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Another birthday celebrated at knitting

Posted on: April 8, 2007


March 30th was Velma’s birthday.  We are a group of ladies in the Friday morning knitting class that will celebrate any little thing. I won’t tell you how old Velma is but next year will be the BIG birthday, thus, making this one a little one!

Started out at Cracker Barrel for a 2 hr., yes, 2 hr. breakfast.  When we got to knitting class out came the cream puff birthday cake with LOTS of candles, but not as many as there will be next year.  We had a fun time, although I can’t remember any Friday knitting class that wasn’t fun….oh yes, when you have to frog stitch, which isn’t a fun time!


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I love to knit and it’s great to see there is a group of ladies having a wonderful time!

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