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Stitches of another kind.

Posted on: April 1, 2007

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QuiltMonday, April 26 was a fun day!  Took a quilting class called Crazy Curves.  I’m notorious for taking classes and never completing anything.  But this class was a tad different.  Instructor, Susie, was wonderful!!!  Needed 5 fabrics from one color family and 5 fabrics from another one.  I love animal prints and decided to put turquoise with it, not quite sure how it would turn out.  Takes a while to decide how to put your pieces together, but after a few days of moving this piece and moving that piece, I think I ended up pretty good.  Now to get it quilted and then bound – think I’ll use a black piece from the quilt to bind it with.  Pretty proud of myself!

Only downer of the day was when I had to leave for a short time to visit an oral surgeon regarding having a tooth pulled.  Of course, this is after spending $1200 trying to save it.  Think of the fabric and yarn that $1200 would have bought!


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