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A very useful stash hint

Posted on: June 8, 2007

Yesterday while Cat and I were organizing my stash, she gave me a couple of hints that I’d like to pass along.

1. Have a bag, of whatever kind, to keep each project in.

2. When you buy yarn for a specific project, put that in a bag too, along with the pattern, and the size needles you need. If the needles are already being used for another project, just put the case the needles came in or a note to indicate you already have the needles.

These two tips will be worth their weight in gold!  In going through my stash, she would say, well, you have 6 skeins of this you must have had a specific project in mind.  And most likely I did, but with CRS (can’t remember shit), that memory is long gone.

I’m lucky to have a friend that would spend all day helping me organize – I hope all of you in knitting land have one of those too!


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Good hints! If I had a stash, I’d organize it. Sadly, my stash is very little.

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