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Luxurious cape

Posted on: March 17, 2007

Back of cape

Front of cape

Am posting a few pictures of a project that was completed last fall for Velma’s granddaughter.  She was in her uncle’s wedding and grandma Velma thought she needed this cape in case it was cool.  Keep in mind, Velma knits!  Only a true friend would be sucker enough to say “sure I’ll make it for you”!  It was beautiful.  The front shot is Jill in her dress and the back of it is Jan (works at Crafty Hands) modeling.  Thanks models!!!  Sorry, I can’t remember the knitting magazine it came from but it was last fall.  Very easy to make.

Have also made another pair of the Bethany Booties in a pink suede.  Crafty Hands ladies are trying to get me to knit another baby hoodie out of the pink suede to match.  But these were for a friend.  Besides, I need to get some things finished for me!!! 


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