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Needle Felting – gets rid of anger! LOL

Posted on: April 28, 2007

Today was the last day of the week long celebration at Crafty Hands.  Debbie Radtke from FiberTrends was there teaching needle felting.  You use these special needles and take fiber and basically “needle” it into felted fabric.  Taking those little needles and going up and down and up and down, has to be relieving some kind of stress.  You have your felted fabric and put it on a  piece of foam and just “hammer” away.  Was really fun!  She also had lots of things knitted for show and tell from FiberTrends.

We were excited because she’s going to be at the Stitches Midwest showcase in Chicago in August.  You bet we’re going to look her up!

I’m sure the worker bees at Crafty Hands are glad this week is over – but as a customer, it was a fun week!!! Even if I didn’t win any of the drawings. 😦


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if my work scheduled/the store’s hours allowed i would loved to have gone to that. i need a stress relief!

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