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Week-end of fun golf –

Posted on: July 31, 2007

After all the gaiety of the birthday breakfast, my husband and I headed for the golf course for a wild week-end of a golf tournament called “Braves & Squaws”.

We were rained out of our practice round but headed back to the clubhouse for the Friday night festivities.  As the DJ began he called me up in front of everyone.  He then read a poem about me always wanting to be a Southern Belle and it ended with could ya’ll just call Nancy, Dixie from now on.  It was funny and I was embarrassed, which it takes a lot to embarrass me.

Then everyone toasted me with a champagne glass of Pepsi (my choice of drink).  Here’s the coolest thing, one of my friends came through the crowd on a Hov-around with a bicycle helmet with a tiara glued to the top.  Oh, and a boa of red and black!  It was mine for the week-end to use to get around.  Let me tell you that thing scooted; I think I needed a louder horn on when I rode it through the bar! LOL

Needed to be back at the golf course by 7 a.m. on Saturday so it was an early night.


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Wow! You sure do know how to do birthdays in style!! Happy belated birthday, Dixie 🙂

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