off at 6 weeks. It sure hurts the first time you bend those big toes! I do my exercises 3 times a day faithfully and I find that walking and swimming helps alot too. The physio guy that I went to said that as far a joints go “motion is lotion”. So True!

Okay, here I am to join your conversation… these blogs have helped me a lot. I went in for bunion surgery on the left foot on March 18th. Exactly two weeks ago and I still have a lot of swelling. I had what is considered a “minor” fix, cutting the bone in two just above the big toe and having it set with a screw. Also had the bump shaved down. I was told I could bare weight in a boot as soon as I feel comfortable but Oh My God. That strap on the AirCast that goes right over the incision is painful! Has anyone else had issue with the boot? I put it on for stability but use crutches to take the weight off of it. Help! Have to return to work tomorrow. Luckily I have a desk job…

Had my surgery this morning. So far, so good. Fell trying to get up my front steps, but it was actually kind of funny. Felling better by the minute. No pain…yet! Just ate and am about to take my meds. Thanks guys!

Keith–Hope things are continuing to go well for you.

Hani–Thanks for the range of motion website! I get my stitches out tomorrow a.m. I’ve been moving my toes when I think about it–the pain is less and less.

I hope all of you who are experiencing problems are improving! It’s interesting (and sometimes difficult) to read how each of us goes through this so differently.

I was sitting with my foot propped up the other day and my grandson used my surgered toe to steady himself as he rounded the corner. I didn’t see that one coming! I kept from yelling out loud because I didn’t want to scare him to death….


Keith, keep taking those pain meds and you will be fine. I stayed on top of the pain by taking one every four hours…even set my alarm to take them in the middle of the night. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. Hope all is well with you so far.

Jane, how long did it take after surgery for you to walk in the boot without the aid of crutches. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and I’m still using crutches with the boot. The foot is still sore. I wonder if age has anything to do with the healing process. I am 53… Any advice or hints?

The pain has only been a dull ache and sometimes a sharp sting (I can feel my screws!) so I’ve only taken a total of 1 vicoden so far. I had to take 1/4 of a tablet to sleep and the other 1/4 this morning. I took the other half this afternoon. I think since I was in pain before the surgery, it’s not so bad afterwards.

The doctor has me taking celebrex and all these vitamins. I think I’ve moved around too much already. I’ve tried to be as self sufficient as possible, even though my wife has been extremely helpful.

I have figured out a system of going up and down the stairs and carrying what I need. My ice pack straps around my waist and I carry everything else in a bag strapped around my shoulder. If I have to carry a plate or something, I just set it on the stairs and scoot up. I crutched up the block and back trying to get used to the crutches. It took a bit out of me. I go to the doctor tomorrow for a check up so I wanted to be ready. I’ll have the house to myself tomorrow, so I should get some rest. My 3-year old daughter still thinks I can run and play. lol

I had my stitches out this a.m., which went well, and I have a return appointment in 3 weeks. I must remain in my walking shoe; he said to take it easy and don’t overdo. Can’t drive. I think I’m going to just sit around as much as possible and continue to keep it elevated to minimize swelling.


Hello all –

Diana – I think I went from two to one crutch at about 10 days and then after a couple weeks I only used a crutch for the stairs. After the 3rd week I started the stairs with only the railing. It has now been about 4 /12 weeks. I saw my doc Monday and he said to stay in the boot for one more week, but I can now take it off to drive and to sleep. I started back to work part time yesterday and will stay at half time for two weeks and see how it goes. They have provided me with a cart at work but the cart only fits in main aisles… it is a big place so I still get tired pretty quick. It feels GREAT to be able to drive again, although for this week it is a pain because I have to change in and out of the boot.

Jessie – That is the best thing you can do for yourself to relax and keep it elevated. I was pretty good about that and havent had any real problems with unreasonable swelling. It will keep getting better!

Take care!!!

Jane, thanks for the input. It is so nice to hear how others progress. It gives me something to strive for. I am exactly 3 weeks today post surgery. I keep thinking I should be walking in the boot w/o the aid of crutches. I have a lot of fear putting weight on the ball of the foot. I am becoming comfortable with the heel for balance. I think I need to push it a little more each day. The goal is to walk w/o the boot in 5 days. I am 53 so it may take a little longer than the younger folks. Not sure.

One more question, has anyone felt a “pins and needles” sensation when they first walked in the boot? Have been trying to get around on one crutch today. I feel the strangest sensation in the foot. Feels like it is half asleep πŸ™‚

Hi everyone!

I hit 12 weeks post-op yesterday! Officially allowed to buy NEW shoes that aren’t just designed for fat feet! πŸ™‚

Diane: My feet were tingly for the first couple of weeks – depending on the time of day, tightness of the post-op shoes and the amount of swelling at that time. I also had an area of around 1cm square that was numb after surgery and has only just come right. I had asked my surgeon about it the first day after surgery because I was worried it would feel like that permanently but he said numbness is normal and is caused because they cut so close to the nerves and the amount of swelling that presses on the nerve after surgery. Even a month ago I had accepted the fact that the toe would always feel a little bit strange, but I now have 99.9% sensation and I don’t even notice it anymore.

Good luck everybody. I hope you all have a lovely easter! πŸ™‚

I am having bunion operation done this year.

I am worried of having this done becasue i have a little boy of 2 and i work full time and I will guilty if i have to rest and will not be able to play with him as much as i already do.I do have support and live with the the farther of my baby but i am sure I will find it difficult to cope with.

But anyway does any one know how long I will need to take of work and other thing ia m worried about is does the opertaion leave any scars?????

Hi Group… I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and still have tightness and a bit of swelling around the joint and also soreness just in front of the 2nd toe.. started pt this week, (my request).. The therapist messages the foot and sent me home with a rubber band to stretch out the foot.. i have gone back to spinning and playing my first game of tennis tonight.. i hope my friends go easy on me.. wont be running as quickly as a i used to at this point.. i have been trying to walk a mile around the neighborhood to stretch it out.. thank god i love sneakers that is all i have been wearing for the past 6 weeks of so.. it is such a long recovery and a bit frustrating.. have a great day/weekend.. check in later.

Hani–Congratulations on your new shoes!!!!

Diana–I’m 62 and doing OK, so be encouraged by that.

Jodie–Make a consultation appointment with your podiatrist so you can ask all these questions. Meeting him/her and getting answers will arm you with information and make you far more comfortable.

Yesterday after I had my stitches removed proved to be a hard day. Probaby due to some swelling. I had to take Advil all day. But today is much better, thankfully!


Hani, thanks for the input. It sure helps hearing that others are experiencing the same thing.

Cant wait until I am 12 weeks post op. Want to wear shoes again like you!!!

Hi All… It is great to see how everyone is progressing. I am 5 months out and we have decided that my body doesn’t like the hardware. We are planning to remove it the beginning of May. My Dr wanted to wait for the 6 month mark to see if there were any significant changes. It hurts to put weight on the balls of my feet…especially the right one where the screw is longer. I still have swelling by the end of the day and the range of motion just isn’t there. I will be so happy to try something new. As for the “pins and needles” feelng….I had that and numbness on the tops and sides of both big toes…. it is now 100% back to normal. The scars are hardly noticable. Over all I am so happy that I had them both done and in spite of the set backs it sure is nice to be rid of the bunion pain and my feet look beautiful. I know it is scary for people anticipating this surgery…. it is a bit of struggle at first but in the long run it is SO worth it!! Happy Easter to all of you!!

Had 6 week post-op today. I am to continue to wear boot for 6 more weeks, no crutches though. Thigh muscle sore from walking a lot today. I have the pins and needles sensation more prominent today than previously. Sometimes a little burning feeling where the stictch line is. After this next 6 weeks in the boot, I then go to a post-op shoe for 4 weeks. I did not think this would take 16 weeks. My foot does look great though, my doctor did a wonderful job. I am looking forward to normal shoes!!

I had bunion surgery on both of my feet october 15, 2008 which is now six months. I did not have any pins or screws but had bandages on for five weeks then walked on my heels. Everything seemed fine. I even started to wear a shoe at 11 weeks. (which hurt a little but…) I was positive at first but kept thinking, oh it will be better in a couple of more weeks, and then another week and another but did not see much improvement at one time. My feet at six months are still sore to walk. My scar is very red and noticable. I cannot walk any distance to go shopping, or go for a walk because it would kill my feet. I read most of this forum and no one else seems to be this far along and have this much pain to walk. I am totally discusted with it all. My little toe on my left food has almost turned over and is coming away from my toe next to it…why, I do not know but it hurts like hell. I am very negative about this surgery. My big toes were pushing against my other toes which made my toes crooked and very ugly. My right foot looks so much better except for that little toe now…and my left one has gone back a bit even though I still were something between my big toe and the other to keep it over there….oh well, doctors appointment tomorrow….I think I may scream at him this time I am so fustrated.

Today is one day short of 5 weeks. I went in to the doctor for a foot check and learned that the bone on the bottom has healed but the bone on top is only 80%. 2 more weeks in the velcro boot! I didn’t want to hear that but here I go. Physical Therapy is necessary to regain the range of motion. Will go in a couple days. I am a little discouraged today. When wiggling the big toe (it is hardly moving) I can feel the scar tissue pulling. It feels so strange. I hope the skin will come around once movement comes back.

Hi, am Jeanette. I had bunion and hammertoe surger on April 3, 2009. I was in a lot of pain the day of the surgery and the day after surgery. Then the pain started to decrease day by day. I started walking on my heel about a week after surgery. Two weeks after surgery I was able to walk bearing all my weight on my foot. My stiches were removed a couple days before my 3 weeks mark. The doctor says I am doing very very well. He says I will be able to wear my regular sneakers by next week which will be week 4. He says I am heeling faster than the average person. I still have some disconfort but no pain. I miss wearing heels… 😦 Im 31 years old….

Today’s my three week mark. I had my stitches out at the two week mark. I gave up my crutches over the weekend. Still is a chore to walk, but I was able to work in the yard. Didn’t have to wear a boot, just a shoe. Still dealing with swelling and just the slightest pain when trying to put my weight completely on my foot. I feel the tingling some people are complaining of and sometimes have pain where my bunion was. Scar is healing nicely and is almost gone in one section. Still is difficult to wiggle my big toe. I’m determined to play basketball again before the projected 3 months. At the rate I’m healing, my guess is I’ll make it. My foot looks good, but I can’t really tell how it looks with the front of my foot still swollen.

Had my 6-week post-op checkup yesterday. Must wear my cute shoe one more week and then I can wear tennis shoes. I still have swelling, so I may have to revert to the shoe if ice and ibuprofen doesn’t alleviate it. All in all I’m doing very well and can’t believe how beautiful my foot is! Compared to the still-bunioned left foot, my right foot looks like it belongs to a different person! I’ve scheduled the left one to be done on June 1. My goal is to be able to walk around Disneyworld Sept. 18-22 with our 9 year old grandson. Doctor said that’s very doable.

Hope all of you are progressing well!


I had my surgery over six months ago on both feet….I wrote an email earlier about three weeks ago and was pretty fustrated. I still cannot bend either of my big toes much, maybe just a little. I cannot walk any long distance (I would never go shopping for the day or go for a long walk) For those of you out there who only had one done, I think you are a lot better off. My scars are very noticable. I have started back at the gym and I do swim twice a week, but I wouldn’t dream of going for a walk. Good luck to you all out there who have had this surgery. It seems when I read most of your comments, it’s only been a few weeks after your surgery and most of you expect it to be all better by three months or so….maybe I’m a slow healer.

