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Charity Knitting

Posted on: April 16, 2007

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Next week is Crafty Hand’s 10th anniversary and “we” at charity knitting are frantically trying to reach Starla’s goal, which is 50 sweaters knitted throughout the past year.  Today she told us that at Christmas time we gave 30 sweaters away and she’s confident that the next few sweaters that are almost done, and will be done by next week, will make 30 more completed sweaters (children’s – all sizes).  Wow! To think I helped create some of those sweaters! 

 Gives me a warm feeling all over which is especially important right now because one of my best friend’s mother is dying from cancer – and it’s a horrible experience seeing her (my friend) so distraught.  I’ll get through it – and so will she, it’s just a tough time for her and her family.


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