Keeping You In Stitches

And a good time was had by all……

Posted on: September 7, 2007

On Thursday some of the regular knitting group met at my house.  I decided I was tired of cooking for them, so I told them it was a “brown bag” deal!  However, I did make a desert.  That way, I’m not considered really cheap! LOL

We wound yarn, some worked on socks, in fact, most of us worked on socks.  My poor internet sock buddy (from way last spring) probably thinks I’ve forgotten.  I haven’t, and am working most diligently.  However, I’ve either got too many projects going or have developed Old Age Attention Deficit Disorder.  I prefer too many projects going.

Anyhoo, it’s just a fun time to get together and chat and knit; and then my misbehaved dogs jump in people’s laps!


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