Audrey: Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your feet… I have been very fortunate and not had the difficulties that you describe – I had my surgery (double bunionectomy) in January. I had two screws and a staple put into each foot and the bones were cut in two places (1st metatarsal and big toe).

I have been back at ballet since about a month after my surgery (no jumping or rises) and started dancing on pointe about a month ago. My feet and calves do start to ache sooner than they used to, but every week they get stronger and stronger.

To maintain and increase flexibility and strength in my toes I spend 15 minutes every day bending and stretching my toes with my hand. I have a massage for 1 hour every week, and see an osteopath for 45 minutes every week. Sometimes I even try to slip in an appointment with the physiotherapist too. When your feet aren’t working properly the rest of your body will compensate and will most likely need extra attention too.

Perhaps try small exercises to gain strength – lean on the kitchen table/bench and rise onto your toes. Try to reach 15 repititions – but if you can’t then just do what you can and aim to increase the number every day. When that gets easy, move onto rises on one foot. It hurts at first but it will get easier. Make sure you stretch out your calves when you’re finished. I also roll my foot on top of a golf ball for 2-3minutes to help relax the muscles in my feet πŸ™‚

P.S. I’m not saying that I have not been extremely frustrated at times – I have spent a lot of time sulking! But walking with shoes on is fine for me now… It’s walking outside with no shoes that really hurts πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for your advise and helpful hints. I will certainly try them. Yesterday I was helping my husband outside at our cottage. Actually, he is in a cast because he just broke his foot….go figure…anyway, he had wood for our fire piled up and wanted me to help cover it with a tarp, he says, “you climb on top of the pile and get it all the way over”, like a fool I listened to him. I got on top but I slid down the pile on my feet and my toes were not used to the rough bumpy movement of the uneven pile of wood. MY toes bend right back and today they are bruised all around the incision and very tender. They throbbed all night long. I do swim and find that water theropy helps a lot. I bend my feet back and forth in the water and also get into the hot tub where the jets massage them. It actually feels good for a couple of days. the doctor told me that my feet have very soft bones and my tendons are very soft, therefore it is taking a long time to heal. Again, thanks for the helpful hints.

I am having my right foot operated on in july, but there also doing my heal. All in all im stressing about it. They want to do both feet but due to the heel and bunion they will only operate on one at a time.

I have read a lot of the above comments and all of them seem to be written in a positive manner however no-one seems to of had there heel done also.

Please can someone please reply and talk me through how long it will be before I can drive, how bad the op is, the recovery and whether you actually feel an improvement in your feet. Is the operation worth it? Im 28 and don’t want to regret getting this done – I would have put it off as they have told me since I was 8 that i need this done but it always comes down to me not wanting to loose my mobility.

Hani.. you are so good.. what you are suggesting is completely right for audrey.. the more she moves the better off she is going to be.. i started PT a few weeks ago and she massages my foot very aggressively twice a week..It has been almost 4 months since my surgery.. i still have a bit of swelling below the 2nd toe and the bottom of that area. i can now take a “power” walk with friends, walk 18 holes of golf and play tennis for an hour and half.. but i must say walking barefoot still is annoying… However, every week i notice considerable improvement..

I met with the doctor yesterday, and she is going to allow me to have a bilateral bunionectomy. She said she only allows nurses and teachers to have them done simultaneously. So, the last day of school for me is June 3, and surgery will be on June 11. I plan to do some simple house chores prior to the big day as well as some fun things.

From what she said, I will spend the majority of vacation on recuperating. That’s okay.

I’ll bookmark this site so that I can come back closer to surgery day and for other comments, etc.

I started wearing tennis shoes (New Balance) yesterday and am doing great. I’ve scheduled my left foot for June 1 and can’t wait–this bunion is way bigger than the one I had removed.

This whole process is a long haul, and it takes lots of patience. I have really appreciated all of your input, everyone.

Oh–has anyone else had a sensation that there is “something” between your great toe and second toe? I often feel it, it’s odd!


Jessie, Congrats on the shoes! I went in for my check up today (7 wks post op)… Finally, I can wear shoes! If only they fit. I have a fat foot πŸ™‚ The Dr. recommended something like a clog that I can slip into since I don’t have much range of motion in the big toe yet. I stopped at a shoe store and he was right. I couldn’t get my big foot into a tennis shoe (and it was 2 sizes bigger than I normally wear) because it was a back on it.. Ended up buying two pairs of shoes 50% off ..slip on clogs with a flat sole and bought two different sizes. Did you have trouble walking in the shoe? Was ROM or rolling on the ball of your foot a problem? I limp :{ Oh and I do feel something in the two toes next to the great toe. It feels like someone has wrapped a string around them and is drawing the string together, tightening around the toes.

Diana–Congrats on finding your bargains! I can never find any–I think I must have “Full Price” stamped on my forehead. No, I don’t have any trouble walking in the tennis shoes, especially my old ones (New Balance, too). I was leery at first because I’ve read here that some people have difficulty with the ball of the foot, but that wasn’t the case. However, there was a hint of that and I can easily see where it could be a problem. The only time it does hurt is when the dog pulls hard on the leash during a walk or the other day my 40 pound grandson wanted me to pick him up in a store and I couldn’t go but a few steps–that caused pain.

Hello – I stumbled onto this site last night and found it quite informative. I had an Austin Bunionectomy two weeks ago today – right foot. The doc(yes – a podiatrist) shaved off bone and cut the bone, moved it over and placed absorbable screws in my toe. He moved the tendon over to pull the bone back in place.
I was back to work on Thursday after – in the boot. I work in an office and mainly sit. Stayed looped out on pain pills for the next 5 or 6 days while I was trying to work. Took another day off last Wednesday – cut way back on the pain pills and started feeling a little better. NOT SLEEPING well at all since the surgery – extreme discomfort at night – so that I can’t settle down to fall asleep. Was taking Relafen until today – switching to ibuprofen gels based on advice from this blog.
Got my stiches out today- the swelling isn’t too bad – went from boot to special shoe. Started driving today. My doc had me moving my toe manually beginning last week. He said two more weeks and I will be in a tennis shoe.
I have some of the same symptoms – the pressure and the string feeling. I mentioned that to my doc and he said the string feeling is caused by the nerve under the toes between the big one and the second one. He offered a shot with some cortesone that will relieve that sensation all together – I turned it down but may change my mind if I do not start sleeping soon.
Doc did say I could be in flip flops in about 8 weeks – yeah! I leave for Jamaica in 9 1/2 weeks.
Overall – I am glad I did it – I am 43 and do not want to have my mothers feet at 70. Fortunately, I only had the bunion on one foot and not both.
I have a great husband(drove me to work for a week and a half – 1 hour round trip – twice a day) and three great kids(ages 9 -15) that have been taking care of me since my surgery. Having that kind of help makes all the difference.

I’m a “stomch sleeper”, but I managed to sleep on my back with my foot propped up on a pillow or two……

Hello all,

I am fifty and fabulous! and raised 4 kids alone while working all the while. I have to have bunion surgery in 7 days. I need it on both feet, but the doctors will only do one at a time.
I should have had this done 9 months ago, but needed to wait until my kids were home from college.
The surgery that I need, and am having is pretty drastic, and they will have to fuse my big toe bone to my foot as there is no cartilage left and then they’ll need to remove the extra build up that my body sent in to try to repair my toe.
I won’t be able to walk at all for 2-3 weeks and will need to keep the foot elevated at all times. Then I will go to a boot and crutches for 4-5 weeks and then a boot for 4 more.
I will be off work for 8 weeks which is going to make me crazy but at least I get 100% pay for up to 3 months per year.
I didn’t see anyone else who had this particular procedure, so I was wondering if mine is more rare or what?
Please e-mail me at the above address because I am a little scared over the whole thing.



Went shoe shopping today and found a great shoe for post surgery. We have a local store, Nordstrom, that carries a “Merrell” shoe. They are a perfect shoe with a very low back (almost a clog) but lightweight and a ton of cushiony support. I’m so glad I found these.
I am still having trouble with ROM. It is 8 wks and still not much movement at all. The large toe is still real sore to bend back and it feels like I will walk with a limp forever. I’m hopeful this will improve with time.

I just had bunion surgery on May 13th, 2009. It’s been 5 days, and I think the worst is over.
I am in a non-weight bearing cast and will be until June 2nd when I go back to the Fracture Clinic at the hospital. There, the doctor will break open this stupid cast, take a look-see at my foot, probably take an x-ray or two, and then fit me for a walking cast/boot contraption.
The first couple of days were the worst, in terms of pain, as the local anaesthetic wore off and the Tylenol-3’s didn’t seem to fix the pain. But I kept up with it, slept for most of it, and as for day 5 – it seems to be healing? Not as much pain – but every so often I get those stinging sensations when it feels like I just came out of surgery all over again!
I can’t wait to get the cast removed – walking with crutches when needed and hobbling within close proximity.

Hope all who get the surgery soon heal well. And I hope I heal well too… and fast!

I had my surgery on May 13th, the same day as Leeanne. I just had one foot done as the Dr. would not do both of them at the same time. I had the Austin procedure done and not sure if there is a screw in there or not. I will ask on Thursday when I go to get the stitches removed.

The worst part of all of this for me was the crutches. I am 45 and have never used them. I did ok but just didn’t like the idea that I had to depend on them. The pain was fine after the surgery and just used the meds and iced as prescribed. My suggestion for ice packs is something I got at the grocery store for when we are traveling with a cooler. It is flat and silver in color. It lays over your stuff in the cooler. It wraps right around my foot and has been awesome. I also use these for my son after he catches in a baseball game to ice his arm and shoulder.

I went to the Drs five days after the surgery to have the bandage changed. The Dr. said it looked good and the xray showed the difference. My scar is very straight on the side of my foot and I think it will look good once it heels. I have been wearing an air cast since day 5. I don’t like to wear the cast around the house so I do find myself walking on the heel and outside of my foot as I have read others do.

I have had itching around the incision site but am assuming this is a good sign. I also have the string sensation. It feels like a string is wrapped around the big toe and the next one. I’m not sure how swollen my foot is but will have a better idea on Thursday. I wonder how long I will have to wear this aircast. It is kind of bulky but does protect my foot and makes it so much easier to walk especially with no crutches. The aircast has given me the freedom to do more as I left the Drs. office with the crutches in my hand with no plans to use them until I have my right foot done in the fall.

So far I have no hesitation to do the other foot but that is only 13 days out. If all ges well from here, it will have all been worth it. I only wear Danskos and they were beginning to bother me. I hope when I can start to wear shoes that my Dansko sandals will work for me. Otherwise, I may have to buy something new.

Good luck to all and hope to see others posting their progress updates.

So it is now Day 13 since I had my bunion surgery. There is no pain, just soreness. A lot of itching, which cannot be relieved due to the plaster cast :(. And sleeping with this cast has been ridiculous… finding a comfortable position isn’t as easy as one might think.

Overall, I am quite happy with how my foot feels. I’ve been experimenting with putting pressure on the heel of my foot, and it seems to be ok. But I’m still a bit apprehensive about actually walking with the affected foot… so I’ll save that for later.

