Keeping You In Stitches

Finally, pictures from the S.E.X. trip

Posted on: August 26, 2007

Breakfast with Fiona, the traveling Daily News (local newspaper)  Flamingo!  Emily, Cheryl and Gayla.


Waiting in line for the train to Chicago – Stitches – Midwest.  Emily is already trying to be sexy by showing her bra strap.  We all “witnessed” a new Emily!!! 


Deloris finished a sock as a gift to someone on the train. She was proud and so were we!!!


Deloris was cold!  Her feet were cold!  She was freezing! So the gift socks were quickly put on her feet to keep her tootsies warm.


Deloris went to the Cafe Car to ” borrow” a paper napkin to use as a blanket, which was dubbed “Deloris’ Welfare Blanket”. Doesn’t she look fetching in it and those gift socks.  She claims she slept because she was warmer. We doubt that she did because of the noise level.



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