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Busy Monday but still made it to Charity Knitting!

Posted on: May 21, 2007

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I was working on a  newly started sweater today.  The ribbing was in gray, then it went to a pretty blue.  So after 12 rows of that I decided it needed some spice!  Added 3 rows of yellow, 6 rows of gray, got 2 more yellow rows done and then I needed to leave.  Starla wouldn’t let me leave a note in the bag with this sweater that said “Do Not Knit on This”. 

 She started laughing and said it’s interesting how territorial we charity knitters have become.  Said a lady that came in this morning left explicit instructions on how the color changes were to be on the sweater she was knitting and she told Starla that if those directions weren’t followed, she’d rip it back! LOL

I knit fairly fast and am wondering if I can count that as aerobic exercise?  Does anyone know?


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