Glad to hear that Tracey’s surgery and recovery has been going smoothly. I wish I didn’t have this silly cast. Oh well – June 2nd will be here soon and I’ll be able to get suited for a walking cast.. FINALLY!

I think the itching is normal with the healing process.

My health insurance company called my Drs office today and want me back to work in 2 weeks. The Drs office called and asked when I was going back. I replied, I haven’t even had my stitches out, I have no idea how the foot will feel after that. She told me she would give them a 6 week date and update them if that wasn’t going to work. I wonder how they figure we should know when I will be ready to go back when it hasn’t even been two weeks. I don’t know how anyone has this done and goes right back. I can’t imagine.

I know I am not ready to go back yet as I am up and down all day at work and if I even do that here for half the day, I am exhausted. I try to keep up with the laundry but my son has been helping me. I haven’t cooked a meal since the surgery. I thought about grocery shopping and nixed that idea when I realized I would have to lug it all in and put it away. I will wait til someone is home to do that part of it.

Does anyone else feel presure to go back to work before they are ready? I think this is what the insurance company has to do but when the Dr. tells them otherwise, they just back off.

I’m all set to go on my left foot this coming Monday, 6/1. This bunion is far bigger than the right one was. I chose to have it done last so I’d be sure to get them both done.

I had the Austin on my right foot & the bone isn’t growing back like my doctor would like it to on the upper joint, so I’m still in tennis shoes.

Tracey–I could see it if you had a disability policy and that company was hounding you to return to work, but I have no idea why a health insurance company would be concerned with that! I’m glad your doctor is advocating for you!

My husband just had a pacemaker put in this past Tuesday, 5/29 & isn’t supposed to lift anything or drive for a month. We’ll be a pair after Monday! I have a grown daughter here and a helpful 11 year old granddaughter, which will be our saving grace.

Hope all of you are doing well.


You are right. It is the disability company calling and not the insurance company. My boss called today and wanted to know how I made out today. I had my stitches removed and the Dr. says the swelling looks normal. I have to wrap it daily in bandages and can get it wet starting Saturday but not to rub it. He said to try sneakers on Tuesday which is just 3 weeks post surgery.

In the meantime, his insurance girl gave me the paperwork she faxed to the disability company. It says I am to be non weight bearing for 6 full weeks. I don’t know if I need the full 6 weeks but will go back before if I feel able.

I’m glad to hear that you are having your other foot done. I am having my other foot done in September. At least you will be able to drive the day after you have surgery if you have to. I did but with the crutches its a pain.

Hope your husband is doing well with his new pacemaker and back to his old self soon. As for you, keep wearing those tennis shoes so that foot will heal properly.

Good thoughts to all and happy healing…


im a 18 years old and is having my bunion remove on my right foot on the 25th of june..i don’r think the bunion looks to bad…but i really struggle to find shoes which the bunions don’t poke and stick out of!…its really embrassing…also the bunions ache even if havne’t done hardly any walking duringthe day

i have been doing alot of research on post bunion operations because im REALLLY scared that i will lose/have lack of mobility in my big toe…
im starting nursing a university soon…really apprehensive that i will never hae full mobility.these career requires me to be on my feet all the time…
…my dad is really happy about it too…
but i would really like to get rid of it..arghhh i don’t no want to going in for my pre-op appointment on the 19th of june..should i ask about the physical therapy that some of u have mention above…

your answers and advice would be much appreciated!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been 4 months since my bilateral bunionectomy and I had my first ballet performance since the surgery tonight… We got second yay! My feet are a little bit tired, but after what they have been through this year I am grateful for their co-operation lol.

Kay, I strongly urge you to do a lot of research about your surgeon before committing to the surgery. It is ok to Dr Shop πŸ™‚ Definately ask about physio. And how long you will have to wait after surgery before you can walk. From what I have read, the longer you have without weight bearing the harder it is to regain full motion of your toes. I was walking the day after my surgery and back dancing after 3-4 weeks, and in pointe shoes after about 3 months. I still experience faster fatigue and tired muscles, but I am generally very happy with my recovery.
Check out my blog for pictures. I’ll upload my xrays tomorrow.

Good luck! Keep in touch πŸ™‚

thanks for your deffo going to be doig more research so i will be ready with more detaied questions for next meeting with the doctor…last time he said i would be deffo walking in time for uni…

As im in the UK..i cant really doctor shop as I am refered to a surgeon at the local hospitals by my personal GP/doctor…i feel i picked the best hospital out of the choices i was given…i hope!

your soo lucky..your healing process seemed to have run soo smoothly..walking the next praying i can too!

do think your pointe/general ballet shoes made your bunions worst…i used to do ballet…and my bunions used ache a bit once i finished a class…

I am glad to see so many people had positive results from the surgery. I had a bunionectomy (along with other surgery) 2 months ago. I have an open wound there, since mine got infected. The doctor who performed the surgery said “I don’t know how this happened.” He didn’t remove the stitches, and never even took a culture until the skin CAME OFF. What is that?! I wish I never did it.

It has been a year since I had both of my feet done by my fabulous doctor. I am so very happy. I can walk with and without shoes and yes I can buy them to. The quality of my life has really improved.

I had my cast removed today. FINALLY! My leg and foot can breathe!
Needless to say, lots of bruising, a little bit of swelling, and lots of hair. Oh… and dry skin too!

But it went smooth. The only uncomfortable part was when they removed the stitches and the doctor tested the strength in my big toe. Seems to look good from here. I’ll have another x-ray done near the end of June and I’ll be able to tell whether or not real shoes are in my near future.

Hi my name is anyela santos im 17 years old i will be getting surgery june9th and im really scar. for those of you who had the surgery done are there any sounds that my scare me during the surgery? will i feel anything? wil i be half of sleep or fully sleep?

I’m 62 and just had my second foot done on Monday, 6/1. There are 2 types of anesthesia–general and IV (conscious) sedation. “Conscious” is termed so because your body does not reach the deep anesthesized level that it does with general, but in no way will you be actually conscious! I had general for my first and conscious for my second. I woke up more quickly with the conscious and feel better at this point in my recovery than I did with the general, but that’s just me–everyone is different. Which type you’ll have is up to your doctors and you. Feel free to call the office now to ask any questions and voice any concerns–don’t fret about something needlessly over the weekend!! In neither case was I aware of any sounds–don’t let the word “conscious” fool you–for this type of procedure, the patient is unaware of anything. You will be fully asleep with either anesthesia. At the surgery center where I go, the anesthesiologist walks you to the operating room; you lay down on the table, one of the nurses starts some small talk, and the next thing you know you feel “good” for about 3 seconds and then you wake up–it’s all over. I managed an oral surgery office for six years and saw people anesthesized and wake up on a daily basis–no one ever felt or heard anything–many woke up asking when the doctor was going to pull their wisdom teeth! Recovery time varies per person and per the type of anesthesia used–approximately 45-60 minutes with the “conscious” and a little longer with the general. In both surgeries, I don’t remember getting dressed afterward, eating the crackers and sipping pop or getting my IV out. Don’t be afraid–the staff is there to take care of you as a whole person–not just a foot to be operated on. But also remember that nearly everyone is nervous about surgery–that’s normal. Tell the nurses how you feel–part of their training is to reassure you and walk you through this. I find the whole thing is more of an inconvenience than anything.

Hi Anyela….. I had both feet done in November. Healing was a bit slow but I am 45 and you are very young so that will make a difference. I did not have general anesthesia, but I did have something called sleep sedation. I don’t remember a thing. I didn’t have any nausea or that groggy feeling after. The pain was not bad either. I took a total of 5 pain pills and just used the anti inflammatory drug that they perscribed for me (Naprosyn).Take your meds, keep your feet elevated and iced and you should do fine. My biggest problem was swelling about 4-6 weeks out. I am sure that your surgery will go smoothly. The worst part of it all was the worry before. It wasn’t that bad… just frustrating at times. Good Luck.

Hi Anyela, every doctor does it differently, along with the anastisologist (sp?) . I didn’t feel anything for 24 hours or more. It is important to take the pain medication on time and then switch over to motrin. Keep your feet elevated and iced . I am not so sure age makes a difference as some people heal faster.

I am so happy I did it, the quality of my life has improved. It does take time to heal so keep thinking positive thoughts. Good luck and keep us posted.

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing… I am now 2 1/2 months post and I’m getting around pretty well. All in all, I think I have been somewhat slower in recovery but I am pleased as time goes on. No longer need a crutch, was walking with one up to a week ago to keep a smooth, even stride. Found a great P/T who really pulls and bends the toe. I am now able to slip into tennis shoes where before, I was limited to a ship on type shoe like a clog. I will have an appt. on 6/18 with the podiatrist to see if I need to have scar tissue broken up and the screw removed. The ROM is still a concern. It does move a little more each day but the upward motion is not even close to what it should be.
Today I have 5 yards of beauty bark being delivered to my home. I’ve challenged myself to spreading 1 yard per day πŸ™‚ We’re having beautifyl weather in Seattle, WA!!!

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing… I am now 2 1/2 months post and I’m getting around pretty well. All in all, I think I have been somewhat slower in recovery but I am pleased as time goes on. No longer need a crutch, was walking with one up to a week ago to keep a smooth, even stride. Found a great P/T who really pulls and bends the toe. I am now able to slip into tennis shoes where before, I was limited to a slip on type shoe like a clog. I will have an appt. on 6/18 with the podiatrist to see if I need to have scar tissue broken up and the screw removed. The ROM is still a concern. It does move a little more each day but the upward motion is not even close to what it should be.
Today I have 5 yards of beauty bark being delivered to my home. I’ve challenged myself to spreading 1 yard per day πŸ™‚ We’re having beautiful weather in Seattle, WA!!!

Hi. I had bunion surgery on my right foot on June 2. My doctor would not do a bilateral surgery although I wanted to do both feet and get it over with. I’m just glad I finally had it done. I had gotten to the point where all shoes bothered my feet. I was also tired of wishing I could get away with wearing cute flip flops. I have not exposed my feet since I was a kid! Even my husband rarely sees my feet. I agree with everyone who has recommended taking the pain meds as directed by your doctor. I have had pain but it has been minimal and usually occurs after I’ve been on my feet. Overall it has been positive experience. I don’t recall anything about the surgery itself so that’s good. I just have a question that I’m hoping someone may be able to answer. All those years of living with bunions and ill fitting shoes left me with dark scarring where I had corns at one time. Does anyone have any advice on how to remove those?

thanks everyone that reply to my post it helped me alot im less scared now than before my surgery is in two days and i cant wait to get it over with ill keep everyone post it thanks

I had bunion and one hammer toe done on my right foot 10 weeks ago. I am still having numbness and stiffness and swelling any suggetions on what I should do to speed up recovery.

I had the bunion on my left foot removed on Monday, June 1 and I’m doing really well–only had to take Advil through that next day. What surprises me is that this bunion was far larger than the one I had taken off my right foot in March, so I assumed I would have a lot of pain but thankfully that’s not the case at all. (Maybe the green smiley face my doctor wrote on my left shin was the key!) I can’t wait til next Wednesday to get the stitches out and see what it looks like!! I’m sure that bunion protruded outward a good half inch–it was ugly, ugly. And now it’s GONE!

hi everyone i had my surger tuesday june 9th . I had alot of pain the first 2 nights im improving my doctor changed my bandage yesterday i was bleeding a lil but hopefully it will get better soon.

