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Another knitting Friday

Posted on: May 11, 2007

My friend came today from Tennessee to knit.  But first we hit a few garage sales….didn’t buy a thing!

Another friend from knitting, Pat, is having a tough time.  Her grandson that was born in December may have some health issues.  He will be going to Vanderbilt in a few weeks for more testing.  Let’s hope things are not as bad as the worst prognosis……blind.  She looks so sad.  It’s always horrible having to wait for medical tests and then having to wait to get the results.  She left knitting and went shopping to buy bright colored things for him to look at.  I sure hope it’s a case where he  will just have to wear glasses.  Our oldest daughter was in bifocals at age 4.  My Dad used to get the biggest kick out of her looking at books and having the “bifocal tilt”.


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