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Yarn travels with friends

Posted on: February 17, 2007

Last spring 3 other knitters and I took a yarn trip to the Atlanta area.  What fun!!!  Of all the yarn shops we visited our favorite was The Purly Gates in Marietta, GA.  Ginger and Dana (owners) were so accommodating to us and so friendly.  We must have spent 3 hours in there oooing and ahhing over their wonderful displays.  And of course, that means purchases.  When we returned to our vehicle and loaded all of our purchases, the driver started the engine and then says “hmmm….wonder what that means when it says check tire pressure?”  I quickly replied, “we bought too much yarn”.  Off we went laughing and  headed back to Bowling Green, KY.  We left about mid-afternoon on a Thursday, visited 9 yarn shops in the Atlanta area and we were home by Saturday night.  What is really amazing, none of us knew each other till we met at our local yarn shop, Crafty Hands. We’ve become a close knit group  taking day trips to Nashville to visit their yarn shops.  We are planning another trip probably this spring.  If any of you know a special area that has many yarn shops, please let me know and we’ll consider it.  We are all trying to come up with a clever way to break it to our husbands when we finally decide we need to check out the shops in Hawaii!


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