I had bunion surgery on my right foot about 3 months ago. I am feeling great and really glad I did it. Does anyone have advice for healing the scar? My incision looks ok but there are some red spots along the sides of the incision that are a little raised and are very red. Has anyone experienced this? How long does it take to fade and what can I do? I have been using vitamin E oil. I tried Scarguard for a while but it gave me a rash.

Hi everyone,I’m a 25 yo female in OC.
I just came across this site. I need to get a bilateral bunionectomy and have til Sept 1st (insurance ends). I was hoping to get advise on doctors in the Orange County, California area.. Podiatrist vs Orthopedic surgeons.. If anyone has had great/not so great experiences with anyone I’d really appreciate the information. I feel like this is such an important decision on who does the surgery and have no guidance whatsoever. Thanks so much!! =)

Well, there were two big changes in my plans. The first was that we had to reschedule. I go in tomorrow (Thursday, June 18) instead of a week ago. The second change is that I’m only having the right foot done. After considering what it would entail to be in a wheelchair for at least 4 weeks, I decided to wait to do the left foot during Christmas break from school.

Everything is (almost) done at home, with just a fun day today and a few chores to finish up.

See you on the other side!

Suzanne, I had bunion surgery 3 months ago today. It’s been a long 3 months in healing. I finally found someone who is very good with physical therapy. He suggested buying a jar of cocoa butter with vitamin E. It really helps to soften the scar and skin around it. My foot gets better each day and I see progress with every day that goes by. Today I go in to see my podiatrist to see if I am progressing normally. I believe the ROM in the large toe is not nearly what it should be and will need to have the screw removed that held the bones together during mending. I can feel it pull when I walk barefoot (no problem with shoes on) At this point, I just want my foot back πŸ™‚

Hi everyone, this is a great site and I’ve spent a lot of time here (and other boards) learning about various “bunion experiences”. I’m just at 8 weeks post op and have a question regarding scar tissue, particularly under the top of the foot incision site ~ has anyone else had a proble with this? I was fortunate to go to physical therapy and my PT and the massage therapist showed me how to get in there and break it down. My problem is the swelling or “whatever” is under the skin returns the next day and the mound/hard lump is under the insicion again.

I saw the ortho 2 days ago and he said to continue massaging it (and keeping up on ROM exercises) but said we might need to do a cortisone shot down the road. I remember vividly how much those burn so would like to avoid this.

I was given permission to wear regular shoes again AND begin running again (no incline, on treadmill, interval training with walking at first) so I suppose by surgery and healing have gone well.

My only concern is the “mound” under the top incision. Sorry to be so long winded, especially for my first post here . Any similar experiences or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Well, it’s out with the hardware! If you have had the screw removed, can you comment on how you were affected? Did you have to go back to crutches or the boot for a week or two? I can imagine the bone would be slight weakend with the hole where the screw was? The doctor mentioned there would be a 1/2″ incision. The screw head is on top of my foot so easy to get at. He will also break up scar tissue from the previous surgery and he says I will have immediate ROM in the toe again. Any comments would be helpful. I’m hoping I won’t be laid up long.

I am almost 6 weeks post-op on my left foot. It’s healed well but is still quite swollen from the base on my big toe and my inner side down plus underneath. If that makes any sense?

I was put on the “wedge boot” or air cast boot at about 3 weeks post-op. When I woke up, I was all nicely plastered cast with crutches and itches that were never scratched.

Needless to say, my doctors only post-op advice was: “Use pain as your indicator. If it hurts after walking, elevate, slow it down.”

I wasn’t given any instructions as to after-care therapy… so I have only learnt of ROM exercises until recently. I’m now worried about whether I’ve slowed my healing process or may have hindered it.

I have been walking barefoot on my foot, but with minimal pressure. Most weight is on the heel and back side on my foot. But this is only indoors, and from one place to another.

Any suggetions as to online videos of ROM exercises? I’m a visual learner. Unless someone has the patience to type for me!

Also – any suggestions about scar treatment? My incision was on the side of my foot and the top portion of the scar seems to have healed (although is raised), however the bottom portion, about 1″ is still a purply-red. Still, the skin has grown over and there is no sign of infection and no sensation of pain.

Any suggestions are greatfull!

So i had surgery on my left foot a week ago yesturday and it went pretty well i think. I didnt have much pain only when the meds wore off but my doctor told me to start walking on it. Only a little bit though. So i did that yesturday and today i woke up and put my foot down to get up and i guess all the blood rushing there hurt so bad. The pain was worse then the day after surgery. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem?

well thats weird my doctor wanted me to be on my feet when i came out from the hospital and te thirdday i was up and walking with a cane i had both feet done at the same(bonions) time and 2 hammer toe at the same time. i just got my stiches out today and next week i return to takemy screw out i feel great and i can walk normal with out help or a cane it was great try to walk as much as possible and i thinks that the only way to feel better and help ur blod runs smoothly

Hi everyone,

I am having bunion surgery on the 15th of july. I don’t know if I should do both or just one at a time????
I just want to get it over with, but at the same time I want it to heal well……
Any suggestions?

One week till surgery

Hello all yea fellow sufferers!
I have had both my “mild” bunions removed on 15 July 2009, so now on day ten, seeing the surgeon on Monday.
I’m not in much or any pain, just the funny stabs tingles itching numbness, no idea what Ishould or sould not be feeling.
I am moving about minimally in the massive black sandals that enable me to walk on heels and I use crutches to get up and start off and after that not.
I don’t dare stand on my feet without the sandals or crutches.
I have pins had inserted and he doctor may or may not remove them.
I am actually quite annoyed with him because before the surgery he said there weren’t going to be any meta bits.
The sandals are terrible, not from the esthetical point of view who cares!) but they are quite heavy and press on the stitches now. I didn’t have any pain there so far and have noticed it today, so don’t know what’s going on. Is that normal?
I am assuming the stitches will be taken out on Monday and I may have less bandageing (or none?!), will I be able to walk on my feet without sandals around the ouse?
I actually don’t even know if the bones were broken or only shaved off (as I was told in the original consultation)…just annoyed with that doc I am right now 2 am in the morning, help!!!!!

Hi all. I had an Austin Osteotomy on June 4th. I had slow healing because my bones were soft, so I’ve been in a removable cast and non-weight bearing for almost 2 months with a walker.

The GOOD news is, and no one seems to know about this but me??? I had lidocaine injected directly into the foot that kept me pain free until my first office visit. I can honestly say that I had no pain from this surgery. The lidocaine ball is called OnQ – if you are contemplating the surgery, DEMAND one…. There is no excuse for pain in this day and age….

I did it! It has been 12 days since I had the screw removed from my foot. What a difference. The swelling is down considerably and I have so much more range of motion. My body seemed to react to the screw with so much swelling that I was not successful at bending the toe or even walking normally. It was painful to stretch the foot and roll off the toes. So for anyone who is experiencing these problems and feels as if their foot will never be the same…Go get the hardware taken out! You’ll be so relieved and it is a very easy surgery with very few days of recovery. I have my foot back again πŸ™‚

I had surgery on July 27th. My foot has hurt every day. I have a screw and a pin in it. The biggest problem is this awful heavy uncomfortable boot. It pulls on my foot…it pulls on the bandage….my foot cramps…..I can’t sleep with it on… the gauze wrapped around my big toe is pulling tightly on my skin and hurts terribly like an ill fitting pair of flip flops! I think it’s strange that we are told not to wear tight ill fitting shoes but the boot for recovery is worse than any pair of shoes I have ever owned.

Hey. Im Jaz and i’m 15 years old. My doctor said my bunions are really severe and are usually this bad when you’re in your 60’s!!! So… i am seeing the specialist in October and i’m likely to be having surgery in 3-6months after that.
Does anyone have any tips or reccomendations??
Im freaking out because i know its going to hurt like hell but im in pain everyday anyways so i may as well get it done.
Please tell me:
Will i need crutches?
Will i need to wear big shoe things?
And how bad is the pain?
Will i still be able to go to school?

Please help.
Jaz xoxo

I am 42 and had both (mild) bunions operated on a month ago.
I had no pain, just mild discomfort.
You should have had your surgery done during school holidays (if you are in the UK) ..
I was able to walk straight after surgery in those mega sandals and with crutches (could even without them, but it’s safer and better to use them in the first 2 weeks at least if you have both feet done).
My tips would be to have your feet up as much as possible because that and only that will enable you good and quick recovery.
Don’t succumb to temptations to overdo walking when you’re feeling better, because it can move your recovery back considerably.
My doc never mentioned icing, but I read so many people wre doing it, so I tried it, and it was great (could only bear 5 minutes I used frozen corn from tesco, cheap and reusable!).
I had bandaes removed after 2 weeks and expected to see horrour underneath, but it looked “great” just a long thins line of scar which is now almost gone.


I had bunion surgery on the 23rd July, i’m no long have a bandage and am just back to working part time.

I can walk in my black boot, but this stings my big toe when it’s pushed down.

I do sometimes remove my boot and walk on the side of my foot…

Pain wise, i am fine….mobility wise i’m hating being trapped 😦 and can’t imagine ever walking properly again.

So this is where i am 3wks and 3 days after surgery….

I’ll be 5 weeks on Wednesday and I had BOTH feet done so you can imagine how DOUBLY trapped I feel…
To my horror, I discovered a tiny piece of stiching is sticking out of my foot now after a scab fell of the scar, rang the doc today and his horribble secretary said it’s nothing.. I MEAN WHO IS ASKING HER ANYTHING/ what a control freak, I cannot get throughto the surgeon and don’t want to go to any nurse to take it out, they don’t know howit was stitched originally…sigh…
I mean, how do you get through to the surgeon…!!!????

Hi Lana,

I too had a bit of stitch sticking out, depending on what position my foot was in, the nurse had cut as close to the skin as posible, but it was there.
It can’t disolve if it’s not under the skin, so (right or wrong) when mine was sticking out a lot, i trimmed it close to the skin again. It scabbed over and went.

It’s hard but try to relax, i wasn’t happy talking to nurses (one nurse told me after 2wks to wear my own shoes)!!!!!

I emailed my surgeon, he rang yesterday and answered all my queries, the biggest one being the colour of my foot when i walk…..

I see him in 2 weeks and i can’t wait….

lana, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the stitch .. they are absorbably so although they clip lthem and try to get them out, if a little is left behind, they will disappear …

Thanks….that what the doc eventually said, after I finally managed to get hold of him!

I had my Modified Austin Bunionectomy surgery today. It was fairly uneventful. I went in and came out without a problem. However, I strongly recommend the following:
Plan take a couple of weeks from work
Have your spouse or a relative stay with you during that period.
Rent or borrow a wheelchair, so that you have choose other than crutches. Pratice using these for a day or two in your house to get use them and fiqure out your obstacles.
Get your pain meds prescription filled as soon as you get them.
Cook ahead of time a batch of entrees that can be microwaved or reheated quickly.
Invest in an overbed table for reading, eating and working from bed comfortable.
Create a handy basket near bed with kleenex, meds, hand sanitizer, bottled water,books, puzzles, energy bars, fruit, etc.

As, I go through my journey, I’ll send more tips.

kit, great advice. I recommend picking up throw rugs as well. I had a couple tangles with them while making my way across the room on crutches… never fell but came very close.

Hiya ppl….I might hav 2 get my left bunion shaved off 😦
Do you have 2 saty over Night ? x Any one know please x thankyou..

