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People that don’t belong…..

Posted on: July 26, 2007

In our group of knitting friends there are only 2 people that don’t really fit!  And it’s because they are too skinny!!! So, you people out there in blog land, don’t you think it would be easier to force feed 2 skinny bitches, than for 7 women of stature to lose weight?  I would have thought nothing of this but USA Today had a story on the front page about this.  Well, not particularly our group, but I could read between the lines and make it fit! LOL

3 Responses to "People that don’t belong….."

j/w, I know one of the skinny bitches is Cat, who is the other one?

I’m with you. Feed the scrawny ones.

I don’t care if I don’t fit in — Mark sent me. Happy Birthday!

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