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A Tip To Keep Your H-band From Burning Your Gas.

Posted on: May 11, 2007

If you came here after clicking on a link in GoingLikeSixty   yes, I have a license plate frame that says Knitting Takes Balls.  It’s a Chrysler convertible and the leopard print steering wheel cover and leopard print fuzzy dice were too easily removed so he could burn my gas.  The license plate frame did the trick.


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I think it is cool that your license plate frame says knitting takes balls.

I’m 47 and think that’s an acceptable comment whatever your age. But hey, when my grandmother wanted double pierced ears like mine, when she was in her mid-70’s, so she could wear the diamond earrings my grandfather bought her before he died, I told her to go for it. My aunt is still mad at me, I think, because my grandma got her ears pierced a 2nd time and wore those earrings and lost one. She replace them with cubic zirconias and still wore them everyday, I think my aunt was hoping for the diamonds.

I recently checked out a company called Be Sweet Products. They make Tshirts that say knitting dude. In the article I saw them in first it was a woman wearing it. The picture is a skull with crossed knitting needles under it, and a ball of yarn in the scooped out skull.

Happy knitting. Gayle

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