How long is the recovary? Because I have 3children and i work. My doc said getting an op 2 get rid of the Left bunion is my only option now. Thankyou………………..


I had a bunion surgery on my right foot on August 7th, 2009. I have my foot elevated at all times, and I use ICE a lot to control the swelling. I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow. However, I still feel pain in area of a big toe, where I have two screws. Very uncomfortable. The second I put my foot down, the swelling comes. Did anyone have similar problem, how long does this last? I do not know if I can expect to be back to work in 3 weeks.


How did your appointment go with your surgeon? I hope he has put your mind at rest.

I had my surgery on the 23rd July, 6weeks today…up until last week, i had terrible pain in my big toe but that seems a lot better now.
The swelling is ok during the day, but get puffy in the evening. I still elevate as much as possible.

I went back to work after 2weeks, but due to the nature of my job i do sit alot.

Let us know how your doing πŸ™‚


Thanks Julie,

It went ok, I will start with physical therapy next week. I hope the swelling goes away at SOME point, it is anoying :(.
After I read all the coments from people who had screws removed, I asked doctor if that is going to be the case with me (I DO NOT WANT ANY ADDITIONAL SURGERIES:))

I am told, since he used screws without head, I do not have to worry about it, they are going to stay in my foot.
I elevate my foot as long as I can, and it really helps. The only thing is, with two young children at home, it is not easy.


I saw my surgeon yesterday for my 6week check up. They are going to do some physio as i can’t bend my big toe.
I am back in my normal work trainers (laced very loosely).
I asked about having to have my screws removed, he told me out of all his surgeries he has only ever removed one!
My foot is swollen & goes purple when i walk…this is very normal and will go.

I have 2 kids also, don’t feel bad just keep your foot up πŸ™‚

Hope it gets better soon

I am 27 and I finally decided to have hammertoe and bunion surgery on Sept. 10th (two hammertoes and bunion on the pinky toe side of foot). I need both feet done but my Doc refused to do both at one time. She wants to do them 2 weeks apart.
I have been reading all the comments and I think I am more scared now. I have never had any type of surgery before. I see a lot of women are comparing to child birth…well, I do not have children either. I dont know if I am more concerned about the pain or the ugly surgey shoes I will have to wear. I am also concerned that I will not want to have the other foot done once I experience this. Also, my Doc did not mention a pin for the bunion…I see that everyone is saying they had a pin in for a few weeks. I am sooooooo nervous…


Do not worry about it, it is not scary. I had four other surgeries prior to this one, had no problem with any of them. Well, I woke up in the middle of this one πŸ™‚
This one went OK too, was not long. If I read people’s coments earlier, then I would have known that I am not an exception. I would have been prepared. I do not panic anymore.
Pain at the begining (easily controled by medication) and swelling are the two things I had. Swelling bothers me the most because I am busy mom, and can not afford to sit down all the time. You will be fine, and you are going to love the way your feet look after the surgery.

Let us know how it went, Emira

Thanks Emira! I appreciate the advice!!!
Well, tomorrow is the day. I am only getting local anesthesia…I think that is the part that I am nervous about. I am going to be fully awake and aware that my toes are being cut open *sigh*
Wish me luck. I will update after the surgery…

Hey Everyone!

I had my surgery May 13th, 2009 on my left bunion. I was in a plaster cast up to my knee cap but could get around in crutches for about 3 weeks. After that I had an x-ray, cast removed, and stitches taken out and was fitted for a walking cast. The walking cast was fairly easy to get used to, as near the end of the cast-period, I was able to put slight pressure on heel. I wore the walking cast for another 2.5 weeks, had another x-ray, and was told I could start adjusting to walking without it, based on the amount of pain/pressure I felt I could handle.

Overall, I’ve gone back to see my doc once. He inspected the amount of pressure and tension that can be put on my big toe, took a look at my walk, and the overall appearance. So far, all is well. He said the swelling that is left will dissipate over the next 3-6 months and my control, motion, movement will all follow suit.

I’m happy with the overall results of the procedure, with only a minor exception with scarring alongside the outside of my [ex]bunion – which the doc said would also fade and become less apparant to the touch over time.

It doesn’t hurt now and I wish I had scheduled my right bunion long ago! For what the pain is worth in my procedure, it was totally worth it! So long as you take the right medication, at the right times, and elevate, elevate, ELEVATE!

I’m wearing gladiator sandals right now and can fit easily into my old sneakers. I went hiking for two days and went rock climbing and the only discomfort I felt was minimal and never prolonged itself.

I wish everyone who has and is about to get this procedure a full, happy, safe recovery!!

why does my story seem a little different?

i had my right foot operated on for bunion removal/pins and also ligaments were pulled from a cut they had made on the outside of my ankle to help correct flat feet.This was done on 15th july.

when i woke from the surgery a screemed with pain and then once fed a drip was escorted to my ward. There I found out from the nurses that my foot had bleed right through the hard plaster cast.I was checked on throughout the night but no bandages or casts were changed and then sent home.

The pain was bad for the 1st couple of weeks.I have now been in plaster over 7 weeks without a checkup. My plaster cast is to be cut off on friday. Im dreading it. The cast has pulled my stitches around now for months.

My journey in bunion repair will begin next week on Wednesday. Will have my right foot taken care of first – believe it will be the Austin procedure. Doctor will wrap the foot with bandages and send me home with a walker after surgery. I am allowed only 15 mins of heel walking per hour – keep the foot iced for the first 24 hours – toradal for pain meds. No walking cast at all. Was told my right foot is in terrible condition and that I let the bunion get really big. Not looking forward to the procedure and I am worried that I will not be able to walk properly after all the healing is complete. Find it interesting how different areas Doctors from different areas of the country and overseas treat bunions – walking casts, bandages only, non – weight bearing, etc. This only proves to me that medicine is indeed an art! Here is hoping all goes well.

It is not painful boys.

Dear Amy saw you had yours done 2 days after me. How are you doing?? My foot is swollen but no pain but twinges sometimes. Stitches came out yesterday so I was able to shower. Black boot for 2 morre weeks. i hope all this will be worth it. Let me know how you are linda

hi i am 13 yrs old and im having surgery next year right after the last day of school so i can recover over summer. i told some people and they said im too young to have surgery. but my mom says that its godd so you can wear your shoes right and high heals. but they dont hurt or anything. but does the operation hurt??

I think you are to young.

had my right foot done oct. 2. foot still swollen got stitches out yesterday and was able to shower. Not much pain limping with fashionable black boot. Out of work for 6 weeks but this is no vacation. Toughest part was the crutches. i agree you need a lot of arm strength so be prepared. Still early in recovery. Dr. says I should be good to ski this season. That ismportant. luck to everyone !!!!

It has been over a year since I had both feet done. I am so happy that I did it. I am also glad that I was given the opportunity to do both at the same time.
It does take time for them to recover. I find that I need to replace shoes that I purchased in January since they are all to wide.
So to all of you who are wondering is worth it. I say yes!

I need bunion surgery. It is very painful and arthritic and need joint rubber implant. Has anyone had a implant on big toe . How has it been. any complications. How did you heel . Is it worth it.

I had bunion and hammertoe surgery on both feet on the same day. If I had just one foot done, I’d never had let my doctor touch the other one because there is much pain involved. But I must tell you that it was TOTALLY worth it! I did what my doctor told me to do and recuperated beautifully. Now I can wear shoes all day and not think a thing about it! I hadn’t done that in years. The surgery was six years ago…and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, knowing what the outcome would be!

Hello everyone,
I’m 49 years old and went to see my family Dr. about my bunion and she just said I do not need surgery because you have flat feet. But what does this have to do with my painful bunion. Is it the insurance company discouraging against surgery or what, my bunion is the size of a big marble, and sometimes it hurts even when nothing is touching it. Some advise please

Hi Rose,
Im 21, and had surgery about 6 months ago on my left bunion. I do have flat feet like yourself, but my doctor encouraged my surgery. It got painful to walk at times, and sometimes even with the weather it hurt. My left was far worse than my right, so I opted for just one foot.
I would talk to your insurance company just to see if they cover it. But if it hurts, you should get it looked at.
I would suggest seeing another podiatrist and getting another opinion. And make sure you explain your discomfort in the examination.
Hope this helps!

Had my left bunion done on 19th oct. First few days i felt awful..mainly because of the pain killers. I couldnt put any weight on my foot at all till over a week after. Now i dont really need my crutches, but i take them with me incase it starts to throb. I dont really know what its going to look like or what they have actually done to it. I tried having a little peak and it and i seen what i think might be a new type of stitch that keeps the wound together to help it heel..Just wondering if anyone has had this and if it hurts when getting them out as im going on monday to get my bandages removed and to get what they call a air boot or moon boot i dont know!! Thanks x

Hi Lucy, no getting the stiches out doesn’t hurt at all.

I know it’s best to leave your bandages on even if you are curious about the wound. It’s very important to keep infection out and keep it covered very well. You will feel better when you get your stiches out and get a new dressing on your foot. Sounds like you are doing very well. The boot is not that bad since it protects your foot but allows you to walk without the movements that might hurt it. I had to wear it for quite a few weeks. You will be glad you had the surgery in the end. Be sure to ask about physical therapy to get that big toe moving as soon as possible. Mine got quite stiff and although it has been several months, it is still sore at times. keep it moving…:)

hi all i was seen by a doctor at a hospital before summer who said they could do the bunion surgery on my right foot but only while i was awake at that hospital and if i wanted to be fully under i would have to go to the main hospital. so i opted to go to the main hospital and saw a doctor there last week who told me my bunion wasnt big enough and that at the age of 25 i was far to young to be considering this kind of op. also that it would be my next toe along causing me the pain which it clearly is not its my bunion that is painful. just wondered if anyone else had problems getting it done thanks

My son had a bunionectomy his last year of highschool. He did great. It was soooo big. I then went and had my left foot done july 2004. It went well, not much pain. So I went and had my right one done Nov. 12, 5 days ago. It hurts a lot. The lortabs dont help much. Ice and elevation do help some. After doing my left foot I know it will all be worth it. I know to be patient. Hate to rush time, but will be glad to get through the next couple of months.

I am having the moderate bunion removal procedure on my right foot tomorrow. I originally wanted both done at the same time, but my doctor won’t do it and I need at least one of my feet to be okay. He told me that the sutures will come out in 2 weeks and the pin will come out in 4. And once my right foot is healed, I am going right into the left foot. I am extremely worried about the pain. And I know once its done I’m not going to wanna walk around because I’m scared the pin will snap. I’m starting to have anxiety about the whole thing. Any advice?

