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Gotta Love Friday!

Posted on: February 23, 2007

Ahhhh…..Friday, knitting class from 10 – 12!  Probably the best day of the week.  Our ladies in this group are so much fun that 2 people from the Wednesday class just stop in to knit a little!  Glenna brought in a strawberry coffeecake fresh from the bakery….yummy!  I took frozen chocolate eclairs, no comparison, but the chocolate did kick it up a notch!

Forgot to take my one completed sock and the other one half done.  So worked on a baby cardigan that I had thrown in my bag.

I cannot buy anymore patterns!!!  Or yarn!!!  However, I did invest in a new Noni bag pattern and yarn.  Purse looks so easy and shouldn’t take much time. 

As soon as the hood of the hoodie is blocked, there will be a picture. 

The house is a wreck, dirty laundry up the ying-yang, and what did I do this afternoon?  I wound yarn – took all afternoon to wind one skein.  My little 3 lb. Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix)  got into it and talk about a mess.  My little Sofi wasn’t the love of my life this afternoon!


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