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Different kind of stitch removal…..gotcha!

Posted on: July 8, 2007

dsc00296.jpgYep, I’m one of those people that has a camera with me at all times!  I imagine this was the first time they had been asked if a pictures could be taken while removing the stitches….at least the look on his face implied that.  Knee is still swelled and I’m hobbling around especially after having been in the same position for awhile. But I’m on the road to recovery – will feel better when the swelling goes down and my foot quits swelling.  In my little pea brain, that will mean I’ve lost weight. LOL

Kaity, I’ve not forgotten about your socks and those are on this week’s agenda…. off to the needles. Ta-ta!

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OUCH! I posted on the wrong post but the good wishes for a speedy recovery are the same! 🙂

did you squeeze that picture to make your leg look skinnier? 🙂

We took pics through the process of Ashley’s first bunion surgery:

This includes a pic of the titanium allergy hole..

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