I am 43 and had a moderate bunion removed Nov 13th, with 2 screws and a wire. The actual surgery and incision site were never painful. I was very good about totally staying off the foot for the first full week. I only took pain meds to sleep, since it is hard to get comfortable. After one week I went back to my desk job, putting my foot up as much as possible and icing it several times a day. Something noone told me to do was make sure you were a shoe with an arch support to equal the heighth of the boot they give you. I had such terrible hip and knee pain. Took me a few days to figure out the heighth difference was affecting the rest of my body. The 2nd and 3rd week your nerve endings come back alive and you constantly have little shock pricks along the incision and toe area. This was not painful, but definitely not comfortable. I was not able to drive for 3 weeks. At that time I purchased a pair of softsided slip on boots 2 1/2 sizes bigger so my foot could fit into it. I still did not walk normal, kinda looked like i had a serious limp. It has been 31 days now, and I am finally walking more normal, but by the end of the day my foot and leg are so tired I have to go home and sit. I even have a little trouble holding the gas pedal down for the length of my drive home. I still cannot comfortably put on my gymshoes. The swelling is almost gone, but the nerve endings in a couple locations are still very sensitive. I have been told that the end of day fatigue will probably continue for up to 3 -6 months. I think the surgery is worth it, but it would be wise to space them out so the first foot can heal well enough to carry the other foot after surgery. Good luck

i am 19years old and had bunion surgery just over 3 weeks ago. I was going to have both feet done at the same time but my doctor talked me into one at the time as diffrent people respond diffrent to the treatment! i wish i had both! i came home a few hours after surgery walking on crutches the bandges where very big but not scary! i had no pain what so ever other then the second night it was intense trobing but once taken some pain killers and it was gone! other then that no pain at all! i wore my bandges for two weeks then went back to the hospital to get them removed and have a cheak up! it was abit of a shock when the nurse removed them, as it was swollen and the stiches where quite large and came over abit faint when she was cleaning it but she said this was normal. once the doc cheaked it out i went home. it was diffrent to walk on. im still waiting for the scars and swelling to heal to get a real idea on what it will look like completed but the bone is now very straight!

All i can say is don’t read the bad reviews and be scared as everyone will deal with it diffrently, its alot better to get it done while your young as your stronger and it is so worth it to wear those pretty sandles in the summer!

Hi everyone,

I had chevron osteotomy surgery on both feet last January (2009), and I am extremley happy with the results. My scars are barely visible and I don’t even think about bunions anymore. I exercise often, take long walks and run. So go for it! Just get yourself into shape mentally and physically before the operation so your body can recouperate quickly. Especially eat healthy. My husband and son were a huge help at home. I turned 52 in June and have healed up great!
Go for it!

Hello all,

I just had both feet done 3 days ago (Thursday, Dec. 17th). Also, I had two hammertoes fixed (one on each foot). I have to be honest, the first day was fine because I will still numb and slept most of the day. Today however, is terrible. I have pins in my feet and my hammer toes ache. I would recommend lots of icing and take your pain medication on time, on the hour. Do not let the pain catch up to you stay ahead of it! I have read and heard over and over that after the first 3-5 days the pain reduces and there is hope! For anyone having the surgery I recommend taking a few weeks off to rest and walking as little as possible. Good luck to you!

Hey There Bunion-aters!
My name is Rider and I had the bunion on my left foot removed in July of 2008 and the right foot removed a week and a half ago. I waited so long to do the other foot because of how painful the first was. I have no idea how anyone in this forum can say that it’s a breeze. It’s really not. I’m a tough girl, I bike, surf, skate, snowboard, run, and work out on a daily basis. I’ve broken my arms, my leg, my nose and had eye surgery… but bunion surgery (on BOTH feet I might add) besides the eye surgery, is the most excrutiating of all and not to mention a huge inconvenience. I wil say, though, that in the end it’s totally worth it. But for all those comtemplating the procedure, know that it’s no walk in the park.


I agree with you completely. I have read some of the posts saying this surgery is a breeze and wonder if they have a minor version of it…it is the most painful recovery and all I have talked say the same thing.. I had surgery in March of this year. Because of swelling and pain, had to go back in to have the screw removed in July. I am still in a lot of pain when walking and wonder if it will ever feel good again. As yet, the pain I had prior to surgery was less than the pain I have today. How long did it take you to be pain-free after your surgery? Thanks..

When I had the first bunion, it was painful all around my foot. On the top, side and bottom. Once I had it removed that pain definitely went away. I now have some minor “lock-up” from time to time with occasional cramping. I’m also a semi-pro surfer and have minor pain in that spot, especially during the winter season when the water is super cold. I was afraid the surgery would cause my balance to be off or make me less “on my feet” than I was before but that’s not the case. I’m just as I was in so far as being able to do all the things I enjoyed before the surgery however mobility is decreased in the upward / downard motion of my toe but not by much. The surgery is worth it for sure but as with anything, it’s not going to be like the things you were born with. answer your question the general “pain” went away almost completely in about 1.5 to 2 months. I do still feel some cramping in that foot but not too often. I’m super active so that might be part of it too. Don’t worry, the pain subsides and you won’t think about it much again. πŸ™‚

best wishes and feel better soon!

I had surgery on Feb. 5, 2010. It is day 3 and I am in a lot of pain. Sometimes it is a lot worse than others, but when it is bad it is really bad. The precedure itself was a breeze, but when the pain medication wore off I was in for a brutal awakening. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this really surprised me. The doc told me it would be painful and to keep up with the pain meds every four hours and I have. It was no joke. I started on percocet because I am very sensitive to vicodin, but I ended up using vicodin instead. Percocet was lik taking candy. I don’t regret it yet. I expected pain especially with all your posts here to prepare me. I think some people had different precedures and that makes a difference. I’ve never had a boken bone before and I have a feeling that has a lot to do with it.

I had a bunionectomy and decompression osteotomy on my left foot on January 20, so I’m exactly three weeks post-op. The first couple of days were awful but I’ve had multiple serious back surgeries so I know something about bone pain and how to cope. (And this sure heals faster than multiple spinal osteotomies with instrumentation.)

I was able to drive after the first week or so, and was back at work at about two weeks because I have a desk job with very accommodating and helpful colleagues who helped me find a good way to prop up my foot and who’d bring me lunch and help carry stuff to my car. (I hate what I do but I love who I work with.) I had an x-ray at one week that shows everything nice and aligned, and the stitches out after two weeks.

So, everything is a textbook good result so far. But two things are bugging me.

1) At night, sometimes I wake up to horrible crippling foot pain, and it’s not in the toe joint–it’s like all the tendons in my foot have decided to put me in agony. But, they’re not cramped up–massaging and stretching them doesn’t help. It wakes me up and goes on for a while. Any idea what this is? I keep the foot bandaged up at night.

2) So my doctor says I can start wearing sneakers this week but I have to keep the double bandages on (a small ace-type bandage around the front of the foot and a regular ace bandage around the entire foot and ankle). I can’t fit this giant bandage mess into ANY sneakers that I own and I don’t want to buy a pair of super-wide sneakers because my regular foot will slide around. I mean, I’d just as soon keep wearing this weird surgical sandal thing because it fits and I can wear whatever normal shoes I want on the other foot–that would be preferable to wearing sneakers with office clothes anyway. I guess I don’t have a question and I’m just complaining.

In the interest of sharing stuff that someone else might experience, for the first several weeks sleeping was difficult (and not just because of the giant foot spasms). If I keep the foot under the covers, it gets overheated and itchy miserable in the bandages; if I stick it out of the covers, the joint hurts because it’s so cold in the bedroom. So, when I wake up with the hot itchy foot (not the crampy foot), I half-unwrap the big ace bandage, and put in an ice pack or frozen peas, and wrap it back up. The bandage holds the cold pack on the top of my foot so it soothes the itchies and there are enough layers of ace bandage between the ice and the skin that I don’t have to worry about cold damage. I can sleep for several hours this way if the cramping doesn’t start. So maybe that idea will help someone.

Elissa (pragmatica)

I am guessing from my own personal experience that it is your nerves in your foot starting to come back to life again. Honestly I have some numbness and tingling sensations in different parts of my foot that I am anxiously waiting for those to come back myself and love it when I do feel the spasms and shooting pains that I sometimes experience. My doctor told me to massage my big toe to help get the nerves working and realizing that they need to work again. I know from my mother’s own experience and those of my friends who have gone through bunion surgery……it is a very loooooong recovery process that needs much patience. Hang in there……I know I am!!

I had bunion surgery back on Tues 3/16, what is the best way to take a shower to keep everything dry. I tried the ziploc bag but I still got it a little wet. I can’t complain to much about it expect for being patient and recovery. I go back for a week followup on 3/22.

I had scarf osteomoty on my right foot and steinler release (for plantar fasciitis) on the left heel on February 28th. I basically took bird baths as my doctor did not give me the okay to get my feet wet until after the 2 weeks post-op. I was impatient and took a shower anyway the day before my doctor appointment so in case it was bad mistake I was seeing the doctor anyway. I tried to wrap layers of saran wrap around the feet and then stick them inside plastic bags….disaster and bandages got soaking wet. I live overseas in the desert so sun and heat are in abundance for me; therefore, I took all bandages off and dried them in sun and let foot dry up in sunshine. Rewrapped feet and went to doctor next day for my appointment. No damange done and was able to take shower that next day with doctor’s permission. I would strongly advise you NOT to get anything wet and wait for doctor’s approval.

To keep your foot dry, use the press and stick wrap – however, tape it shut. Works like a dream.

I had a bunion removal last Tuesday, how long recover time am I looking at, I have read 4-6 weeks. I see the doctor on Monday for him to change my dressing. Any help would be appreciated. I am very anxious to get back to normal life again. Also when were you able to wear regular shoes like flip flops or tennis shoes

I’m thinking about doing the surgery..
Does anyone know of a good surgeon in PHX, AZ?
I would appreciate your help!!

I am only 13 but I need advice. I have bunios on both of my feet and I but all my weight on them and I manly walk on them. When I get this surgery am I going to have to learn how to walk and stand on my feet not my bunions????????? I would love to know if any one else had or has this problem. Thanx so much.

I had a bilateral bunionectomy 5 days ago and so far so good. I am strict bedrest for 10 days afterwhich I may use crutches and a wheelchair for the next 4 weeks.
Will keep in touch. Hope all your pending surgery is as painfree as mine has been so far.

I had a bilateral bunionectomy 5 days ago and so far so good. I am strict bedrest for 10 days. I may use crutches and a wheelchair for the next 4 weeks.
Will keep in touch. Hope all your pending surgery is as painfree as mine has been so far.

HELP! I had my rt bunionectomy (Modified Mitchell) done mar 22, and the left (same procedure) done 4/12. Also had my hammertoes fixed, which I guess were so bad they were both dislocated. I am just in SO much pain, cant believe it, worse thing I have ever gone thru, and I always thought I had a high pain threshold. Any advice from anyone out there? Have followed Dr.s orders strictly, hate taking Vicodin or Percocet!. Just cant believe after all these weeks, still suffering. Had the right pin taken out today and in 3 more weeks will get the left one out. HELP PLEASE!

Hi Everyone. I had bunions corrected on both sides of my feet 2-1/2 weeks ago. I walked without crutches the first day with little pain. Also had a tumor removed from the middle of my foot at the same time. Got stitches out yesterday because I followed instructions and sat down with foot elevated, and stayed off of it. It’s healing nicely. All stitches from the bunion correction are on the side of my foot, and you can hardly see them. My doctor doesn’t shave off the bunion, he uses a technique that actually realigns the bones, which avoids complications later. His name is Dr. James Nuzzo. He has an office in Barrington, IL and one in Mt. Prospect, IL. My orthopedic doc told me that Dr. Nuzzo is the head of some Podiatric Society and he had referred his own wife to him for surgury. I thought that was a good referral. πŸ™‚

Praying for everyone going through surgury. I know it can be a challenge. Im not a doctor…but my best advice is…stock up on some snacks, good books, and keep your butt in a recliner. It takes bones 6-8 weeks to heal, probably more if you don’t listen to your doctor. I have two kids and I know it isn’t easy when your family needs you, but if you want to stand on two feet someday (without pain), you need to sit down now and give yourself some time to heal.

