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Sock Knitters – whoopie!

Posted on: February 20, 2007

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Sunday I finished my FIRST sock that was started in August of 2005, yep, August of 2005!  I immediately sent emails to my knitting friends.  This is a reply I got from one of them….” omg omg omg….is it true ??? how many years till the next sock….will it  match ….stay tuned to ….Nancy Van P…as the heel churns  !!! ” 

Well, it so inspired me that I started on the second one.  Monday morning  I was surfing and decided my 4 dogs were a little too quiet.  So I checked on them….dog no. 3, Derby, was having a breakfast of bamboo needles!  After yelling at him like a mad banshee rooster, I started to pick up the pieces….getting a splinter in a finger, which didn’t help my mood any.  

So, I’ve decided to spray all wooden needles with Apple Bitter and try and curb his appetite….or else, I could act like an adult and put up the project so he can’t feast on it!  By the way, he didn’t touch the yarn, just the needles. 

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