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Our group’s Karma just works!

Posted on: July 20, 2007

About 6:15 p.m. we met in the parking lot at Shoe Carnival…..5 of us…..headed to an evening of knitting at                           The Busy Needle , White House, TN.  Two women in front (the smartest 2!); and 3 women in the back.  Four of the 5 women are at the age that no matter how much a/c is blowing on you, it’s not nearly enough.  The skinny bitch sat in the middle of the back seat….complaining all the way that her vajajay was freezing.  We assured her that when we got there, she could thaw out with a blow drier.

Well, after much laughing and talking, I, the driver, one of the smart ones, realized we were almost to Nashville.  Thus, the co-pilot, the other smart one didn’t take her job seriously.  So we were only about 30 minutes late, but let me assure you, we made up for that 30 minutes! LOL

Still find it hard to believe that we got coffee, dessert, help if it was needed on what we were knitting for $5!  And a goodie bag with 3 free patterns and a skein of yarn!  Rest assured, this group will be back there!

Rained like cats and dogs on the way home…..making 2 of the 3 in the back seat a nervous wreck.

When we got to Chicago for the Stitches convention, those two have no clue on what’s instore for them! LOL

PS: Skinny bitch is still thawing out today – so she says! 

3 Responses to "Our group’s Karma just works!"

Next time you go, I’ll plug in the destination in the GPS. Of course, you’ll be laffing so hard you’ll never hear it!

Sounds good to me!

Hmmmmmmm………he can’t set the clock…I don’t think I trust him with a GPS.

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