I have had bunions ever since I can remember I think I found out when I was 12.. I am 19 now and I really want to get bunion surgery but I’m to scared of the pain.. like do they put you asleep? or numb your foot only? and what meds do they give you to numb the pain? and is it possible to get both sides done at the same time so i can just get it over with.. and how long is the initial healing?.. sorry so many questions but i want to know… 😦

An orthopaedic surgeon did mine….wasn’t half as bad as every one told me it would be. A little more trouble/pain with the right one than the left one. My Dr. wouldn’t do both at the same time; had them done about 6 weeks apart. Hardly used crutches – maybe a day or two; yes, I was put out – same day surgery; don’t be afraid and once you are healed, you’ll wonder, why did I wait to long! But the biggie is….it’s easier to buy shoes and they fit!!!!

Hey everyone, I had bunion surgery on December 17th and I never thought it would be this painful. I had the stitches out yesterday and the pain is almost at it worst. I’ve read a lot about this surgery before I decided to have it. I understand it takes about about 4-5 weeks before the bone is completely healed. I haven’t taken a pain med in 4 days, I’ve been taking Advil and Tylenol extra strength. The question I have is about the nerve in my big toe. The doctor moved the nerve because he said it was running along my bunion which was causing me even more pain than the bunion itself. Has anyone else experienced this nerve pain? I know it takes time for the nerve to calm down, it feels like a sharp pain running up and down my toe its driving me crazy! Any suggestions?

Hi bunion peeps,
I’m only eleven years old and I have a ”not so bad bunion” but it hurts whenever I where shoes. The only shoes that I can where are slippers (cloth) and Crocs (the plastic things you see everyone wearing these days). I was wondering if anyone knew a natural remedy to releave foot pain without pills, because you can’t take pills in school. Please HELP.

I need some advice I had bunion surgery last march and now I am having pain on the bottom of my toe and still on the side of it. I am ordering a different pair of shoes to see if that helps, I try and stretch my toe when I come home but that is so painfully sometimes that I just don’t want to do it. If anyone can give me any suggestions of what I should do

here goes after years of pain from both feet the one on my left foot hurts more, tomorrow 2-15-2011, i will be having my left foot done.I pray it wont be as bad as I expect.

Hey πŸ™‚
Im only 13 and ive got bunions And they are KILLING ME D: I know i have got to have the surgery done but im so scared.. Be completly honest with me How much did it hurt and how long for?

I had both feet done about 3 years ago. Yes it did hurt, but before the operation I could barely walk. Just follow what you doctor tells you to do. Like if he says ice it every hour. do it. Take your medication and when you can get off the Rx stuff
use the over the counter meds. Keep your foot elevated, it reduces the swelling. Have you friends come visit you often. It really helps! You will be back on your feet in no time! Good luck.

It does hurt BUT if you will take the pain medication as prescribed (if it’s every 4 hours and you don’t hurt right then, take it anyway) and after about 48 hours or so, the worst of it is over. Who is doing it, a podiatrist or an orthopaedic doc? Ortho doc did mine. It looks ugly while healing but being able to buy shoes that fit and are comfortable is all worth it! Good luck…keep me posted on how you do.

I have had irritating bunions on both feet since I was a young teenager. I am 20 and now that I am working more, they are getting more and more mad at me. I ride and train horses competitively and am extremely apprehensive about getting surgery, since I will have to stop riding for so long. I am nervous that it might make riding painful for me post op because of the immobility. I will need both feet done within the next few years, before they get TOO bad. Any advise?

I have both feet scheduled to get done on august 3rd but im unsure of how much pain ill be in. and how muh work to take off. i will have a wheel chair. and how do i go to the bathroom? can anyone help me thats had both feet done?


hi there claire i had mine done on the 26th may 2011 and im with you its so painfull would not get both feet done at the same time when i came home after surgery i got rushed back in to have morphine i was in that much pain. i also had hammer toe surgery on 2 toes and im due to have them out in 2 weeks then i should be able to take this stupid annoying shoe off!! are you still wearing the shoe hope your feeling a little better xxxx lisa xxxx

Is there a possibility you were both in so much pain because the hammer toe? I just have heard really good things about the surgery. im not so well with pain. how bad will it honestly be?

Hi everyone,
I’m 16 and have moderate bunions on both feet. (They were hereditary) I had the left foot operated on, July 21, 2011. The surgery wasn’t bad at all, but when the numbness wore off, the pain was TERRIBlE. It is so hard to walk, even with a walker! I’m hoping what everyone is saying about the pain getting better after 3-5 days is true. My follow up appointment is on July 25, 2011. I’m having the right foot done in December, and I’m hoping the recovery process is a little easier. Any tips to ease the pain (besides meds and ice) would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

@caseyy I had the same thing and am recovering from 2/2 surgerys. they both went welland i ws just wondering how long till i can get the insition wet i got the staples out last week.

also i found the higher my foot was elevated the better it felt

i’m 17 , i have a bunion in both feet , but i don’t have any pain , should i do a surgery ? , if i have my surgery done , am i able to play football and do a marathon after 8 or 10 months ?

Hi, I’m just wondering if after those five days, did your Dr wrap your foot up in the same way as when you first had the surgery?

Mine did after day 3. Now three months after surgery and doing great. still cant run without pain but getting there.

I am 15 years old and had bunion surgery on August 5th so I am just over 5 weeks after having it. I went to the hospital thinking that it would be six weeks with a cast but when I got there my doctor said that she had to do more than she expected to get it fully fixed. I was a bit upset by it but it is not even that bad so it was not even worth getting upset about. I had little pain right after the surgery. I just took my t3’s every 4-6 hours for the first three days and then after those three days i just took normal tylonol as needed for about another three days. I have been in cast since I have had the surgery but I get to go and get a walking cast on Monday that I will have on for another six weeks as well as have the pins removed. I have two pins, one being right out of my big toe and the other on the side of the foot where the bunion was. So far I have no regrets of getting this operation done, it can be hard at times but it is worth it! If you have any questions feel free to ask! πŸ™‚

I am a just 71yr old female , quite overweight but physically fit and need surgery on both feet for hallux rigidus — joint implant, spur removal and I have scheduled both to be done, but am having second thoughts and thinking it might be better one at a time I welcome your opinions/advice

i’m having my bunion and bunionette done on my left foot on November 10th. I’m going back in May to have the second foot done. HAs anybody here had the bunion and bunionette done? I can see that a lot of people have been able to walk on the side of their feet but I don’t think i’m going to have that option. I’m also returning to my desk job 5 days after surgery. Does that seen optimistic? I live two blocks from where I work and sit for the entire 8 hours.

I would book more time off because it is hard to adjust to at first and you will most likely still be taking whatever antibiotics they give you for the pain which may make you sleepy and sometimes nauseated. That’s just my opinion though! Good luck!

I am having a bilateral bunionectomy next week. The surgeon says I will be able to walk very short distances on my heels but am to stay off my feet as much as possible. I’m wondering about mobility and options for getting around. I am set up on one floor of the house for the first week or so and only need to go a few feet to the bathroom and freezer (for ice).
I have a task chair with wheels that I can roll with my heels and I have a heavy-duty walker with a seat. DO I need crutches or a wheelchair?? Should I invest in foam knee pads and crawl to get around?

What worked best for you?

anybody have a doctor they can recommend in the austin texas area? i need to have both feet done and am new to the area. thanks

Hi I had bunion surgery on the 29 of sept 2011, had the stitches out yesterday, but i forgot to ask him , how long befroe I can drive?? Does anyone have any idea!!

It was a while before I started driving Susan. It wasn’t after I had the stitches removed that’s for sure.

I’m having both bunions and hammer toe’s done next month. Does anyone know if you’re “allowed” to fly after?


Fantastic Website, are there any differences between Surgeons, what credentials should I watch out for?
Padraig (Ireland)

I had my bunion surgery 5 days ago. I have a plaster cast on my foot and I’ve had no pain at all! I’m so happy with my recovery so far and I can’t wait to have my second foot done.

I had bunion surgery in 2008 and my big toe is still numb. I have to keep something on my right foot just to keep the foot and leg warm. I did not have much pain, nor did it bother me while I was down. I had both done at the same time.

i had bunion surgery exactly two weeks ago on both feet. i am 15 years old so im kinda young to be getting it done but i would rather get it now than later in life. ive had it donr on both feet and stayed in hospital for 4 nights. the pain isnt so bad i take strong pain killers . it really only hutrs when i put my foot down because of the blood flow and i get a throbbing pain in my feet. they have put me in a cast so i have casts on both feet which is kind of frustrating!! i have two weeks left in these casts till im better but it will be hard to start walking again. im using crutches to get around. its a good operation though and will stop alot of complications ! i kept getting stress fractures because of it and was embarrased to wear jandles in summer.

Wow you had both feet done! I am 16 now but i just had my right foot done in the summer when i was 15! I am happy that i got it done so far though! My foot still hurts a bit but it is not completely healed yet! I hope your recovery is going good! πŸ™‚

I’m probably going to move forward with surgery for bunions and bunionettes on both feet plus one hammertoe. I wear compression stockings for varicose veins and minor lymphedema in my legs. Has anyone here had bunion surgery and had to deal with compression stockings afterward? I’d really like to hear your experience. My doctor seems to think it’s no big deal, but he didn’t even bother to ask what strength compression I wear (which makes a huge difference! I wear 30-40) Anyway, any feedback would be helpful.

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hey guys I had my left bunion removed and 3 months later 10/11, my right one was done. Ive had 0 problems with the first but 3 months post opp Im having more pain in my right foot then I did pre-surgery. the doc said he thinks my screw is coming out alittle, but sent me to PT instead of removing the screw. I see from prior posts removal is an option. wondering if anyone has had this done and what , if any complications come along with it. Im goin for a second option tomorrow but thought someone could give me some feedback. thanks

Hello, i have surgery just three weeks ago, i have got to say i am not in quite so much pain now, my foot is still very swollen , i find that putting my foot up as soon as it feels tight really really helps to relieve the pain, i have put arnica and aloe vera gel on the scaring,it has really healed my foot well, i have very little scaring now, i still can’t put my foot flat, but i have been told that healing takes as long as three to six months.i have got to say that i had no problems with the compresion stocking expect it made my skin dry and itchy, i don’t think that any time soon i will be wearing normal shoes or running around as i used to

not in so much pain now, three weeks on

good to hear that ,im only 4th day after op ,,doing ok i think,:) good luck

I have appreciated reading many of these posts. But it is tedious trying to find my issue…Left foot bunion was/is perfect. Right foot was operated on 6 weeks ago which also included cutting the tendon between big and 2nd toe. I am a bit numb on the top of my feet between these toes but am also experiencing a pretty constant burning sensation. I love my surgeon. But I canceled todays post-op (my last one) to see if the burning goes down more by next week. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Should I be terribly alarmed or just patient? Thank you for any information you can offer.

