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Knitting friends and birthdays, oh my!

Posted on: July 31, 2007

limo driver

Oh my!!!!! Friday, July 27, I woke up and dressed to the nines for my birthday breakfast with my knitting friends. I convinced my husband to go along since he was taking the day off. Imagine my surprised look when I saw a limo waiting to take us and a few other knitting friends to Cracker Barrel for a birthday breakfast!!!

I had told my husband a couple of days before hand that I was going to wear my purple wig, my gorgeous pink feathered wide brim hat, a beautiful feather boa, and old shawl that I had knitted my mother in law years ago – and of course my white gloves and purse……I felt that after living in Kentucky for 14 years, I was surely a Southern Belle by now.

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Where are you from originally?

You can rarely go wrong with Cracker Barrel.

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