I don’t think you should have cancelled your appointment. The burning and tingling is your nerves healing. This is something you should discuss with your surgeon and not through an online blog.

hi i had my operation on the 3rd feb, last friday ,,i had a spinal anasthetic,which was very painfull but worth it ,,cos after op i didnt feel any pain for good few hours , 1st day was very bad cos the hospital didnt give me any painkillers !!!!!!! they told me to get paracetamol,,!!!! and i did ,,cos didnt know what else to take ! 1st night wansnt too bad ,,but 2nd day i couldnt stand the pain,,on the 3rd day i rang the hospital to ask tehm what king of painkillers i shall use and and i got dihydrocodeine ,,never heard of it ,,but i had no choice but try it,, cos was in so much pain,,as soon as i took it the pain went away and from now on i take it very 4-6 hrs ,and it does very good job,,i havent been told if i should walk (of course on my special shoes and sruthcesor avoid walking ,,so not sure what to do ,,i do have to walk a little bit for examp,to the toilet or to get washed ,,but im worried i may do a little bit to much walking ,,im angry nobody told me exactly what to do ,,could any1 give me some advice here please ???i rest with my feet up all the time ,,as i been told in hospital ,,what eles can i do ??? thank u marz!


Was your surgery done in the Washington DC area? I need a Dr who would make the side incision like what you had done.

Please let me know

I had bunion surgery this Dec and I have to say … after looking at the stitching job they did on your foot ( no disrespect) my doctor did an amazing job on mine!

I had bi-lateral bunion surgery on Feb 8, 2012 in Thailand. At three weeks my left foot was still very painful, turns out the screw was coming out and the bone was displaced. Had a second surgery to stablelize. Doing better now.

I’m 17 and i had my surgery on march 15th. Before the surgery, my doctor gave me a post op boot and crutches. After I went home, i only took ibuprofen. The doctor made an incision on the top of my foot about two inches long and he took out a tendon or something, and put two screws in. The first two days I couldn’t walk even with the boot. The third day after being sick of staying in bed, I sucked it up and dealt with the pain of walking in the boot, although it was much more bearable than the day before. That night I stopped taking any medication. On the fifth day, I returned to school and was in a lot of pain walking around. I felt the same throughout the week, until this Thursday. I have felt almost no pain for the past three days and I can walk almost completely normal again, but my doctor says I have to wear the boot for a month. The boot is extremely uncomfortable. Is it possible for me to be able to walk in my wide sneakers even though its only 9 days after surgery? The only discomfort I have is from the stitches being itchy and the boot having too high of a heel and being too heavy.

I am just finishing two weeks post op from bunion surgery on my left foot and a tailors bunionectomy on the outside bone on the same foot. Those of you that are planning the surgery do not listen to the small minority of people that did not have any pain or only pain for a few days. This is NOT the norm. My first week was incredibly painful! My Doctor kept telling me to try to cut back the pain meds after just a few days. I tried to cut back and suffered terribly. I have had other surgeries and not needed to take more than 1 percocet every 4-6 hrs the first day or 2. Not this surgery! One didn’t even touch the pain. I could have taken 2 every 4 hours and been more comfortable. Don’t let the Doc talk you out of using what you need. I suffered needlessly. I had terrible throbbing pain from swelling when I would lower my foot to the ground. This lasted for a least 10 days even with my foot wrapped by my dr. with elevation and icing a lot. It took me at least 6 or 7 days to walk weight bearing even though it was suppose to be 3 days. At 2 weeks it does not hurt much when I hanging out but walking is still slow and can still be painful.

I know I will be happy with the outcome eventually as my foot already looks much better. However I can’t even imagine having to do two feet at once. More misery than I would ever want to endure!

I’m on week 7 of my post op bunion surgery where I had my big toe broken and pinned in place. The first night was simply hell, did not sleep a wink because the pain was horrific but a good heavy dose of strong pain blockers the next day did the trick. Had my stitches out 10 days after the operation where they x-rayed to see if the pins were still in place. Also when I found out my surgeon had used the wrong pin which was too long for the toe itself (very unhappy about this). I was up wandering about four days after surgery using the crutches supplied to balance myself. Two days after the stitches were removed I could hobble for short periods of time without crutches. Two weeks after I went back to my sit down job at work. 6 weeks later and the only thing I’m suffering from is the swelling and bruising which is still coming out. Not sure if this is a sign I’m trying to get back to normality too quickly or not but I’m still coping fine. It’s worth it if your bunion is extremely painful, but for cosmetic reasons the heal time is far too long to warrent you feeling good about not having a bump. I haven’t tried having a shoe on yet when I go out since all my shoes seem to rub in all the wrong places so I’m still wearing small amounts of padding and my surgical shoe. Hopefully the swelling will start to go down soon and I can start wearing my shoes again.

Hi all,
I am having bunion and hammertoe surgery tomorrow at noon. I have been reading all the comments and I must admit, I am scared of what I might be experiencing in the next days/weeks ahead. Most of the comments seem to say it will be painful and uncomfortable. My doctor will cut the bunion to implant a screw, and a clip in my big toe, and break three toes for the hammertoe procedure. 😦

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Update. I had both feet done on May 16 2008. Yes there was pain and a long healing process but so worth it to get your live back. Before the surgery I could hardly walk. I would rather do both feet again then have my shoulder done. That happens October 10 th. had shoulder work done 15 years ago for repeated dislocations but this time it tears in rotator cuff.mwith a long rehab. Give me feet any day.

Hi, I had my bunion operation last thurs (27 sept) and have jst had my bandages removed on weds (6 days after operation). The only pain I had was the first few days. I am wearing the wedge shoe which I think is brilliant! I don’t seem to be having any problems or discomfort at all. I will have my stitches out on Monday (8 oct) which I’m not looking forward to. Is 11 days for removal of stitches too early? Have to go back for X-ray in 4 weeks. Is this when the shoe is removed!? … Not sure how I will go on walking on my foot then.
At this present time I would recommend bunion surgery, but you must be prepared to rest and keep the foot elevated.
Good luck to everyone having bunion surgery! … Heidi

Don’t worry about the stitches, it kind of tickles more than anything and it takes 2 seconds. I had my stitches taken out 12 days after surgery and nothing went wrong. If it isn’t healed enough by the time you go see the doctor, he will schedule another appointment about a week later to take the stitches out.

Yes, the shoe should come off after you get your x-ray, but it depends on how fast your bone heals . I am 17 and had the surgery 6 months ago. I had to walk around school 4 days after surgery and it wasn’t too difficult. Surprising walking up and down stairs was easier than anything. I was able to walk without the shoe exactly a week after surgery and I felt no pain at all. (My parents yelled at me a lot for it though) I also wasn’t supposed to run for two months and could after three weeks. (Also got in trouble for it). I was given an odd machine to use on my foot for therapy too, and I was told to use it three times a day but I didn’t do that either. 4 weeks after surgery the doctor said my foot was perfectly healed and that I had gained more mobility of my toe than they expected.

The hardest part of the whole thing was dealing with the itching of the scar. It itched constantly. Oh and definitely find a shoe that has the same size heel as the boot to walk around in. If you don’t, your hips will start to hurt extremely bad.

I occasionally feel pain, it’s like a sharp pain the goes through the side of my foot randomly. My mom says its because I didn’t do the therapy but I don’t think that’s the case. I think its because I am still trying to adjust to walking without a painful bunion. New tight shoes hurt at first but are fine after you break them in. I had my boyfriend force on my sneakers as much as he could to stretch them out and it worked amazingly. If you have a friend that has a slightly bigger foot than you, have them wear your new shoes for a few minutes and that should do the trick. I could walk in heels two months after surgery for about 5 hours before my foot started to hurt. I’m not sure about now, I haven’t gotten the chance to but I’m sure it won’t hurt too much.

Hope I helped and good luck! πŸ™‚

Hi Brittany,

Thanks for your reply on here.
Wow it seems you did and are doing extremely well! I can’t believe how quickly you managed to do things in the beginning. Are you a positive thinker? I think that always seems to help a little. I think I’ve done really well in the early days (even though I’m still on day 11), but this weekend I have had a lot more pain, maybe it’s healing or maybe it’s the stitches. I’m going to hopefully have stitches out later today, so I’ll see what nurse says then.
All the best to you!

For the most part I am not a positive thinker, I usually try to think of the worst that could happen and be happy when the worst doesn’t happen, but with this surgery I was very optimistic. I wasn’t nervous at all, I went into the surgery thinking I was going to be in school learning trigonometry three hours later, even though the doctor said it wasn’t possible. It might have been because I’m young and naive that I didn’t even think about what could go wrong. I sort of felt like I was indestructible, as odd as that may sound.
I hope your stitches came out all right πŸ™‚

I’m having bunionectomy in three weeks. Does anyone have screws left in their feet permanently? My podiatrist says that it’s common to do so. It makes sense to me as the bone will be broken and then held in place by the screws, but it sounds weird to have foreign parts in my foot. If anyone have comments about that, please let me know. I hope mobility is not impaired with the screws in place.

Hi Liz,

I had bunion surgery on thursday 27 September (so I’m nearly 3 weeks post op). Before the operation the surgeon said he would be breaking my toe and placing 2 screws in which I was worried about. I saw the surgeon afterwards and he said there was only one screw, which didn’t sound as bad.
The first week or so after the op my foot was sore but i kept it elevated as much as I could. On day 11 I had stitches out and that’s when my foot started to swell and bruise slightly. Also that’s when I started to walk more (with special shoe on) but after a short time walking my toe feels alienated, it’s as if I can feel something foreign there. I’m hoping its more of a healing pain. I go on the 31 October for X-ray.
After reading of other people’s experiences, I feel that I’ve done really well. At the moment I’ve just swelling and stiffness. I’m hoping that the weird feeling when walking will disappear as I suppose it’s still early days.
All the best to you Liz, I’m sure you will be fine, it does seem to be a routine thing now to have a small screw in.

Hi Brittany,

I had the stitches out on day 11. It hurt slightly when they were taken out but it felt great afterwards.
I can’t believe how quickly my local nhs hospital deals with post op bunion surgery.
I had the usual bandages on for a total of 6 days! Then just a large plaster over the stitches. Usual wedge boot to hobble around in, then stitches out day 11. No more plasters or bandages. I’ve been allowed to hobble round in the shoe, even been on car trips then hobbled round local shops (although I can only manage about 40 minutes then my foot feels weird). I’ve rested as and when needed. I think having the large bandages off so early on has been a great benefit to my foot healing.
Hope you’re doing well.


I have two screws and the doctor told me I have full mobility of my toe, but I’m 17 and he told me that I probably gained all mobility back was because I was so young.
If gaining full mobility is important to you, definitely do the therapy machine they give you. If they don’t give you one, do some research about Dynasplint and ask your doctor about it, that’s what my doctor gave me to gain mobility back.
And its been 8 months and I can’t even tell that the screws are there. At first it was an odd sensation, almost like a tightness right where the screws were but it might just have been from the stitches. Best of luck to you! πŸ™‚

very helpful thank you!i had stitches taken out today, surgery was on my left foot, bunion&hammer toe.

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I had a bunion removed a sister removed and an implant on my right foot .I also had the implant done on my left . I had 9 toe nails removed. It has been 17 days since the surgery. I am still having a lot of pain. Is this normal?

Thank you for that! I am having a bilateral bunionectomy in 2 days and I’m scared to death due to the post I’ve read in the Internet! You have relived me a bit and I thank you 😊

It’s actually not bad at all! I had one foot done, then six months later I had the second foot done and the surgeon set my first foot again because I went back to work too early so it didn’t heal properly. Even with both feet in casts, it was not a problem at all! The most uncomfortable but was having a plaster cast because it got itchy!

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